“Mascot Bertie Bee was sent off after handing a pair glasses to the assistant referee during Burnley’s Championship encounter on Saturday. Bertie has the crowd in stitches with his cheeky gesture just 15 minutes into Saturday’s top-of-the-table clash against QPR. But referee Simon Hooper failed to see the funny side and sent him.”

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YOU KNOW I WILL GIVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS OF PROMPTS hahah anyway my prompt is: RUCAS- 'There’s something you need to see.'

Elle, this is especially for you.

It was Cheerleading Champinship day. Riley was about to crack because of all the nerves thrusting in through her body. 

The whole team was already on line to hop on the bus and head off for the most exciting day in Riley’s life. 

The girls were cheerfully chatting while Riley looked for her phone in her backpack. Maybe Lucas had sent a message of support or anything. She just really needed to hear from him. 

That’s why she didn’t noticed when soft hands covered her eyes from the back. She jumped scared, giggling seconds later. 

“Leaving without saying goodbye?” he whispered in her ears and the warm feeling shoving down her limbs made her knees shaken. 

She took his hands off of her face and turned to meet the emerald eyes she had fallen in love with since seventh grade. 

“I’m glad you’re here,” she said while putting her arms around Lucas’s neck. 

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” he replied with a smirk in his face, brushing aside one loosen strand of her hair. “I’ve got everyone waiting on the car so we can follow the bus.”

Riley didn’t know if her face could bear the smile she opened in her lips. “Really?” 

“I said I would be there, didn’t I?” he held her tightly, touching her nose with the tip of his own. “Come on,  there’s something you need to see.”

He pulled away just enough to grab her hand and locked it on his. “But Lucas, I have to go.”

“We won’t take long, come on,” they were already on the run, heading right through John Quincy Addams High School doors. 

“Lucas! What are we doing?” Riley asked softly, enjoying the rush that came through his hand. Although she was a little bit afraid of losing the bus, she was even more excited to see what was going on. 

The hallways were empty and barely echoed any sound besides their feet knocking on the tiles floor. 

They stopped right in front of Riley’s locker. Her eyebrows were raised, the clear lack of understanding in her eyes. “What’s this?”

“This,” he quickly made his way through the padlock, opening the locker door. “Is for you.”

What Riley saw was anything but what she was expecting to see. Pretty floweres were strategically placed on the inside, while pictures of the all their moments together covered up its walls. There was also a white bunny wear with a flowery crown above his head in the middle, holding a “Good luck” sign. The mirror had quotes of her favorite book written all over it with a red lipstick plus a “Riley & Lucas 4ever” surrounded by a heart. 

Riley’s eyes wathered so fast she couldn’t even breathe. “Lucas…” there were no words to describe the incredible feeling she got at that exact moment.

“I wanted to wish you good luck today. I know how important this is for you and as much as I said it before, I thought-”

He was silenced by her tasty lips when she crashed hers on his. It was salty because of the happy tears dancing through her cheeks, yet completely delicious. 

“Thank you,” she said after separating their lips and touching foreheads. 

He had his arms around her waist while staring at those beautiful chocolate eyes. “Anything for you.”