Translation trouble

So I’m working on a scanlation of a certain Spirou & Fantasio story, but having trouble with a couple of points in the translation. Maybe you have some ideas?

1. Spirou & Fantasio sing a song about wallpapering their house. In French, it’s a variation on ‘Si j'avais un marteau’. Is there a cheerful, recognizable pop song in English that could be adapted to be about putting up wallpaper?

2. There’s a town called “Bitumébéton”, which translates to “Asphalt-Concrete” (contrasting charmless urban sprawl with idyllic Champignac village). What’s a good English name? (Preferably of similar length.)

3. Pacôme Hégésippe Adélard Ladislas: Count Champignac’s name in French. Kim Thompson gave him the first name Ambrose in English. Should I keep the rest of the names the same, or use some more English–- but still eccentric – substitutes (e.g. “Ambrose Benedict Engelbert Ladislas”)?

3 short and cute Spirou animations

OK, so yeah, I am really up the walls with getting college work finished for next week. But during my breaks (or whenever I’m just feeling drained and knackered, like right now), I’ve been trying to be a bit more active on Google+. And… just look at these little treasures I found:

They’re extremely short, but the designs for them are really cute, if I do say so myself! I don’t quite understand what the one with Champignac is all about really, but the other two are simple enough to understand.

I just couldn’t resist but to get back on tumblr again and share these with you, as I’m kinda going nuts from the lack of Spirou these last few days.

But I hope you enjoy these! Later! :D