The Spirit of Adventure (L’esprit d’aventure)
by Nob

From the Journal de Spirou #3914, the 75th anniversary special (2013).

“I tried not to get lost in parody. I’ve always loved the feel of Champignac.
The idea was that a weekend with the Count would be like a weekend with your own grandparents! And I would love to read the next part of this story – which stops just when the adventure really begins!”

Thanks to @overlordraax​ for proofing and general encouragement!


This one (I’m sorry if the format comes out weird, I’m on the mobile tumblr app which messes up posts sometimes, and I’m also away from my laptop for a few days)
Basically, if you don’t know French, Fantaiso is saying “THE CONDOM! We forgot the condom!”

… However, the word “capote” has a double meaning in french… It means both Condom, and … In this context, car roof. What really happened was: Fantasio forgot to cover up the turbotaction in a night that had very heavy rain, and because the roof of the castle of Champignac was torn apart, they had to sleep with covers above their beds so it wouldn’t rain on them. And Fantasio’s flooded and was torn, so all the water fell on him and he was all wet, which reminded him that he forgot to cover his car. But yeah, the whole happened so it led up to this one joke, and it’s hilarious xD