Translation trouble

So I’m working on a scanlation of a certain Spirou & Fantasio story, but having trouble with a couple of points in the translation. Maybe you have some ideas?

1. Spirou & Fantasio sing a song about wallpapering their house. In French, it’s a variation on ‘Si j'avais un marteau’. Is there a cheerful, recognizable pop song in English that could be adapted to be about putting up wallpaper?

2. There’s a town called “Bitumébéton”, which translates to “Asphalt-Concrete” (contrasting charmless urban sprawl with idyllic Champignac village). What’s a good English name? (Preferably of similar length.)

3. Pacôme Hégésippe Adélard Ladislas: Count Champignac’s name in French. Kim Thompson gave him the first name Ambrose in English. Should I keep the rest of the names the same, or use some more English–- but still eccentric – substitutes (e.g. “Ambrose Benedict Engelbert Ladislas”)?