While waiting in line to file a new case Pheonix and Edgeworth get stuck behind Kristoph and Mia.  Also, Mia talking about facing off in civil cases with Gavin not criminal. 

Since this is a Defense AU and no one really dies a lot the cases the cast deal with are civil cases. Which if you think about how petty some law suites can be about it would make great material for the brand of comedy and absurdity the games are know for. 

Oh and if you’re wondering why Edgeworth call the city Los Tokyo my favorite fan inside joke about the American games is that Ace Attorney is set in a Los Angeles/Japan setting :) 

Hum so since there is always the concern with young aces, or teens identifying as ace, I wanted to share a story with some ace blogs.

When I was 12, we had a sex ed sessions. Not going to enter the details, but it was overall horrible, and I honestly didn’t have any interest in it and it was pretty obvious. I don’t know how it happened, but my lack of interest was reported to my head teacher who called me in his office. The first thing he told to a 12 yo who wasn’t interested in sex was “were you abused?”

In hindsight, it came from a good sentiment, but it’s pretty telling if it’s abnormal not to be interested in sex at 12. Adults, teachers, saw me as broken, because I wasn’t interested in sex. It was obviously not normal! And “abuse” the only possible explanation.

I didn’t have the words back then - whether asexual or even sex-repulsed - so I couldn’t explain myself. In a class of rougly 30 12/13 years old kids, I was the only one with such a lack of interest.

So, when I see people asking “I’m 14, can I be ace or am I too young?” I remember the insistance this teacher had that I had to be interested, when I was only 12. While, yes, at 14 you could be a late-bloomer, you could also be ace and stay that way. I only discovered the word half through college, but I was definitely already ace back in middle school. So, from my point of view, it’s great you already found the word! Things’ll be less confusing for you, especially in high school.

Hope it can help. Sorry for the weird English!

Aphobes: The full acronym is LGBT.

Inclusionists: Pan and polysexual people aren’t bi and deserve their own letter in the acronym!

Aphobes: No! You go under the B.

Inclusionists: Okay, well not all nonbinary people identify as trans, and they should get their own letter in the acronym!

Aphobes: No! You go under the T.

Inclusionists: Well can we at least add a plus for people who don’t feel comfortable under the L, G, B, or T?

Aphobes: No! Make your own community!

Inclusionists: Okay, we’ll call it the queer community.

Aphobes: No! You’re not allowed to call yourselves that!

Inclusionists: Why not? It’s a reclaimed slur. Anyome can call themselves queer if they want!

Aphobes: No! Stop forcing people under labels they don’t like!

Inclusionists: Then what do we call ourselves, huh? If the full acronym is LGBT and we don’t fall under those letters, and you won’t let us call ourselves by another acronym or have our own community, what do we do?

Aphobes: The full acronym is and has always been LGBTNP so I have no idea what you’re talking about.


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