Finally managed to edit this pic in a way that I enjoy. It only took me a couple of months haha sometimes you need to revisit old work and apply the things you have learnt along the way on these. Which is what I did here.
This is a picture from a sunny day hiking in the mountains around my house in Switzerland. We journeyed out with my best friend for the day, with a picnic in our backpacks. We hiked for 7hrs that day and saw some incredible stuff. 
Here is one of the more narrow walkways that we went along. On my right hand side is a pretty steep drop, and somehow they figured the railing was best place on the left hand side? hahah looking forward to setting out on more hiking adventures :)

Okay, I’ve already told @memories-dance about this, but I think I’m gonna write a frustrated post on the matter, since I’ve read things this morning and they made me angryyyy to no end.

I sometimes check Latvian websites to scroll through Deniss-related news and very often I find really mean and hateful comments. People say Deniss spends too much of LatFed money, say he doesn’t progress and doesn’t get results. And my ‘favourite’ is that disgusting ‘he is not Latvian’ shit.

Like, how can they say such things about a person who literally added a word ‘skater’ to their language? And what on Earth ‘getting results’ means in their heads? Beating Hanyu? Well, good luck with that, shitheads. Do they even know about Deniss’ trauma? Or, like, how tense is the rivalry in male fs at the moment? AND they also get angry because of a crowdfunding Deniss did. Saying things like “why don’t Japanese skaters ask for money?”. Idk, maybe because their lessons are paid by the JapFed? And Deniss doesn’t even get ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY FOR CHAMPERY SCHOOL from theirs? Do they think about all those things? Hell, no, he’s NOT LATVIAN, why would they even care!

I just hope Deniss never reads this bullshit. Thank God he’s not an SNS person.

Got back to the mountains yesterday and whilst it’s meant to be the start of may which means no snow anymore, it snowed a bucket load the other day! 
Well I mean if it was only a bucket, there would probably be like a little white patch in the middle, so obviously we are talking multiple buckets here guys haha my captions have become so ridiculous! and now i’m literally typing what i’m thinking instead of thinking of something cool to write about this 
Something inspiring like
Mmmm much snow, such white! 
haha okay that’s it i’m stopping this right here..

How we came to be

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: M/M
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)

Relationship: Christophe Giacometti/Christophe Giacometti’s Boyfriend
Characters: Christophe Giacometti, Christophe Giacometti’s Boyfriend, Josef Karpisek
Chapters: 1/? 


Josef Karpisek had desparately wanted to pass the baton ever since his untimely retirement. His nephew was actually his best bet, but his sister would not let her son suffer the same fate. But at a day off at the Jura mountains, skating at the Lac de Joux, he found hope in wide green eyes and unrefined grace gliding on the ice. His hair was golden like the medals he was sure to win.


I wanted to write something Wholesome™ for Christophe. And I love him with his boyfriend. They deserve their own Wholesome Story™. I wouldn’t say slow burn at this point since I just started lol but like…. I think that’s how it will play out? They knew each other for a long time before realizing their feelings for each other and taking their relationship to The Next Level. I also wanted to write something about growing up because I find Chris’s character very interesting. So here we are haha!

Prologue: A Family Ordeal

Karpisek has had an eye on the boy for months. There was simply something about the little blond gliding and spinning on the ice that kept people looking at him. Like the other kids in the rink, he still had a little problem with staying focused. But once he got that fixed, he’d become Switzerland’s next big skating legend.

Karpisek hummed at the thought. The training camps and searches finally paid off. Now, Switzerland’s chance for the Grand Prix Finals gold was training under his watchful eye at the Palladium de Champery. He thought he’d drink to the wonderful discovery. But first, he had to get to his office and make the proper calls. Maybe plan a few difficult routines to show off to possible sponsors when the time comes. The wide hallways of the sports complex will be filled with the boys’ posters and achievements, it was a future he was sure of.

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“How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big!”