Songs I Enjoy Studying To

Here’s just a general list of songs I constantly find myself playing when it comes time to study. Music is an essential part to my learning, as the quiet makes me uneasy. SO, if you’re like me I recommend you give these songs a go the next time you pull out those textbooks. 

Disclaimer: There is no specific genre, or order to this list. All of the following links will open up to YouTube. The ones in bold are my absolute favorites. About half of these songs are also great for your autumn soundtrack. 

Fade Into You {Listen} : Lie back, relax, and get lost in these songs.

1. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - Tame Impala // 2. For The Team - Prelow // 3. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star // 4. Myth - Beach House // 5. Rosa - Grimes // 6. Montana - Tycho // 7. Champagne Coast - Blood Orange // 8. Desire Lines - Deerhunter // 9. You (3D Audio) - The 1975 // 10. Old Haunts - Memoryhouse // 11. A Real Hero - College & Electric Youth // 12. Lover of Mine - Beach House // 13. Twin Peaks Theme - Angelo Badalamenti // 14. Those Eyes, That Mouth - Cocteau Twins // 15. Tell Me What To Swallow - Crystal Castles

@rnyfh tagged me to list ten songs i’m vibing to this summer 🍒☀

shinee – view
lana del rey – high by the beach
the strokes – someday
shinee – odd eye
bts – love is not over
metronomy – the bay
childish gambino – the palisades
arcade fire – ready to start
spector – believe
blood orange – champagne coast

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Keep it Trivial | victaylor fanmix [Listen]

01. What We Want - The Naked and Famous // 02. Original Sin - Geographer // 03. Lay Your Cards Out - POLIÇA // 04. My Leather, My Fur, My Nails - Stepdad // 05. In Timed -FKA Twigs  // 06. Champagne Coast- Blood Orange  // 07. Ocean - Tiny Deaths  // 08. Mouthful Of Diamonds - Phantogram

8tracks || spotify

  • super rich kids (feat. earl sweatshirt) // frank ocean
  • superpower (feat. frank ocean) // beyoncé
  • lost in the world (feat. bon iver) // kanye west
  • my drive thru // n.e.r.d, julian casablancas, santigold
  • ceremony // new order
  • only heather // wild nothing
  • champagne coast // blood orange
  • soft shock // yeah yeah yeahs
  • flashing lights (feat. dwele) // kanye west
  • life is simple in the moonlight // the strokes
  • age of consent // new order
  • bankrupt! // phoenix
  • supersymmetry // arcade fire
the signs as my favourite songs

Aries: Heartbeat - Childish Gambino “I come around when you least expect me, i’m sitting at the bar when your glass is empty.”

Paper Planes - M.I.A. “everyone’s a winner, we’re making our fame, bona fide hustler making my name.”

Express Yourself - N.W.A. “I’m expressin’ with my full capabilities, and now I’m living in correctional facilities, cause some don’t agree with how I do this, I get straight, meditate like a buddhist.”

Taurus: Backstreet Freestyle - Kendrick Lamar “I’m never living life confined. it’s a failure even if i’m blind.”

We’re Going to be Friends - The White Stripes “when I wake tomorrow I’ll bet
that you and I will walk together again.”

505 - Arctic Monkeys “I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck.”

Gemini: All my Friends - LCD Soundsystem “it comes apart the way it does in bad films, except in parts where the moral kicks in.”

Australia Street - Sticky Fingers “all the faces that change the same smile far and wide.”

Champagne Coast - Blood Orange “on my last strength against you baby tell me what you need?”

Cancer: Feels Like we Only go Backwards - Tame Impala “I know that you think you sound silly when you call my name, but I get it inside my head all day.”

Everlasting Light - The Black Keys “I’m a shepherd for you, and i’ll guide you through, let me be your everlasting light.”

Leaving it up to You - George Ezra “to see you again, to be your friend, to hold you in my mind.”

Leo: POWER - Kanye West “at the end of the day god damn it i’m killing this shit, I know damn well ya’ll feelin’ this shit.”

Praise You - Fatboy Slim “I have to celebrate you baby.”

Video Games - Lana Del Rey “heaven is a place on earth with you, tell me all the things you wanna do.”

Virgo: 1996 - The Wombats “the more I give, the less I get.”

Irreplaceable - Beyonce “you can pack all your bags, we’re finished, cause you made your bed now lay in it.”

Follow The Sun - Xavier Rudd “tomorrow is a new day for everyone, brand new moon, brand new sun.”

Libra: Kids - MGMT “control yourself, take only what you need from it.”

Favorite Song - Chance The Rapper (ft. Childish Gambino) “I was never fake I was just too good to be true.”

Always Alright - Alabama Shakes “I hear you downstairs smoking cigarettes, I hear you talking shit cause you aint got nothing to talk about at all.”

Scorpio: Ceremony - New Order “watching forever, forever watching love grow.”

Every Other Freckle - Alt-J “I want to be every lever you pull, and all showers that shower you.”

I Bet That You Look Good on The Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys “stop making the eyes at me, i’ll stop making the eyes at you.”

Sagittarius: I’ll Try Anything Once - The Strokes “when I said ‘I can see me in your eyes’, you said ‘I can see you in my bed’, that’s not just friendship that’s romance too, you like music we can dance to.”

Feel Just Like a Child - Devendra Banhart “From my womb to my tomb, I guess I’ll always be a child.” 

The Wire - Haim “I didn’t go and try to change my mind, not intentionally.”

Capricorn: All These Things That I’ve Done - The Killers “I got soul but i’m not a soldier.”

Dog Days Are Over - Florence and the Machine “leave all your love and your longing behind, you can’t carry it with you if you want to survive.”

Diane Young - Vampire Weekend “nobody knows what the future holds and it’s bad enough just getting old.”

Aquarius: Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkey“you say I don’t care but of course I do yeah I clearly do.”

i - Kendrick Lamar “the sky can fall down, the wind can cry now the strong in me, I still smile.”

Say My Name - ODESZA ft. Zyra “I always fall for confidence, and your compliments look good on me.”

Pisces: Where is my Mind - The Pixies “your head will collapse, but there’s nothing in it and you’ll ask yourself, where is my mind?

Hang me up to Dry - Cold War Kids “now hang me up to dry, you wrung me out too, too, too many times.”

Sticks ‘n’ Stones - Jamie T “Pat on my back, and a swig on my brew, you’re still my friend, it’s impossible to hate you.”

young volcanoes

dancing with a wolf all time low / ambling alp yeasayer / Berlin new politics / since u been gone tokyo police cover / boys dont cry the cure / bigger boys and stolen sweethearts arctic monkeys / dark doo wop MS MR / when i was young blink 182 / orange county swim deep  / sweet sixteen think about life / hurricane halsey / west coast the neighbourhood / skulls Bastille / shark attack group love / Harlem new politics  / champagne coast  blood orange / of the night Bastille / come back home two door cinema club / yellow flicker beat / young volcanoes fall out boy / 1901 phoenix / always where i need to be the kooks / semi-automatic twenty one pilots / the city the 1975 /

anonymous asked:

I need new music!!! can u recommend some songs please!! :) ILY

This is a summer playlist i posted before :)

houdini - foster the people
electric feel - mgmt
champagne coast - blood orange
fitzpleasure - alt-j
best friend - foster the people
run - vampire weekend
if i could change your mind - haim
lost - frank ocean
take a walk - passion pit
don’t stop - foster the people
days are gone - haim
i blame myself - sky ferreira
a-punk - vampire weekend
english love affair - 5sos
fever - the black keys
florida kilos - lana del rey
one way trigger - the strokes
finger back - vampire weekend
so far (it’s alright) - the 1975
it’s working - mgmt
slave to the rhythm - michael jackson
double bubble trouble - m.i.a.
someday - the strokes
sing - ed sheeran
ave cesaria - stromae
life on the nickel - foster the people
s.o.s. In bel air - phoenix
worship you - vampire weekend
when a fire starts to burn - disclosure
buzzcut season - lorde
kids - mgmt
reckless serenade - arctic monkeys
what doesn’t kill you - jake bugg
cousins - vampire weekend
mr polite - the jungle giants
machu picchu - the strokes
you & me - flume remix
jessica - major lazer ft. ezra koenig
white noise - disclosure
ribs - lorde
helena beat - foster the people
falling - haim
brooklyn baby - lana del rey
drakkar noir - phoenix

i feel like i'm in a teen movie; 

the bells//lowell / black out days//phantogram / wild//royalteeth / lovesick//peace / sheets//shannon saunders / champagne coast//blood orange / lost in my bedroom//sky ferreira / never coming down//willamette stone / god help the girl//god help the girl / 505//arctic monkeys / diet mountain dew//lana del rey / beggin for thread//banks / break the rules//charli xcx / obvious bicycle//vampire weekend / no waves//fidlar / why won't they talk to me//tame impala / piledriver waltz//alex turner / put your number in my phone//ariel pink / i wanna get better//bleachers / another sunny day//belle and sebastian / beware the dog//the griswolds / boyfriend//best coast

LISTEN;  hope you like it :))

‘relaxing sort of playlist’ i got asked for

1-Time (Pink Floyd) x

2-Champagne Coast (Blood Orange) x

3-Fade Into You (Mazzy Star) x

4-Cause (Rodriguez) x

5-Chamber Of Reflection (Mac DeMarco) x

6-Box Of Rain (Grateful Dead) x

7-Crime (Daddy) x

8-Woods (Bon Iver) x

9-Late Night (Foals) x

10-Eclispse (Pink Floyd) x

11-Blue Boy (Mac DeMarco) x

12-Into Dust (Mazzy Star) x

13-Is This Sound Okay? (Coconut Records) x

14-The Chain (Fleetwood Mac) x

15-Angel (Jimi Hendrix) x

some of them might not be as relaxing too some people than others but whoever asked for this i hope this was sort of what you were looking for

anonymous asked:

what are all the songs in your vlog vid? your music taste is incredible! xxxx

fanks !! ok ok so here is a list of the songs I used in order:

1. coconut records- west coast
2. buddy holly- everyday 
3. buddy holly- peggy sue
4. the pixies- hey
5. the 1975- a change of heart
6. bronski beat- small town boy 
7. tame impala- diciples
8.  the 1975- somebody else
9. blood orange- champagne coast 
and then the outro was a part of peggy sue