I don’t think I ever fully appreciate my travels until after I return home, look at all the photos, and reminisce on those silly conversations in-between deep belly laughs. So much love for@hinfluencercollective for bringing me to such a rad group of electric humans. A video of these mesh of memories are now up on my YouTube channel. I’m actually pretty proud of this video, as it effortlessly tells the stories of these unforgettable memories. Song: Champagne Coast by Blood Orange (one of my favorite tunes). 

// barely legal - the strokes // cigarette daydreams - cage the elephant // a world alone - lorde // hannah - freelance whales // she’s lost control - joy division // broad ripple is burning - margot and the nuclear so and so’s // champagne coast - blood orange // hurricane - halsey // dancing in the moonlight (cover) - alt-j // wrapped around your finger - five seconds of summer // a button on your blouse - drowners // can’t help falling in love with you (cover) - fleet foxes // you - the 1975 // do i wanna know (cover) - hozier // your graduation - modern baseball // tongue tied - grouplove // wow, i can get sexual too - say anything // take me to church (cover) - neon jungle // pink matter - frank ocean feat. andre 3000 // hold on, we’re going home (cover) - arctic monkeys //

{listen here}