champagne wishes

Her car arrived promptly, and on the way to the party, Kara couldn’t help fidgeting. When they got there, she broke the door handle when trying to get out of the car. The driver apologized to her, stammering on about how it might’ve been loose before. Kara tried to argue with the man but just apologized again and walked in. She took a few deep breaths, mindful not to freeze anything around her, and stepped into a beautiful spacious room, adorned with blue and white flowers and low yellow lights. There was soft music playing from an unassuming band in a corner and a few people were dancing. Kara walked over to a nearby table and was immediately offered a drink. She took a few sips of the champagne, wishing it could help steady her nerves, but knowing it wouldn’t. She leaned on the table and looked around. She almost jumped when she heard a familiar heartbeat racing rapidly and approaching her from her right. When she turned and saw Lena, she cracked her champagne flute. She hastily set it down, unable to look away from Lena Luthor. She was a vision in deep green, her hair was in a loose bun that highlighted her cheekbones. The two women locked eyes and Kara felt her knees go weak with the way Lena was looking at her. There was that now familiar spark in her eyes that appeared every time Lena smiled that smile. It seemed like time stood still in those few seconds it took Lena to glide over to Kara. She touched Kara’s elbow and it made Kara’s skin burst into goosebumps.

“Glad you made it here ok, Kara. You look… stunning.” Lena’s smile was gentle.

“Thank you, you… you are a vision, I mean, that color looks amazing on you.” Kara laughed nervously as she readjusted her glasses. Lena looked down at herself and shrugged.

“Well, I was feeling a little unsure about it until just now.” She turned to look around her and motioned to one of the waiters who swiftly disappeared behind a door, only to reappear instants later with a tray he placed in front of the two women silently. “Thank you, Joe.” He mumbled something and retreated. Kara’s eyes widened at the sight in front of her: It was a tray full of appetizers. Lena chuckled at Kara’s reaction. “You asked if there’d be food so I had them prepare a sampling for you.” Kara looked at Lena, smiled and bumped her shoulder.

“This is so thoughtful, thanks. We can share!” Kara’s enthusiasm was contagious as she jumped up in place. Lena admired Kara’s unabashedly excited tone as she offered Lena a shrimp, who took it and dipped it in a sweet sauce. They spent a few minutes sampling the food, Kara announcing with every new bite that this one was her favorite, and Lena smiling and shaking her head at Kara. When the food was gone, Lena noticed Kara’s foot tapping in tune with the music.

“So Kara, where is your trusty notepad tonight?” Kara cleared her throat.

“I um, decided to leave it behind and just enjoy tonight.” Her face fell after a second as she panicked. “Oh no, unless you wanted me to like interview some people here or something. Shoot, I should’ve asked, I – um…” Lena put her hand on Kara’s forearm to stop her rambling. It worked brilliantly.

“Relax Kara, nothing of the sort, I want you to enjoy yourself tonight. I’m glad you think the same way.” Lena smiled and Kara’s worries vanished. But she was still acutely aware that Lena’s hand was still on her forearm. In that moment, Lena squeezed Kara’s arm a little and leaned in to whisper to her. “Do you wanna dance?” Kara’s words failed her. She just half nodded before Lena took her hand and led her to the small dance floor. Seeing Kara’s nervousness, Lena’s lips quirked up as she placed her other hand on Kara’s smaller back and swayed slowly, reading in Kara’s face all the emotions that were surging through her. Lena wanted to try something. She looked Kara straight in the eyes and dropped her tone an octave. “Do I make you nervous, Kara?” There it was. As if on cue, Lena saw Kara blush adorably. She smirked. Kara took a deep breath and held Lena’s gaze. Her eyes had an intensity to them that Lena hadn’t seen before. She liked it.

“You know you do.” Kara could hear Lena’s heartbeat racing, almost as much as her own.

“If you want to, I can stop.” There was a glimmer of hesitancy in Lena’s eyes, even when she tried to hide it. Kara moved closer to Lena, her lips almost touching her ear.

“Does it look like I want you to stop?” Lena felt a shiver down her back as Kara’s breath tickled her ear. Her hand on Kara’s smaller back held tighter and Kara pressed her cheek against Lena’s as they swayed to the music.

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If the matsuno brothers had theme songs what will be there songs?

Theme songs? I don’t really listen to pop music or anything besides Vocaloid, Utaloid, Kpop or just songs you’ll find in this playlist, but I’ll see what I can put together!

Osomatsu: Sunny - Papa Ya

Okay Alright! So I chose this song because It sorta seems like more Osomatsu’s dream then what he really is. The song talks about girls, the girls he wishes for, champagne, he always drunk one way or another, limousine, So remember that official art where Osomatsu was driving? Came for the hunnies, he’d do anything to get his hands on a woman and drink till’ we’re sunny, again, he’s always falling drunk one way or another.

Karamatsu: ECHO - Gumi

Karamatsu is an interesting brother, despite being called a straight up narcissist, try hard cool guy, the fandom begs to differ. Being forgotten does lead to deeper things, what goes through his mind, does he want to run away and never look back? or rather burn his house down to an ugly black? Honestly- i can’t really explain how this is so fitting, it’s pretty self explanatory, just look at the Angst part of the fandom.

Choromatsu: Copycat - Gumi

The straight man, always wanting to fit into society despite being a NEET and having horrid brothers. He just wanted to be accepted into society as a normal person not as someone that shares the same face with 5 other opposite monsters. He wanted to continuously change himself to imitate society.

Ichimatsu: Circles - Gumi

(I don’t know why Gumi is so fitting wtf-)  Backtrack to the ESP kitty episode, What does Ichimatsu want? Friends. What does he say? I have cats. I don’t need friends. It’s like he’s going around in.. circles? It’s always the continuous thought, I need friends, but i dont.

Jyushimatsu: Lido - Money

PACHINKO !! (Nah Nah Jk Sakura by Nakamura Yuuichi

So let’s have a look at episode 10 shall we? Homura and Jyushimatsu. This song just suits him perfectly and theres no other description, bye I’m gonna go cry.

Todomatsu: Sweet Devil - Hatsune Miku

Todomatsu, that cute adorable youngest son everyone loves, but only his brothers know that he’s a sweet, loving and kind devil. This song also has a bit of a feminine sounding to it, talking about make up and other things i can’t understand bc I’m too lazy too look up english lyrics. But again, self explanatory   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

Thanks man, this was probably suppose to be a list but I just wanted to try something a little different 👏🏻

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I wish Pink Champagne, Boyfriend Material and Voodoo Love were on Yours Truly, take off Popular Song so in total 14 songs.

aw her fetus songs

she should have had a lil fetus EP with her pop bops from back in the day on them, that would have been cute.


They find out that turning bombs into firework was not a good idea (“I told you! I told you this would happen!”, Perceptor moans in annoyance) and they spend the whole night putting the fire on the ship out.

But this is the Lost Light, everybody is used to things going horribly wrong, and so they take it relatively easy, drink Champagne anyway, wish each other a happy new year while running around with buckets of water and still have a good time together.