champagne wishes

Five Months

Description: You run into your ex-boyfriend while at a party with your current one and during the encounter are reminded of all the ways he still controls you.  You aren’t entirely surprised to find yourself on your knees in the bathroom with him in front of you minutes later.

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 12097

Warning: Dom!Namjoon, spanking, breath play, daddy kink, demeaning names, punishment, cheating, bathroom sex

A/N: @avveh prepare to die.  I think I listened to The Weeknd the entire time I wrote this haha.  Some of the songs were played over 100 times just during the time I wrote this, particularly “Shameless”, “Earned It”, and “Often”.  

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“Mr Holmes!”

Mycroft’s spine stiffens. Slowly, he turns. Damnation. Devastatingly attractive, as always, but this time wearing black tie, and carefully shaved. Haircut, too, by the looks of it. Briefly, he mourns the loss of the long, scruffy silver hair Lestrade had been sporting the previous week, when Mycroft had picked up Sherlock and John from their latest escapade. Dark, soft brown eyes. Damn, damn, damn.

“Detective Inspector,” he says superciliously, lengthening his neck, tipping his head to the side. “I had not expected to see you –”

“– at a posh do like this?” finishes Lestrade, shooting him a grin. He runs a finger inside his collar, and Mycroft tries not to notice the soft, golden skin of his neck. “Just here accompanying my old mate Karen. She climbed the greasy pole and gets asked to all these things. Lowly DI like me’d never normally be invited to stuff like this,” he smiles, gesturing slightly at the glittering ballroom.

On a date, thinks Mycroft. Something in his chest tightens at the thought, and he valiantly tries to ignore it. “I see,” he says, crisply. He’s just opening his mouth to make his excuses when Lestrade interrupts.

“’S’pect you’re working, are you?” he asks, taking a couple of glasses of champagne from a passing tray, and handing one to Mycroft. “Shaking hands, taking names, threatening people?” he sips his champagne. Brown eyes, crinkled with amusement, twinkle at Mycroft over the edge of the glass.

Mycroft raises an eyebrow. Flirtatious? Surely not. Drunk? Does not seem it, but – “I am sure I do not know what you mean, Detective Inspector. I never threaten.”

“Sorry. What is it called, then? A subtle air of menace?”

Mycroft cannot help returning Lestrade’s warm smile, just a little, the merest twitch at the corners of his lips. “Perhaps.”

Lestrade grins. “Well, you’re dressed for it, anyway. You look like James Bond.”

Mycroft ignores the way his stomach clenches, and calmly raises an eyebrow. “I am not sure I should call James Bond subtle, Detective Inspector.”

“Nah, maybe not,” says Lestrade, taking another sip of champagne. “Looks good in a suit, though.”

Mycroft struggles to get his breathing under control for a few moments, during which time he witnesses Lestrade’s expression go from open and amused to guarded, and slightly worried. “Bond’s brand of diplomacy would certainly not be welcome in my profession,” he says quickly, hardly hearing what he’s saying. He takes a sip of champagne, mouth suddenly dry.

Lestrade’s eyes are cautious, but he gives a lopsided smile. “True. Bet you’re stuck here ’til the bitter end. Bond would’ve flounced out by now, with some hot young thing on his arm. Although.” He nods to where Anthea, wearing a plunging jewel-red ballgown, is talking composedly with a senior Minister.

Mycroft gives a quick flicker of a smile, and drops his gaze to the intricate pattern of the fine ballroom floor. Ah. So that is it. “I see,” he says, voice as neutral as possible. “My ineligibility as a Bond figure becomes still more glaring.”

There’s a brief beat of silence. Mycroft watches through his eyelashes as Lestrade gulps down the rest of his champagne. “Always wondered if you two were…” says Lestrade.

Mycroft’s head snaps up. “Why?” he asks, and his complete bafflement must be obvious.

Lestrade glances hurriedly up. “I –” he gestures ineloquently. “Sorry. Yeah. Stupid.”

Mycroft looks away across the dancefloor, stomach heavy. The taste of champagne has turned acid in his mouth. “She would appreciate being taken away from the Minister, I am sure,” he says flatly.

Lestrade clears his throat, but Mycroft keeps his gaze turned away, scanning the crowd.

“You know what,” says Lestrade, after a moment. “You were right. Bond’s not like you, not really. He’s more of a blunt instrument. Gets stuff done any way he can. More like a policeman, you might say.”

Mycroft half-raises an eyebrow, but does not turn to look into Lestrade’s eyes.

“Thought I might get out of here,” says Lestrade, and his voice is strange, perhaps a little breathless.

Mycroft nods tersely, mentally preparing his own reason for ending the conversation.

“D’you want to come with me?” asks Lestrade, and Mycroft’s head snaps round.

“I beg your pardon?”

Lestrade’s eyes are crinkled. Relief, apprehension and a kind of amused defiance are written all over his face. “Bond never leaves without someone good-looking on his arm.”

Mycroft blinks several times, tipping his chin up. His long fingers tighten around the champagne flute. He wishes he had his umbrella. There is an extended moment, during which the confused press of sounds in the ballroom seem to fade entirely away.

“My car is just outside, Detective Inspector.”

Office Supplies and Love

Gif Source

Pairings:  Dean Winchester Smith/Reader; Sam Wesson makes an appearance but isn’t paired

Warnings:  Fluff; Dean Smith being cute and lovable; The reader’s uncertainty and cold feet

Word Count: 3,932 words

Reader Gender: Female

Author:  Meg

Summary:  Dean Smith has just gotten promoted to VP of Sales and Marketing for Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc. and you, his on the low office fling and secretary, get him a customized pen as a congratulatory gift. He winds up confessing how he really feels about you, but are you ready for that? ((Had to give Dean Smith from 4x17 It’s a Terrible Life some love.))

A/N:  I didn’t mean for it to be so long but the more I thought about Dean Smith the more I had the feels and the more I wrote! Oops! I’ve never entered a challenge before but I had so much fun writing this, so I hope everyone likes it. This is for Mimi’s Romcom Fluff Challenge from Say Anything prompt #59: She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen. @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog

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Viktor Krum was a lucky lucky man. He had the riches, the career, the women, and anything else any self respecting twenty two year old man would want. He was a professional quidditch player for the national team! Women hung on his every word, men wished they could be him. So why was he so lonely? He attended a different party every night, had a new girl every week. He had just signed on to the Tornado’s starting lineup for next season, with a 10 thousand galleon advance. So, he asked himself again, Why was he so lonely? Often times he felt like he could scream and no one would hear him.

Hermione Granger, brightest witch of her age, and one third of the Golden Trio. She had everything. Fame, Riches, Brains, Men throwing themselves at her. She wanted none of it. What she wanted was to be left alone. For the daily prophet to forget she existed instead of the daily headlines, guessing at who she would choose. Harry or Ron? Neither! They were her brothers, They were her family. How could the rest of the wizarding world expect them to be anything more? It made her stomach turn even thinking about it. So she found herself thinking about leaving the UK in the year following the war. She had received numerous offers from MACUSA to come work in their research department. They had the number one research facility for Magical and Mental Diseases, it called to her. Maybe she would discover something to reverse the memory charm she had placed on her parents.

Two weeks later her bags were packed and she was ready to start a new life in New York. She had said her goodbyes to everyone. Harry had been sad but had understood her desire to leave. Ron had thrown a fit that would have rivaled even Lavender Brown, he had called her selfish, had accused her of trying to hurt him on purpose. “But what about me, what about us?” He had asked. “I wasn’t aware there was an us, Ronald.” she had answered back. That had set him off, he had screamed, cried, even threatened her. That’s when she had left. He had always assumed that she would just come to him, that she somehow belonged to him. Well she was Hermione Granger and the only person she belonged to was herself. They hadn’t spoken a word to eachother since.

She’d been in New York for almost a year now and she couldn’t ever remember being happier. No one knew her here, there was no reporters following her every move, there was just herself and her research. She was content.

She was now soaking in her bathtub and relaxing, thinking about everything that had led her here. She looked at her watch and was stunned to find that she had lost track of time. She now had an hour to get ready for the ministry’s annual Christmas ball. The first she’d ever be attending.

Climbing out of the bath tub she instantly set to work. Her hair would take the most time so she decided to get that out of the way first. She cast some relaxing charms, as well as using a taming potion Ginny had sent her. Her make up was next, she really hated the stuff, but she applied some lip gloss and mascara, leaving her face natural. That left her with 15 minutes to get dressed and get to the ministry building. Thank Merlin for the floo. She had arrived with five minutes to spare, deciding that she deserved a reward for getting there in time, she walked over to the bar and ordered a fire whisky.

Viktor Krum had been invited to the American ministry’s annual Christmas party. He had no interest in attending, but his manager had insisted that it would do him well to be seen mingling with the International wizarding community, and so he found himself in the MACUSA building, clutching at a flute of champagne wishing it was something stronger. He did so hate the politics that came with these parties. He was staring off into space when a beautiful set of legs had entered his line of sight ( he considered himself a leg man, after all. ) He started from her black pumps with the signature red soles, tracing up the olive toned skin, going up her mile long legs, to the red dress that stopped a few inches above her knees. It hugged every curve of her body, but left him wanting to see more. His eyes traveled all the way up until they reached a beautifully familiar face.

“Hermione?” He could not believe that he was seeing her here after all of these years, she was just as beautiful as he remembered. She flinched at the sound of her name. Who could possibly know her here? Halfway around the world. The heavily accented voice stirred something in the deep recesses of her memory. Suddenly, she remembered the broad chest and the soft lips that accompanied that tell tale Bulgarian accent. She looked over, eyes wide, not daring to believe that he was here. She had thought about him a lot, he seemed to cross her mind every couple of weeks. Unbeknownst to her, he had never stopped thinking about her. Ever since those days of the triwizard tournament, in the confines of hogwarts library.

“Viktor? I can’t believe it!” she leaned into him and hugged him. She had missed his arms, more then even she realized. He hugged her back, inhaling deeply, her scent had not changed in the last 5 years. She still smelled like old parchment, crisp apples, and cinnamon. That scent had stuck with him, he had missed her terribly, she was what he had needed. She was the reason he could never seem to find happiness with any other woman.

The night passed swimmingly after their chance encounter. They danced and laughed. Reminisced and got to know eachother all over again. They posed for pictures and Viktor had informed the reporters that he was off the market. Finally, as the music died down and the American minister announced the end of a successful Christmas ball, Hermione grabbed Viktors hand and led him to the out going floos. She had never been one of those girls, who invited a man back to her bed after one night. But this man was different, he had known her since she was 14, had embraced her studious side, had told her she was beautiful before she had learned how to tame her hair and had fixed her teeth. No, this was no ordinary man. This was the man she wanted, and she would have him.

Viktor, with a smile on his face, had let himself be led away. He promised himself he would not let her walk out of his life this time. She was what he had longed for all along, and have her he would.

Artificial Love

A/N So I’ve decided to do another EXO scenario, and this time I thought I’d write something for Sehun. This is going to be very different from my last two scenarios i’ve done as it’s not as fluffy, to be honest this went in a completely different direction to what I had planned… hopefully you like it. If you have any requests for anything EXO feel free to message me xoxo

Originally posted by wooyoung

Not all love is gentle. Sometimes it’s gritty and dirty and possessive. Sometimes it’s not supposed to be careful or soft at all. Sometimes it feels like teeth. 

That’s how this love felt to you, dirty and wrong. He was like a harsh bite, what made it so dirty was that you loved the pain. The heartbreak he gave you every time he left, the tears spilled over the way he pushes you away. the feeling in your stomach, like you’re going to throw up every time he whispered those sweet words to you. But you loved it. Everything about it gave you a thrill, you got a kick out of being his possession. 

You loved him. You knew that. You also knew he did not reciprocate those feelings. He would always say he loved you, but you knew he was just scared you’d escape him and move on. He didn’t like to lose what he thought was his. And in all honesty you didn’t mind being his toy, because it meant you got to hold him, and touch him in a way no one else could while you were by his side. But everyone in his life had an expiry date, that’s just how Oh Sehun worked. Until then you were just going to enjoy the pleasure he gave you in everything he did.

Sehun never really took you on normal dates, well he never really took you on dates at all. It was all to parade you to his associates and friends. On occasion to keep his parents quiet he would bring you along to family events. Tonight was no acception. Here you were, in a dress too tight for you. sitting at the bar watching your boyfriend chat to a group of people just as attractive as him, yet he was still the one to stand out.

You walked in with him, everyone knew who you were. They knew you were his accessory, and that they should stay away from anything Sehun had left his mark on, only occasionally getting a lingering look from a guest, just wanting to get a look at the person the famous Sehun had claimed. But every once in a while you’d get someone who would try their luck with you, and most of the time it would be someone new. But this time is was one of his friends, someone within his inner circle. one of the nine most talked about men in the city. This could only end badly. 

The moment you saw Chen walk towards you, you knew that it could only end badly. You looked back over to Sehun, ignoring the other attractive man walking towards you. You felt someone lean next to you, and by the view in your peripheral, you could tell it was Chen. You took a big swig of your champagne, wishing it was something stronger. 

“I see he’s left you again angel.” You heard Chen speak next to you. I looked at him, he looked great, his hair pushed back, clad in a suit, which really did him justice. His kitten lips permanently pulled up in a smile, tonight though it was a smirk, just for you. 

“He hasn’t left me Jongdae, this is a business party, he is doing his job, and please don’t call me angel.” I rolled my eyes and looked into the crowd, finishing my champagne.

“Oh yeah, doing shots with Chanyeol is really doing his job.” He scoffed, shooting daggers at Sehun laughing loudly with his taller friend.

“Jongdae stop.” I sighed turning round and ordering a whiskey for myself. 

“You could call me Chen you know?” he asks moving a little closer to me, watching as I drink my drink and order another. 

“Wouldn’t that mean we’d be friends?” I look at him, smirking a little.

“I thought we were already friends.” He smiles never looking away. 

“we’re not that close.” I take a swig of my drink, turning away from him.

“I’d like to be.” I hear him say.

“I bet you would.” I laugh.

“You don’t know how much I would.” I feel his arm snake around my waist. He was now pressed up against my side, his face very close to mine. I look up at him, shocked by his actions but chose not to show it. 

“You’re playing a very dangerous game Jongdae.”

“I know I am. I also know that I could give you more than he can.” 

“Oh really?” my eyes flicker down to his lips momentarily, and then look up to his eyes. It was quick but he still noticed.

“You know I could Y/N, i’d be so good to you.”

“You’re his friend Jongdae, his elder, he respects you, you can’t do this.”

“I can’t help how I feel about you Y/N.”

“Jongdae stop…” you were only telling him for his benefit.

“Y/N please…”

“She said to stop so maybe you should.” You heard a voice next to you. You closed your eyes, knowing this was what was going to happen, why did you let Chen carry on, the last thing you want is him hurt.

“I’d really appreciate it if you’d take your hands off of her also.” You stared at Sehun, he was so calm, too calm. you felt Jongdae’s hands leave you, and you turned completely to look at Sehun.

“I’d appreciate it Sehun if you put effort into your relationship.”

“My relationship is none of your concern Chen.” You could see in Sehun’s eyes that he was losing his cool.

“She could do better.” Jongdae spat at him.

“What did you say?.” Sehun gritted his teeth.

“She could easily leave you Sehun, she could do better.” The next thing you knew, Sehun had grabbed Chen by the collar. You jumped in surprise, not expecting him to act out in a public place, especially towards one of his best friends.

“You will not come near Y/N again. You will not look at her, you won’t even breathe near her. I don’t want you anywhere near her.” Sehun pushed Chen back and turned to you. “We’re leaving.” You looked back at Chen smiling apologetically and quickly followed behind Sehun, jogging lightly to match his long strides. 

You dared not to say anything, knowing that when he’s mad, you have to wait for him to make the first move. Something like this had never happened before, men had tried to flirt with you, but you always told them you had a boyfriend and they would leave. This time was different, Jongdae knew what he was doing, and you didn’t help the situation, you should’ve pushed him away. But why didn’t you? Maybe you didn’t think Jongdae would do anything drastic, he was a friend of Sehun’s after all. Or maybe you knew this would happen, and you just wanted a reaction from your boyfriend, maybe you just wanted to see him show how possessive he is. But there you were in the car, not knowing what was going to happen. Would he shout at you? Would he leave you? He was so quiet you couldn’t read him. 

You arrived, surprisingly at your apartment, usually after these events you’d end up back at his. You continued not to say anything and followed him up to your apartment door. You stepped in front of him to open the door, as you stepped in he uttered one room.

“Bedroom.” I followed his order. With my head down I walked to my bedroom. when I entered I sat straight down on the edge of my bed, staring straight down at my shoes. 

“What do you think you’re playing at Y/N?” I continued to look down at my shoes.

“He’s my friend. You should know better.”

“I’m sorry.” I whispered, almost inaudibly. 

“No! What was he thinking? He knows you’re mine, yet he chose to… to do that!” You looked up to see Sehun staring at you intently. he walked over to you, moving your hair out of your face. His hand slowly moved down to cup your cheek, his thumb moved to swipe over your bottom lip. You had chosen to wear the lipstick he likes. The perfect shad of crimson. 

“You’re so innocent Y/N. Don’t you see the way guys look at you? Even D.O hyung looks at you like an animal.” You blinked up at him. 

“I’m sorry Sehun.” 

“It’s okay, you don’t know. I just need to make sure you’re mine. I need to make sure everyone knows you’re mine.”

He pushed you back, urging you to scoot back. He took off your shoes in the process. “Lay down princess.” he uttered, never once looking away from you. You laid down, looking up at the man you loved, who was now hovering over you. 

“You’re beautiful you know that?” His eyes traced your face. and you smiled softly at him. Sehun slowly leaned in capturing your lips, kissing you deeply, with passion. You ignored the fact you felt no love in his kiss, just savouring the moment of him. He moved to start kissing your neck, sucking on it harshly. You moaned at the feeling of his tongue running over the spot, easing the tingling feeling.your hand finding its place in his hair. 

Sehun moved to look you in the eye, looking down at the mark he made, “Everyone will know who exactly you belong to.” Your breath hitched at the look in his eye. The look of hunger. Of Want and desire. He moved your leg up to be placed on his hip, smiling at you deviously.

“You know I love you right princess?” You nodded as his lips were once again placed on yours.

It was dirty, gritty and possessive. But you wouldn’t want it any other way. You wouldn’t want him any other way. 

A/N sooooo it’s very different from what i’ve written before, and it took me a while, but hopefully it’s okay. I hope you enjoy reading it, i’m sorry for any mistakes, it’s 3am haha xoxo

In Sickness and in Health

Request: decoy bride au part two! part one here (there’s one more part left)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader

Word count: 3,366

Warnings: physical fighting, near death experience of drowning, misunderstandings 

A/N: The amount of support I received for this fic has been amazing- thank you to everyone who sent love! Thanks also to @fragmentofmymind for proofreading and being amazing.

Feedback is very very welcome!

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Lin stretched out on the bed, staring at the canopy. You sat cross-legged beside him, digging through the massive pile of gifts that had been left on there for the happy couple. “Is this a signed copy of your own book?” you asked incredulously, holding up a heavy, bound copy of the Hamilton book.

“Yeah,” Lin laughed sheepishly. He propped himself up on one elbow and took it from you, opening it to the title page, “Probably Chris’ idea of a joke.” 

You reached back into the pile and held up the matching Hamilton t-shirts you had found, raising an eyebrow. “They’re nice t-shirts!” he said defensively. 

You just laughed and set to refolding the shirts. Lin looked at you thoughtfully for a moment. “What’s your actual job?” 

“My actual job?” 

“Yeah,” he said, “I assume you don’t spend all your time in a shepherd’s hut or fake-marrying Americans.”

You bit your lip. “I’m between jobs,” you said finally, “my last one was in Edinburgh with my boyfriend.” You winced to remember the morning you had stormed out of the apartment you had shared, your clothes stuffed into your suitcase and the image of him in bed with another girl seared into your mind. 

“Why did you come here?” you asked, mostly to distract yourself. When Lin looked confused, you elaborated, “You could have got married on a beach in Puerto Rico or in a picturesque old town upstate in the US- why this place?”

The wedding dress was spread around you on the bed, the veil tossed over the side of a chair and the pins that had kept it and your hair in place scattered. Lin was still in his suit, though he had loosened the tie and undone the buttons on his jacket. 

“We wanted somewhere where the press would never-” he grimaced at glanced towards the window- “find us. Chris found this place and its associations with Hamilton and here we are.”

You snorted. “A Hamilton themed wedding- there’s an ego-boost if I ever saw one.” You spotted a bottle of champagne on the side and reached for it. “What’s she like?” you asked as you uncorked the bottle.

“Who?” Lin took the bottle from you and had a swig. His leg jiggled, disturbing the neat pile of wedding gifts that you had stacked up. He must really be worried about his fiancée, you realised.

“Your wife-to-be,” you clarified, “what’s she like?”

Lin’s eyes softened and his gaze fixed on something just beyond your shoulder. “She’s perfect,” he smiled dreamily, “Kind and generous and selfless and beautiful inside and out.” 

You fiddled with the cork, trying to imagine having someone who loved you as much as Lin clearly loved Vanessa. You set the bottle down and flopped back, wincing as a last bobby pin poked at your scalp, “She sounds nice.”

“She’s out there,” Lin said quietly, “and I’m not there for her.”

“She’ll be alright,” you stared at the bed’s canopy, which was decorated to look like the night sky, and felt awkward and tongue-tied next to Lin, “You’ll be more of a help to her here than blundering around the island leading that lot to her.”

Lin grimaced and took another swig from the champagne. You wished you had been able to take your phone so you could call for help, but wedding dresses didn’t seem to come with pockets, infuriatingly enough.

“Did you sign the register?” you asked. 

Lin frowned, “Course- I thought it was real, remember?” A beat. “Why?”

You lifted your hand, the simple golden wedding band already feeling familiar on your ring finger. “I think,” you said slowly, “that in all the fuss I might have signed my own name.”

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n3rdlif343va  asked:

Wrapping presents: whose look immaculate and whose look like a T-rex wrapped it one-handed??? 💙💙💙💙

It was meant to be a game of white elephant where each person picked a present randomly and see if they got a decent pull or not. But then per Phichit’s genius brain it turned into who could guess who wrapped which presents that were placed in a pile. If they guessed correctly, they get to open that present.

Yuuri, Phichit, Seung-Gil, Guang-Hong, Leo, and Minami all sat in a circle and took turns.

“I think Guang-Hong wrapped this,” Leo picked confidently, holding up a box with teddy bear print wrapping and a pink bow. Guang-Hong’s cheeks blushed as he hid his face behind a pillow.

“How could you tell Leo,” Guang-Hong muttered in a soft voice.

“Awe that’s easy, the cute wrapping is totally your style,” Phichit pointed out. “Go ahead and open it Leo!”

Leo opened up the present to find a cute pair of earmuffs and matching set of gloves.

“Cute!” Phichit snapped a pic as Leo tried them on much to Guang-Hong’s embarrassment. “You could wear those while you skate Leo!”

“Only when I’m practicing privately, but they are rather warm and comfy, thanks Ji,” Leo smiled. Guang-Hong hid his face even further into the pillow.

“Me next!” Phichit raised his hand and dove it into the pile, picking out a rather bland looking present. In fact, it wasn’t even fully wrapped and had only a dark navy blue ribbon tied around the original box. “Seung-Gil you totally wrapped this one, and you didn’t even try!” 

“Using excessive wrapping paper with silly patterns is a waste,” Seung-gil shrugged.

Phichit opened it and pulled out two CDs of Korean drama music, “Ohhhh! I know this drama, we watched it together the last time I was sleeping over at your place-”

Seung-Gil slapped a hand over Phichit’s mouth as everyone turned their heads to stare at them. But everyone already knew the truth even if neither of them said a word.

“Um, I guess I’ll go next?” Guang-Hong scooted forward and picked out a present wrapped in stars and stripes. “This one is yours, right Leo?”

“Haha, you guessed it right Ji,” Leo nodded.

“You two are sooo obvious,” Phichit commented.

“Says the person that wrapped their gift in Hamtaro paper and multicolored ribbons,” Seung-gil added, picking up Phichit’s present already.

“Seung-gil it’s not even your turn yet!” Phichit pouted. “Fine I guess you both can open them at the same time.”

Guang-Hong opened up Leo’s present and found two tickets to the zoo along with a stuffed panda.

Seung-Gil opened Phichit’s present and got an eyeliner make up set and a book on how to care of hamsters for beginners.

“So that just leaves Yuuri’s and Minami’s present huh?” Everyone stared at the last two presents in the pile. One present was wrapped perfectly with crisp corners and a fancy bow like it was one of those fancy gift boxes on the display window at an expensive store. The other….

“Did a T-rex wrap that one with one arm?” Seung-gil inquired with an expressionless look. For some strange reason Phichit was holding back fits of laughter in his stomach.

“It looks um….very unique?” Guang-Hong offered.

“Minami did you wrap that?” Leo looked at Minami, who was also giggling and bouncing in his seat.

“Nope!” Minami announced to everyone’s surprise. Everyone snapped their heads to Yuuri-who went MIA from his seat.

“Yuuri don’t hide in the bathroom and get back here! We know the T-rex wrapping style is yours!” Phichit shouted and ran to the bathroom, no doubt to drag out his best friend.

“Dang Minami, where’d you learn how to wrap a gift like that?” Leo whistled and admired the perfect wrapping.

“I had to help my mom and her friends wrap tons of presents for a hospital charity last year,” Minami explained. “And some of the old ladies were very particular about wrapping so I had to be very precise and careful.”

“I brought Yuuri!” Phichit dragged in Yuuri, who was completely red in the face like he drank tons of champagne again. He probably wish he had. “Come on Yuuri, look on the bright side you get to open the prettiest present!”

“Bury me,” Yuuri growled.

“It’s okay Yuuri! I like your wrapping! I’ll cherish it forever in my memory!” Minami assured him as he snapped tons of pictures of Yuuri’s uniquely wrapped present. Minami carefully opened it diligently to not tear any of the wrapping or ribbons miraculously.

Inside was a miniature model of Hasetsu Castle with little ninjas on top of it.

“Ahhhhh so cool!” Minami’s eyes sparkled to tears. “Thank you Yuuri! I’ll treasure this forever!”

“Really Yuuri, a tourist souvenir from Hasetsu?” Phichit hissed in his ear.

“I was in a rush! I didn’t know what to bring to these kind of things and my dad suggested it!” Yuuri defended himself.

“Go ahead an open mine Yuuri!” Minami handed Yuuri his gift.

“Ah-okay, thank you Minami.” Everyone watched in anticipation and Yuuri nervously unwrapped the last gift. His hands shook as he tried to open it with minimal damage to the wrapping.

Inside was a small musical snow globe with a pair of figure skaters skating inside. The song was…

“Wait, isn’t this Yuri on Ice? The song Yuuri skated in his Free Skate program?” Leo recognized the melody.

“Minami, how did you…” Yuuri was at a loss for words.

“A friend of my parents makes all kinds of special gifts including snow globes. When I asked if it was possible to order a custom made one, he told me I could bring in any song!” Minami shared proudly. “I wanted to find something special as your number one fan!”

Yuuri became speechless and tears welled up in his eyes. Everyone cheered and applauded.

“Thank you Minami, I’ll treasure this forever,” Yuuri smiled from the bottom of his heart and pulled Minami into a hug. Minami’s heart jumped out of his chest as his face turned red for getting a special hug from his idol and he nearly fainted.

The game ended nice and sweet as everyone ended up with presents from their favorite person/friend. 

“And that’s a WRAP!” Phichit waved goodbye to his vlogging camera. Everyone groaned and threw all the wrapping paper at Phichit.

Valentine's Hangover

She was hungover on regret
From a Valentine’s Day she can’t forget,
Waking to find her heartstrings
Tied around her wrists
And a splitting headache
From too many sins.
What happened again?
Only an aftertaste remained
Of a stranger’s kiss,
And hastily cried promises
Of that four-letter word
And the big “F” word–
Love and forever.

She feasted on them
As one starving, all the while
Knowing she’d wake up
Sick to her stomach,
Overindulged on champagne
Wishes and caviar dreams.
Baring herself,
Her naked soul,
All because she couldn’t bear
Another valentine-less
Valentine’s Day.