champagne pink fox


fae mythology; nine-tailed fox

“centuries ago, intricately weaved tales of otherworldly, fox-like creatures permeated the lands of East Asia. all recollections of encounters with the being resulted in the same illustration: a fox not unlike those of the average nature in appearance, turned transcendental by the multiple tails in which it grew and it’s inhuman powers and abilities.”

[ aesthetic ] catchingoceans [model] ho ngoc ha [description] crystachiouniverse

Chardae Primrose, my arcanaloth tiefling for D&D 5e. 
She’s a conjuration wizard with a focus on both intellect and charisma. 
Her color scheme is pulled from wine, as her coloring is based on the pink champagne fox. Her outfit was inspired by foxes and gothic fashion (hence the pentagram harness). Her features were inspired by foo dogs and kitsune. 

Full Body pose referenced from owlinabox’s design work, check out her deviantart.