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Soulmates Part. 1

I know! I know! @inukag-week already ended but it’s because of @keichanz that I ended up with too many feelings to leave this alone!

So this ended up happening. It was supposed to be a oneshot but it was getting too long XD

This is for you @inukag-4ever because you are awesome and I love you! Happy belated birthday!!

Summary:  Every person has a Soulmate, with whom they share an unique bond, they can feel each other’s feelings and the closer they are to each other the stronger it gets. Inuyasha and Kagome share a strong bond imposible to ignore. Inuyasha is looking for his Soulmate. Kagome is doing everything she can to avoid finding hers.

In and Ao3 too :D

Kagome looked at her best friends being lovey-dovey on her couch as she tried to remember why she had to invite them over.  She sighed. Right, they had invited themselves over.

Narrowing her eyes she tried to recall the reason why she was supposed to withstand their not-so-secret looks and caresses. She understood the reason why they were like that. They were Soulmates. Yep, capital S and everything, the real deal. And they had been apart for almost a year when Miroku went to the US in a exchange student program and he had just come back a week ago.

“I’d appreciate if you could stop pretending I can’t see where your hands are NOT…” Kagome said before sipping from her cold tea.

Sango smiled a little embarrassed as she separated herself from her boyfriend to occupy the second seat in the couch, that until that moment had remained untouched by the couple. Miroku on his part smiled quite smugly before raising his hand in an apologetic manner.

“I’m sorry we made you uncomfortable, Kagome. We still lose track of what’s around…” he turned to brush a lock from Sango’s face and tuck it behind her ear. “We haven’t get used to the pull being this strong…”

Kagome rolled her eyes. If she didn’t say something soon they were going to get lost in each other again.

Clearing her throat, she said excessively sweet, “So you wanted me to help you to do what exactly?”

Miroku looked at Kagome again. He didn’t stop touching Sango, his hand moved from her face to one of her hands as he focused his attention on Kagome. “I need your help finding a good place for a friend of mine.”

The woman in front of him nodded interested, her demeanor changing from annoyed to business-like. Miroku smiled. She wasn’t one of the best realtors in the city just because of her looks. She was a very intelligent woman and charming too… when she wanted at least.

Kagome took the note pad that was on the stand beside her chair and started to take notes. “Very well, what kind of house is he looking for?”

Miroku shrugged “He has no money problems, so you can show him all the great places you said I had no business even looking at… And he has a dog so you need to take that in consideration… let me think what else.”

Kagome wrote on her notepad before looking at him with narrowed eyes and an arched brow “I told you that because you said you wanted the cheapest you could get but you wanted mirrors on the ceiling, a pool and jacuzzi… all of those things in an apartment.” Kagome deadpanned at her shamelessly grinning friend.  

“Sorry. Champagne tastes on a beer budget…” Miroku shrugged again as the two women smiled and shook their heads.

“So, do you have any more information about what he wants?”

Miroku shook his head as he searched for something inside his pocket and gave it to her.

“This is his contact…”

Kagome reached for the piece of paper and read it out loud. “Inuyasha Takahashi. E-mail: and his phone number. The guy lives by his name, huh.”

Miroku chuckled “You have no idea…”

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