champagne hotel


James March and you celebrating your engagement together “I have some wonderful news,” James started as he held your hand, “We are getting married!” Everyone clapped for you two as James grabbed a bottle of champagne and popped it opened.

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I had a dream that I went to Europe with Dean, Cas, and Sam and Cas and I were pissed because of all the women throwing themselves at Dean, so I took Cas aside and I told him that I will make it my goal for this trip, to make sure he gets to be alone with Dean… LOL. Cas was happy after that. 

Then later on, we were indulging on champagne in a luxury hotel room when Dean asks me “So, why aren’t you interested in any of these Euro guys here?” and I said, “Well, maybe I’d rather be with an ANGEL who was actually in love with me” and I looked at Cas and Cas actually started chuckling and Dean got all nervous and looked at Cas too. 

I don’t know if I ever got them alone time, but it was adorable to see them together all nervous and shy. 

I want to be high in Tokyo.
I wanna ride in a silver sports car past the city lights at night.
I want champagne and sequins.
Lit Hotel foyers at 1 am & kissing u.
Chinese New Years and
cab rides back to white apartments.
Dusty sunlight through
Rose tinted windows.
Pink furry dice and red plastic cherries swinging’
from rear view mirrors.
Christian Dior Lipstick at the bottom
of a Gucci purse.
Xanax & 100s.
Fur coats & Forties.
I want art gallery openings
& free wine.
I want men who want to die for me
& texts back.