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City of Love

Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,433

A/N bon anniversaire à mon français anon! I hope you have a wonderful day and that this scenario is okay 😊

Watching Baekhyun experience Paris was like watching a child unbox the gift he’d always waited for. You loved the way his eyes lit up, sparkling as he marvelled at the historical buildings. His lips would spread into a beautiful smile as he’d point and laugh at even the simplest things. Baekhyun’s awe was mirrored in you. Instead of admiring the city as he did, you admired him. You studied the lust in his eyes and couldn’t escape the feeling of love almost hurting your chest throughout the day. Not that you wanted to. Anyone would think it was his birthday, as if you’d treated him to today.

While in fact it was yours. You’d both agreed on a trip to Paris, the famous city of love. Baekhyun had treated you to a posh 5 star hotel. You had a large room with a four-poster bed; an en-suite and a balcony overlooking the city. You entered the bedroom; it was almost 7 o’clock. You took refuge on the large bed and let out a long sigh.

You briefly recounted the day. You’d twisted through cobbled streets with your fingers entwined, like the vines that snaked up the walls of the buildings leaning down and smiling at you. He’d bought you an ice cream, dotting the vanilla ice on your nose. There was also a pile of shopping gifts sitting by the door to your hotel which had made you feel incredibly guilty, but Baekhyun had insisted that today was your day and you deserved it. Your eyes fell on the A3 sketch propped up against the wall. It was a drawing of Baekhyun and yourself. He was smiling with his eyes almost fully closed while your cheek was pressed against his. After spotting a rugged artist wandering the streets, Baekhyun had tugged on your sleeve and pulled you over the cobbles. The artist had sketched the two of you together, and you could clearly see the budding love he’d captured in each line.

“Thank you so much for today. It was beyond perfect.” You smiled. Baekhyun looked at you fondly, taking off his shoes.

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Anonymous said:

Hiii ! Don’t know if you’re still taking requests, you probably have a ton, but if you are could you do one with Harry and a girl (her name’s Betty, black hair, brown eyes, 5'6). She’s an actress and has a sex scene to for a big movie with another actor and while Harry is apprehensive, Betty reminds him that it’s just part of her job and it’s not like anything’s actually going to happen, but Harry, still feeling unsure, reminds her that no one can give it to her better than him. Thank you!! X

Of course my love, and congrats, i chose yours to be posted tonight and i hope you really

enjoy it ;) btw love the scenario! And i hope you enjoy it!


I came home from a massive role audition, which was called ‘Bad Neighbours’ and to be honest its not like anything i would have done. Ive been in a lot of romcom films but never anything that has nudity and full sex scenes in it, so it was different, but my manager said it would be my big break working with Zac Efron. The only thing im worried about is telling Harry about this. He knows that Zac Efron has always been my teen crush, from watching high school musical ive always loved him. Don’t get me wrong im so happy to be with Harry, but ive always had a crush on zac since i was 5. Not really 5, but you get the gist.

“Babe” I yelled through our new unfurnished home filled with blankets and boxes. “Im in the kitchen” He responded. As i got closer to the kitchen, i smelled my favourite meal being cooked, lasagne. “Hey Harry, aw what’s this” I was surprised by the whole kitchen was lit up with candles, and the table was neatly set, with two glasses, champagne, and three candles in the middle. “Well, i haven’t seen you all week, and i know you have a job too, but i only have a few more days off before i have to fly back out, and i felt like i had to do something for us, and without the boys” “Babe that’s so romantic, i love it” I walked over to Harry, kissing his soft lips, his teeth grabbing at my lower lip. He slowly made the passion deeper, has his hands slowly went to the sides of my face, and my arms wrapped around his waist. I started to moan into the kiss when i realised that i had to tell Harry the good news. I slowly let go of his lips, really not wanting to either, but i knew that we can finish what we started later. “I wish i could kiss you forever” Harry smirked has he started to walk over and take the lasagne out of the oven. “Don’t worry, you will.” I giggled as i walked over to sit down. He cut out the lasagne and put it on my plate, and a bit on his plate, and set them down on the table. “Grazie” I said thank you in Italian to him, which made him smile when he sat down opposite me. “I love it when you talk in a different language to me, its so hot” I started to blush, looking down at my first mouthful of the cuisine. Half way through the meal we were laughing at what happened him and the boys today, when he then changed the subject before i peed myself. “So, how did your audition go?” “Well, i was going to tell you later, but i got the part” Harry jumped up from the table and started to do a funny dance. “I knew you would, im so happy for you” Harry shouted and continued to do his dance. “Harry sit down, i have to tell you something” Harry stopped his silly dance, and looked at me with concern, and walked over to sit opposite me again, holding my hands. “Yeah?” “Um, well, in the movie, i have a boyfriend, and hes being played by Zac Efron” “Baby that’s wonderful, hes your crush since you were in the womb” I giggled because the hardest part is still yet to come. “But in one of the scenes we had to audition for, it was a sex scene, and so me and Zac, kind of, had to look like we were, you know. But we weren’t.” Harry’s face went blank. “So your telling me for you do well in this movie, you have to pretend your having sex with this loser, when in reality your dry humping him until hes hard and he gets to touch you?” His face was filled with anger and security at the same time. “Well, yeah, it is acting so hes not going to get, you know, excited.” “How do you know that? His dick wont know if it acting or not!!” “Harry stop over reacting, your just blowing this out of proportion. You let actors kiss me” “Yeah i kiss is a kiss Bet, but a sex scene is on another level” We were now both standing. “Harry its no different to my past. Before i met you i was being touched by other boys, and you know i wasn’t a virgin when i met you, so don’t act like you’re the only one that’s hit it” I started to get angry, how dare he. Harry started walking over to my small frame, making me feel slightly intimidated. “I don’t care what or who do you did in the past, your mine now, and no one can touch you or make you feel the way i can make you feel” I knew where this was going.  

He backed me up to the island in the middle of the kitchen, making my butt hit it when i walked to far back. “No one can make you scream the way i do, no one can fill you the way i can” His hands made their way to my bottom, giving it a tight squeeze in both hands, making me moan in anticipation. “You see, even my touch can make you cum in your pants” His words really did have an affect on me, and i didn’t even know it. “You want me to make you feel good baby?” I moaned as he moved my hair to my other side, sucking on my sweet sopt behind my ear, surly leaving a mark. “Beg for it baby” “Please Harry, just make me feel good” “Say it louder” “Please Harry make me cum everywhere just by touching me” He then pushed me around so my back was facing him. “Your going to be shown how its done, and ull forget all about that Zac Efron dickhead” He then touched the back of my head as i moaned at his sentence. He then lowered his hand to my upper back, pushing me slowly forward, until my breasts and face was smushed against the island’s flat surface. His hands went lower and lower until they curved around my ass, giving it a smack, a hard one. I shouted at the surprising hit to my skin, making Harry giggle. He then lent forward, kissing my neck, as his hands went down to unbutton my jeans. His hands near my core where making me want to snap and just take control, but i knew tonight, it was his turn.  He then pulled down my jeans to show that i was wearing his favourite underwear, black lace thong. “Look at your little pussy, ready to be fucked” He was into a lot of the dirty talk, another major turn on for me. His fingers went down to my thong covered pussy, moving his fingers gently up and down, making me groan at his touch. “So wet for me, not a surprise, your always dripping” “Because of you baby” I turned my face around to see his face with a tiny smirk at my last comment. His hands just took their time and roamed around my bottom half, taking me all into his memory for when he leaves for tour, he has something to get him going by himself. “Babe i wish i could fuck you forever, your perfect” He whispered as his head came back down to kiss my cheek that wasn’t resting on the island. As Harry was bent down, i felt his full hard on sticking into my ass through his jeans, making me groan. “Harry, your so hard already, watch you don’t cum in your boxers” “I nearly am with the sight of you baby” Him grinding his hard on into my core as he said that last comment into my ear. He then raised up, and i felt alone for a second, so i turned my face around again to see behind me. Harry was taking off his boxer briefs, as i seen his hard on just spring up, letting it lose. You sometimes forget how big he really is. “Baby your so hot like that, you have no idea” He commented has he started to pump his rod in his right hand to get it even more hard for me. He quickly walked over and put his left index finger over to my thong, taking it off, also brushing my clit so dangerously slow, causing me to buck my hips upward, making my bum stick up in the air. When my thong fell to my ankles, i suddenly felt his tip go straight to my wet folds, rubbing his pre cum all around me, teasing me. “Babe, please” I begged. “Say it” “Harry ive waited all day for this, please just fill me” “Cmon baby you can do better than that” He started to giggle under his breath as his tip was just at my entrance, ready for his length to stretch me. “Harry Styles if you don’t fuck me now, ill leave here and go and fuck Zac” That’s all he needed. His quickly filled me up with his fully erect dick, making me moan at the satisfaction of entering me alone, let alone fucking me. “Your mine you little slut” He started to rock his hips furiously, making his tip hit my g spot with no problems, making me start to scream. Harry hands travelled to my hips, guiding me over his slick prick with ease. “C’mon baby say my name” “Oh Harry baby” He was quickening his speed, making it deeper than i thought he could ever go. “Im so glad your on birth control so i can feel all of your little tight cunt” His right hand went to his mouth, letting his hands gather some saliva, bringing it to my clit, rubbing it as fast as he was pumping, making me want to loose myself. I could start to feel the pressure building in the pit of my stomach, and i knew i was on the edge of the best orgasm yet. “Baby im almost there” I squelled as he started to thrust slower, but deeper, his fingers going to town on my clit, making me then roll into my satisfying orgasm, making my head feel light. “Oh Harry, fill me up baby, i wanna fell you cum inside me” My legs started to shake, making Harry hold them to sturdy me as he was still trying to reach his high. It didn’t take long before his high was reached, letting me take all of his spurt of cum which shot up inside, also spurting out a little, drippling down his length. His breath was then let go from him holding it in when we was cuming, leaning down over me, giving my lips a kiss, then down my neck. His length quickly softened inside of me, and has be got up, he slipped out of me with ease, leaving me feel a sense of emptiness. “Babe, you just seem to amaze me more and more” He helped me pull my thong back on, and turned me around to face him. “That’s my job. What this relationship would have been like it was just the same pleasure over and over. Surely it has to get better the more we do it” “Bet, it defiantly get better, I love you so much” He wrapped his arms around my waist, his fingers tugging at the hem of my shirt. “Harry, please, not again, im so tired and i have to go to work tomorrow at 6am” He slowly lifted the shirt off my body, never responding to my statement. He quickly tugged his shirt off his torso, and putting his oversized shirt over my small frame. I slowly looked up at his as his hands returned to my waist, resting there. “I love you so much too Harry” I replied to his last statement as his lips lowered down to touch mine, making the butterflies flutter inside. “Lets go to bed babe” His forearms pressed against my thighs, under my bum cheeks, lifting me up. My legs automatically wrapped around his lower torso, and my arms wrapping around his neck, kissing him so full of passion and love. “And lets do a few rounds before we have to go to work”