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It’s 00:00:02 and that means: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE WORLD’S FINEST TWINS!!!!! May the next year of your Life bring you Joy, Success, Luck, Love, Adventures, Health & everything else you wish for. Stay as you are - we love you guys!  💕

Ofc we couldn’t let that night pass without giving you a ‘almost heart attack’ by knocking at your door like freaks in the middle of the night, blame it on Derick, who let us in because he knows us hahaha….noooow to the even more Fun part - Champagne, Cake, Huuuugs & gifts :))  🎂 🍸 🎁

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etsyfindoftheday | BLACK FRIDAY GIFTS | 11.25.16

gift idea: jewelry
featured: amazing fine jewelry by mineralogydesign

  • champagne diamond dot ring
  • pear rose-cut yellow diamond earrings, OOAK
  • recycled gold baguette diamond earrings
  • rose quartz + hammered disc crescent necklace
  • kyanite + druzy arc necklace
  • sodalite rectangle double curve necklace, OOAK
KBTBB HC: One year anniversary - Eisuke


*Buzz buzz* your alarm came on a Friday morning, you woke up without Eisuke beside you, and you recalled the night before, Eisuke mentioned he will be going to the hotel for an important meeting and video conference today. You sulked a little as today is your one year anniversary together with Eisuke, thinking that you could spend the day with Eisuke today, but things doesn’t seem to be going the way you wanted. You can’t help but to drag yourself off from your bed and prepare to go to the hotel alone..

By the time you know it, it’s already lunch time at 12pm. Still, no sight of Eisuke even when you cleaned the penthouse. Suddenly, you felt someone tapped you on the shoulder from the back…“________! ”

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siodymph  asked:

Hey if your still taking fiddauthor requests, how 'bout having them hanging out at Fiddleford's new mansion and being all fancy and cute?

When Fidds moves into the new place they decide to celebrate. Ford visits in a nice suit and Fidds wears one leftover by the northwests, and they sample the wine cellar’s more expensive champagne. 

Fidauthor fest Gift exchange: day 6, prompt fest


I have a black gold in my hand. My friend Roxane and I met in San Francisco for the first time after 10 years since we left college. Aside from treating me to a sophisticated Spanish brunch (we had tapas and champagne) she gifted me with this luxurious precious black gorgeous thing. She is one of those people who genuinely is a great human being, kind, caring, generous and add to that very gorgeous too ever since I met her in college and were roommates for 3 years.

I am replicating the dish we had yesterday at Coqueta. It was smoked salmon on toasted brioche and queso fresca topped with shaved black truffle drizzled with truffle oil and honey. I have all of these ingredients in my home except for the brioche buns and will just use cream cheese in place of the queso fresca. So expect a really scrumptious smoked salmon and black truffle post from me this weekend.