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any cute pre-wedding headcanons

just some thoughts that have been eating at my mind and nailing my coffin shut:

* to celebrate their engagement jake plans on surprising amy with a romantic dinner at the drive in, watching a new movie she’s been talking about for months but she beats him to it by booking out an entire restaurant using quite a bit ( okay a lot) of her savings.
* they get to talking about wedding prep and somehow land on their bachelor/bachelorette parties and the huge successes they’re going to be.
* jake vows is going to be epic. Amy reminds him that Gina AND Rosa are going to be throwing hers so there’s no way his will top it. He bets her he’s going to have the most epic party ever.
* a week before their wedding they have a formal sit down with charles because they need to clear up any misunderstandings and make perfectly clear what he can do at their wedding (I.e release several flutters of butterflies) and what he cannot (I.e ride in on a horse).
* amy goes dress shopping with rosa and gina because her brothers are all our of town and they are like her sisters.
* she assumed gina would be the most helpful but she ends up getting completely hammered instead (“I haven’t had a drink in almost a year I think it’s about time”) and rosa has to step up her game.
* at some point gina and rosa join in on the fitting and try on a good amount of dresses of their own. (amy thinks she hears gina ask rosa to make out with her for a bit right before they head back to the dressing rooms but then again she also thinks she saw the spice girls walk in a few minutes ago so she’s not a very reliable witness right now.)
* they finally find the perfect dress after several hours and twice as many drinks and amy just hopes it looks as good sober as it does when she’s drunk.
* trying to go shopping for wedding rings is harder than either of them had imagined. amy chooses one at the first store they walk into. It’s beautiful and exactly what he would’ve chosen for her. It’s her. jake on the other hand, cannot for the life of him decide which one looks best. He never assumed there would be so many variations of circle bands.
* when time comes for their bachelor/bachelorette parties they’re both incredibly anxious and neither of them is sure whether it’s because of the wedding or the bet.
* charles goes extremely overboard with jakes party he hires an actual dj and invites half of the police force and (surprise!) doug judy who comes bearing very sketchy tickets to Europe for their honeymoon. Charles rents a tiger by the hour and belly dancers and Vietnamese wine, whatever that is, (jake just drinks orange soda and lots of beer instead) and by the time the night is done he feels like he’s been hit by a ton of bricks.
* rosa and gina rent out the entire new york public library for the night and they’ve made a scavenger hunt just for amy filled with math trivia and riddles and all things jake that lead to a giant bottle of champagne and a gift basket filled with sweets and other things she doesn’t feel comfortable looking at in public. They get into a limo afterwards and drive around for hours, stuck with three drink amy because they kind of ran out of booze too early.
* they’re staying at a hotel for the night because it’s closer to the venue and just past two am jake sneaks into her room but she’s still wide awake and watching a black and white movie. In French. If anything he’s here to rescue her. Even though she made him promise that they’d try and respect the whole “not seeing the bride before the wedding” tradition (she can’t deal with any bad luck, all this stress turned at least an eighteenth of her hair grey) , she lies down on the bed and they spoon until they fall asleep. It’s definitely worth it.


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gift idea: jewelry
featured: amazing fine jewelry by mineralogydesign

  • champagne diamond dot ring
  • pear rose-cut yellow diamond earrings, OOAK
  • recycled gold baguette diamond earrings
  • rose quartz + hammered disc crescent necklace
  • kyanite + druzy arc necklace
  • sodalite rectangle double curve necklace, OOAK

It’s 00:00:02 and that means: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE WORLD’S FINEST TWINS!!!!! May the next year of your Life bring you Joy, Success, Luck, Love, Adventures, Health & everything else you wish for. Stay as you are - we love you guys!  💕

Ofc we couldn’t let that night pass without giving you a ‘almost heart attack’ by knocking at your door like freaks in the middle of the night, blame it on Derick, who let us in because he knows us hahaha….noooow to the even more Fun part - Champagne, Cake, Huuuugs & gifts :))  🎂 🍸 🎁

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Sooo, it’s July 18 in my country already, and it means that it’s Day 3 of Courtship Week! 

This is Christmas AU, a fic I promised to write for @courtship-hell

Hope you guys will like it =)) Also, boop @zirconshipping

They meet on the threshold, snow-covered and with red cheeks, nuzzling their noses into scarves and wanting to enter the warm house as quickly as possible. Snow has been coming since morning, and who knew that by evening it will not end.

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I️ am about to graduate college(!!) and people have started to ask me what I️ would like for graduation gifts and I️ am honestly drawing a blank. Do you have any suggestions?

Hey! Congrats! Money and gift cards are honestly your best bet. They’re the most useful, and they’re the easiest for other people to get!

Are you going to be moving into an apartment? Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Amazon gift cards are bomb. Other actual housewarming things are great if you’re going to be moving to a new place after graduating.

You could ask for grocery store gift cards! Honestly the only thing I want in this world as a post-grad are Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods gift cards.

Are you going to grad school? Maybe some apparel from your new school, a new mug or special journal, or desk accessories?

If you don’t want gift cards, maybe your family or friends could take you out for a nice meal? If you drink, you could ask for a fancier bottle of wine or champagne.

Again, congrats!– Mimi

Birthday Gifts.

A Malec Fanfic. Part ½.

Summary: It’s Alec’s 38th birthday. Magnus is haunted by old memories with an unexpected birthday guest. A look into Magnus’ past.

Rating: Mature. 

Author’s original characters are included. 


“I don’t want do this.” Alec said as he tucked in his dress shirt. Staring at his uncomfortable face in the standing mirror.

“This one.” Magnus draped a red velvet tie around Alec. He turned to face him, pulling up his collar to ties it. “It’s your birthday, darling.” Alec huffed, Magnus smiled. “Your sister will not be pleased if the guest of honor does not show up.” Magnus pulled up the knot and leaned up to kiss Alec’ pouty lips.

“Let’s just stay home.” He is persistent.

“Alexander, it’s just a few hours and then we can go home…and I’ll give you my gift. It’s that tiny little bag over there.” He grinned as he helped Alec with his dress jacket. Alec turned to see a tiny shopping bag from Musee Lingerie. He smiled.

“That’s a tiny bag.” Alec smiled.

“Tiny, yes…but has big potential.” Magnus kissed him. “Let’s go, we’re going to be late.”

As promised, after food, cake, champagne, gifts, and a drunken and poorly done but earnest toast from Jace. A slow dance with his mom, his sister, and then Magnus. Alec was very drunk and very ready to go home for his other gift, which he was shameless telling others.

A tipsy Alec is grinning exceptionally as he followed the swaying of Magnus’ ass as he led him into their bedroom. Alec tugged his tie off, pulled his shirt loose, and begin to unbutton them. He’s needy and horny. Magnus turned his head, his golden eyes on display with a lustful wicked grin. He snapped his fingers and the stereo turned on, playing D’Angelo’s Untitled (How does it feel).

Alec smiled. Bless this D’Angelo.

“Get comfortable love, I am going to go put on your birthday gift.” Alec nodded, excited. Magnus walked in their walk-in closet.

Minutes later, he came out looking like sin and nothing else. Alec was on his knees.


“Thank you” Alec grinned. Staring at the ceiling, completely in the state of euphoria. Magnus kissed him. He gently placed his hands on his cheeks. “Happy Birthday to me.”

The surrealism and bittersweetness of Alec turning 38, made Magnus felt heartbreakingly somber. Yet, he will celebrate Alec at any cost and at all moments. Time, was precious and quick.

“You’re welcome?” He laughed, as he pulled Alec closer. Kissed his forehead. “Happy Birthday, Alexander.” He closed his eyes, holding Alec.


A melody, a familiar melody. Melody of a music box. Magnus opened his eyes. He felt disoriented, shaking his head against the pillow to break the wall between reality and the unconsciousness of dreams. The melody continued. He knows this song, somehow? In his dazed, his mind is jumping to no conclusion.

Magnus sat up. It echoed down the hall. He turned to see that Alec was still asleep. Maybe Chairman set something on. He tossed the covers over and grabbed his silk robe.

He finds Chairman asleep on the couch. Like Alec, he looked peaceful and completely undisturbed by the loud echoing melody. The open windows let the city lights softly lit the rooms. The song continued. He knows it now. It’s Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2, E flat. The song got louder as he approached his office.

It was coming from the closet. The closet was filled with random objects, artifacts, books, and boxes of random things that even Magnus have forgotten about. The song grew louder. It took him pulling and rearranging a tidy space to find it. It was buried deep in a wooden chest box. Inside, was another box, a music box. The song stopped as he held it. It was perfectly crafted, handmade with wood and metal. It brought tears to Magnus’ eyes. He seated himself on the ground. He thought he lost it long ago, in his many travels. He opened the box and the song begin again. Two metal figures stood up and began to dance, twirling around, while hand in hand.

As it played, Bringing back old memories.


“Don’t go.” His green eyes looked at him, desperately.

“I have to. We can’t do this.” Magnus pleaded, determined to walk out with his luggages. He needs to leave.

“What about us?…I love you.” Tomas stood closer, his lips on Magnus’ cheeks. His arms around Magnus.

“You’re married, Tomas. There’s no us. I am…I am…This was a mistake.” Magnus pushed him, grabbing his bags. As he made his way to the front doors, he felt Tomas’ footsteps following him. He turned to see Mrs. Bennett staring from the staircase. Her eyes were cold and distance. She knows. Of course, she knows. Whispers in this hallowed house, are never meant to be secrets. Magnus wanted to apologize, but it was useless.

Outside it was snowing. He stopped, pulled his coat closer.

“Wait…” Magnus turned to see Tomas in his bedroom robe. Red eyes filled tears. He had a wrapped red box in his hand. “This is for you.” He carefully stepped closer and handled the box over. “Open when you’re alone.” Magnus took the box. It was heavy and it smelled of roses and cedar wood.

“I can’t accept this.”

“It was made for you. Take it, if you don’t…it has no purpose.”

“Thank you, Tomas.” Tomas huffed, his eyes still sad.

“You’re a cruel man, Mr. Bane.” He looked passed Magnus, at the horse and carriage, waiting.

“I am sorry.” Magnus gripped the box closer.

“Happy birthday, Mr. Bane.” Tomas turned and walked back.

“What is that?” Ishaan asked as they seated down in their booth. They were heading back to India.

“Apparently, a birthday gift.”

“Is it your birthday?”

“Strangely, yes.”

Ishaan was a Warlock, an older warlock. He has been mentoring Magnus in the past years. He has taken him in, sheltered him and guided him. Magnus has nothing but gratitude and love for Ishaan.

“How old are you today?”


“I forget how young you are?” Magnus looked away, staring out into the passing scenery. “How was your time at Mr. and Mrs. Bennetts?” He knows, that birthdays are difficult.

“They were very kind, I learned a lot…from Mr. Bennett. But things got complicated.”

“It’s always complicated with mortals. Do you want to talk about it?”


When Ishaan felt asleep, Magnus took a walk to clear his mind, ending at the caboose, where he was alone. It was quiet from human commotions. Most of the passengers were asleep. The sound of metals against metal echoed through the train. He seated himself down. He took the red wrapped box out. Carefully, he unwrapped it. Inside was a music box. A Tomas Bennett’ handcrafted one. Engraved on top was “un momento de nosotros.”

When he opened it, two metal figures, believed to be men. Hand in hand, dancing to Chopin’s Nocturne. Magnus began to cry. He can still feel Tomas near him. And the night, when he held him closes. In candlelight, behind closed doors, surrounded by warmth and music. Magnus closed his eyes. He’s filled with regrets and doubts. He should have never been there. Never, would he allow such feelings like this to happen again. He was not of his kind. Tomas was a well respected, human, married, and a White man. Magnus was Magnus. Living in their world. He laughed. He refuses to be in his own version of Madam Butterfly. He hated that play.

He was confused, clouded with questions and sweet forbidden kisses.

“What a beautiful box.” Magnus looked up. He felt embarrassed, quickly he got up. Shutting the box. There was a light tan man standing above him. He had dark hair, slender with high cheekbones and sharp dark eyes. He was dressed perfected in a tailored black suit, wrapped in a thick black fur. “My apologies, I didn’t mean to scare you there.”

“It’s fine.” Magnus wiped his tears.

“I can hear the song from the halls, in the next car.”

“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb anyone.” Magnus was surprised.

“No, don’t apologize. It’s a beautiful song. I was there when he premiered it at the grand halls in Paris. The room fell in love. Truly for the romantics.”
He was studying Magnus. His eyes were difficult to read.

“Did you know that Chopin was not the original composer?” The man grinned. “…It was an Irish man, John Field, who hated Chopin.” He laughed. “…Chopin admired Field, respected him. Yet, such admiration was not returned. However, we don’t care for Field…it was Chopin who freed the song, broke it and gave it life…he will be the one people remember.” He smiled.

“Things we know, huh?” Magnus whispered. He felt unease.

“Yes, things we know. May I?” Magnus hesitated, but he felt as he should listen to this man. Magnus gave him the box. The man took it, carefully studying the wood carving. “…Oh my, I know this craftsmanship, it’s of Tomas Bennett, he’s a genius with mechanics, a promising young man. I have seen his works in London. His crafted music boxes is a rare thing.” He opened the box. The song began. “Are these two men?” Magnus got nervous, he grabbed the box and held it close.

“There just metal figures.”

“This is a gift? Did he give you this?” He asked. “You must be special.” Magnus didn’t answer.

”There, there.” His eyes soften. “So young you are…filled with so many questions about life and…love.” He took a step closer. “There is no sin here.” He placed his hand on top of the box.

“It’s…It’s late, sir.” He began to walk towards the exit. The air felt thin, like it was suffocating him.

“Oh Magnus, I have travel so far to see you.” The man voice changed. Deeper, colder, and hallow. Magnus froze. The lights begin to darken and Magnus felt the chill through his veins. He turned to see the man. Frightened. The man eyes have changed, they were gold and bright. Shining in the dark. He knows those eyes.

“What kind of father I am, if I did come to celebrate you, my son…on his birthday?” He smiled.
I have a part 2 in mind, should I continue?