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I shall title this “Wearing your giant animal of a boyfriend’s shirt and a shitty forever 21 cap is usually lame, however if you’re a beautiful androgynous young man you can do whatever the fuck you want”



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can I request some Jean headcanons?? just lil facts abt my son pls ? thank u for ur time 💋

OKAY this got away from me bye

  • jean moreau is very tall and carries himself with put-on pride that bled over from his time with the ravens. if he ever hunched over in riko’s presence, well - riko is dead, and no one is around to bring it up anymore
  • despite popular belief, he wears black because it suits his image, not because it’s habit. it’s one thing he and andrew minyard share, not that either of them recognise that or would react well if someone pointed it out
  • his favourite colours are a deep forest green and silver-grey, which also sneak into his wardrobe in places (jumpers, shirts, ties, and the silver spinner ring renee gifts him halfway through his second month in california) 
  • he’s utterly unselfconscious about his scars, and the trojans learn very fucking quickly to never bring them up because he’ll snarl at them for prying. if they happen to look pitying, he’ll break something of theirs. like their face
  • the first few months, he spends a lot of time thinking he’s dead because he can’t quite believe it, even having been to the funeral. riko’s a ghost he can’t shake, haunting him during the day out of the corner of his eye in every flash of black, sometimes seeping into his dreams at night to torture him all over again
  • coach rhemann picks him up from the airport when he first arrives, and they have a very quiet week together where jean reads so much rhemann makes a joke about him being an academic rather than an athlete. jean doesn’t laugh, but rhemann didn’t expect him to
  • (he and his new head coach end up having a good relationship, once they’re over the first rough patches. jean was worried he wouldn’t be able to respect a man who hadn’t produced a champs-winning team in his tenure, the same way he thought he’d feel about the team itself, but instead he ends up respecting rhemann for his brisk kindness and refusal to give in to jean’s initial attitude)
  • (rhemann, quietly, thinks the first month that he’ll have to make alternative arrangements for jean, that he’ll never be a good fit for the team. fortunately, the trojans step in to stop that from happening)
  • jean and jeremy met long before jeremy flew out with rhemann to Palmetto to sign their newest player, but when jeremy arrives back on campus it’s like they’re meeting for the first time all over again. jeremy is really excited to see him. jeremy is really excited about everything, apparently. 
  • laila and alvarez are the next arrivals. laila is critical of jean from the get-go, and they’re a little similar in their seriousness, but alvarez is determined from the start to befried jean
  • (it works because part of it is that she thinks they’ll be unstoppable as defensive partners, and she tells jean this straight off of the bat. it’s the kind of reasoning jean can get behind)
  • the rest of the trojans are a blur of faces and names, too much enthusiasm for jean to really deal with. he hides the fact he’s overwhelmed with carelessness and a little bit of cruelty at first, feeling like a broken bird hunkered down amongst them as they chatter and jostle each other
  • none of the trojans are prepared for jean when he joins their practices at first - he’s silent amongst them, and so fucking fast their goalkeepers’ workloads are suddenly halved in scrimmage
  • it’s exciting but unnerving. jeremy is meant to be the one to take jean in hand and turn him into a team player, but he mostly leaves it to the girls because they’re better at it. it’s not like he doesn’t know jean had a complicated relationship with his last captain
  • they end up getting along anyway - jean likes jeremy’s stubborn determination and the ferocity that walks hand-in-hand with his bright good cheer. jeremy appreciates jean’s skill and honesty, even if he thinks jean could tone down the bad attitude at times. he also thinks jean has a nice ass, but that’s beside the point
  • their first game together, the trojans win. jeremy makes jean a deal as a joke that he’ll take him out for ice cream if he doesn’t earn a red card. jean raises an eyebrow and tells him that he hopes jeremy promises the entire team the same. jeremy says it’s only fair, and yells through the stadium lounge that it’s a deal
  • their first season, they steal the championship trophy from the foxes, and jean gets to look kevin day in the eye for the first time in a long while with the knowledge that this one thing, at least, he’s won
  • (jeremy buys him that ice cream. all the others, too. it’s only fair)
  • alvarez shows jean how to be a proper partner. laila and the others teach him what it means to be part of the team. all of them together watch him paste himself back together, come back stronger for it like he’s growing scar tissue on the inside too
  • (jeremy also manages to convince him he’s fucking beautiful - but that’s another post)

Last weekend’s feis was definitely the last hurrah for the baby’s itty bitty beginner jumper that I made her for Oireachtas. I had to put a two-inch panel in the back just to make it fit this time! I’ll make another one for her next year- she’ll be old enough for the family special by then. 😄

Book drive for school of robotics team champs!

Hey friends! Like me, many of you were horrified by this news report:

We want to show love for this school and their outstanding robotics team in the form of a book drive. This is a Title 1 school with a very diverse population. Authors, you can sign books to Pleasant Run. Anyone else who can donate is much appreciated! Picture books, early readers, chapter books, and middle grade books most welcome, especially those written by and featuring people of color. Also early readers in Spanish would be a bonus as they have dual immersion language program for some kindergarten classes. Mail books to:

Pleasant Run Elementary

1800 N Franklin Rd

Indianapolis, IN 46219

If you have books more appropriate for middle or high school, this diverse district would love those too! Mail to :

Metro School District of Warren Township
975 N. Post Road
Indianapolis, IN 46219
ATTN: Kathy Disney

Thank you! And congrats to the robotics team at Pleasant Run. You inspire us!

Beat It (Jeff Hardy imagine)

Jeff and the reader are best friends and the reader runs to Jeff when she breaks up with her scumbag boyfriend who beat on her. So,Jeff beats him up and admits to reader that he’s been in love with her for years.  Fluff!! 

Warnings: cursing, mentions of an abusive relationship, mentions of fighting, fluff, angst

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You knocked timidly on the hotel door, knowing good and well that not only would Jeff be there but Matt and Reby would be there as well but you really didn’t care at this point. Your cheeks was flushed and stained with tears, your shirt torn, and a busted lip, not to mention,you was sobbing. “Hang on,I’m coming!” Jeff shouted, and I stifled the cry bubbling in your chest, only to begin losing your mind again once your best friend opened the door. He cursed at the sight of you and all of your horrendous appearance then growled,“What the hell happened? What did that dickface do to you?”

“C-can I come in?” you whimpered, rubbing your arms to keep warm. It was pouring down rain when you begun walking to the hotel from your apartment, which explained why you was soaked to the bone.

“Hey Jeff, who is it?” Reby questioned, obviously asking the question that the both she and her husband was wondering the answer to. Jeff wrapped his arm around your shoulders and cursed at the feeling of you flinching before he called back to his sister in law,”It’s (Y/N). I need the first aid kit.”

“The first aid kit? Is she okay?” Matt asked, coming towards you two, only to freeze at the sight of you limping along with the help of Jeff, “Christ,.. Baby, we’re gonna need a towel and the first aid kit. Hurry, she’s hurt bad. Fuck, (Y/N), what did that bastard do?!”

Jeff shook his head and lowered you into a chair then wrapped your loose hair into a bun at the base of your neck and stated,”I need you to tell me what hurts the most and where so I can clean you up and do what I need to help you.” You nodded and motioned towards your ribs then murmured, ”He kept hitting me in the stomach. M sorry for being such a problem.”

“You’re not a fucking problem,dollface, and if I hear that one more time I swear I’m-” Jeff trailed off when he saw that your eyes widened with fear and you slinked away from his touch. He groaned and he caught his head in his hands then mumbled,”I’m sorry,dollface, I didn’t mean to say it like that.” 

“S’okay, I know you- Fuck!” you cursed, body rolling away from the peroxide that he poured on your open wounds. Jeff mumbled an apology then the three of you all three turned to face Reby as she gasped at the sight of your torn skin. You smiled softly then muttered,”Just get it over with,please. How bad is it?” 

“Oh, so bad that I’m going to delete his ass from the world.” Matt promised, eyes locked on the wounds. Jeff taped the gauze down then instructed Reby to grab one of his shirts from his room and Matt offered up a pair of his sleep pants for you to sleep in. 

“Thank you so much.” you stated softly, walking into the bedroom area where the three of them was waiting for you to return from changing. 

“Dollface, I only care that you’re fucking okay. Now sit down and tell me what the fuck that bastard did so I can decide how to murder him and how Matt and Reby is going to hide his body.” Jeff replied,allowing you to sit beside him on the full size bed. 

“Well, I went out to hang out with Gallows and Anderson and he didn’t like it from the start…” you begun explaining. 

“Baby,I’m going out with Luke and Karl.” you yelled, fixing your hair in the mirror. He grunted and took a chug from his beer then grumbled,”Don’t fucking understand why you go out with those pricks.”

“Those pricks are married,babe. It’ll be fine.” you reassured him,kissing his lips then you turned and started towards the door,only for him to grab your hair and yank you against him,pulling a yelp from your throat. 

“Listen,bitch,don’t do anything stupid while you’re gone, ya got me?” he growled, the alcohol on his breath heavy and disgusting.You nodded and he let you go, yea.“ stumbled and fell against the wall then walked out of the apartment. 

You had a wonderful night with the former Raw Tag Team champs then returned to your shared apartment where you thought your boyfriend has gone to bed only for him to shove you against the wall,using your tank top strap to do so, then he spat in your face,”Where the fuck have ya been, whore! I wanted to fuck and you weren’t fuckin’ here!”

“B-But babe, I told you that I was going to out to hang out with Luke and Karl.” I gasped, as he pressed his hand to your throat, then he snarled,“I fucking told ya,bitch. Ya don’t go any-fucking-where, unless I’m there with ya.”

“I-I told you that I was going out. Please let me go.” you begged, clawing against his hand. “No!” he shouted in your face, spit flying everywhere and you nearly gagged at the heavy smell of alcohol on his breath. 

“Jesus,I fucking told you where I was going before I left, now let me fucking go!” you screamed in his face as you fought against his hold,only to get nowhere with it. So you went with the option that got you into worse trouble than you was already in. You reeled and slapped him, him stumbling around like the drunk idiot he was. You went to run away but he grabbed your loose hair barely then yanked you back to the floor before he began beating you like you was nothing short of trash. 

 "Please stop!“ you sobbed, fighting against his every punch but your pleads fell short of his hearing. You felt the pain slowly overtaking your body, numbing you, as he moved on from your ribs and began slugging you in the mouth. 

 "You fucking whore! I told you to stay home!” he roared in your face after delivering the harshest slap that he had mustered up. He threw you against the couch like you was nothing then stalked away, leaving you to cry and practically rot away. 

 "Christ, (Y/N),I’m going to fucking kill him.“ Jeff swore, jumping to his feet. You launched yourself in front of him,only for your ribs to creak in protest, then collapsed onto the floor, groaning in agony. Jeff helped you up by an arm under your armpits then laid you under the covers of his bed and ordered, 

“You don’t move. I’m gonna sleep on the floor next to you if you need anything,okay, dollface?” You nodded and turned to Matt and Reby,who looked both purely pissed off and horrified at the same time then declared softly as your eyes began to close,“Thank you so much again. Make sure he doesn’t make any rash decisions while I’m sleeping.”

 Matt shot a glance to his brother then smiled at you ans replied,“Don’t worry,kiddo, I’ll keep an eye on him. You just get some sleep.” You nodded and fell asleep much quicker than you expected. But little did you know, Matt and Jeff was plotting a plan to get back at your ex while you was sleeping just fifteen feet away from them. 

“She can’t find out what we’re doing in the morning.”Matt declared, turning to his wife who grinned in return and stated,”Don’t worry.I’ve got this covered. I’m thinking a great breakfast in the morning,come back,dance off our fats to some Michael Jackson, and wait for you guys to get back.” Jeff smirked and kissed Reby on the cheek then declared,”This is why you’re my favorite sister in law.” 

She snorted in annoyance then grumbled,”I’m your only sister in law,you idiot.” He chuckled and laid down on the little makeshift bed that he made before he stared up at you in amazement then fell asleep.

When you woke up, you half expected Jeff to be waiting for you to wake up. But instead, he was nowhere to be seen and neither was Matt to be exact. The only person besides you that was in the room was Reby was looked behind bored, staring at you. 

“Oh look, she’s awake.” she joked, standing up. You shot her a sheepish smile and replied,”Sorry, I was exhausted from everything last night.”

“I know. I was joking. C’mon,get dressed so we can get some breakfast.” she instructed,throwing you an outfit. You smiled and dressed in the bathroom then brushed your teeth and walked out to join Reby in the hallway. 

“So where’s the guys at this morning?” you asked, shifting to look up at her.

She shrugged then replied,“Hell, who knows? Probably at the gym. I think Jeff mentioned something about you and me having a girl’s day to let your head clear.”

You nodded once and returned your focus back to your favorite breakfast, feeling a little disappointed that you probably wouldn’t see Jeff all day but then you noticed that Reby was staring at you with a small smile on her face .

“What?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at her,only to get a small laugh in return. She shrugged and leaned back a little in her chair then declared,“I never realized how he felt about you til last night.”

“Who,my ex?” She smiled at you and shrugged before she replied,“Sure, that’s what I meant.” Her unlying tone told you that she meant something else but you wasn’t willing to question it. Instead, you just wanted to go back to the hotel and relax.

“Can we go back to the hotel room please? I’m really tired.” you asked, laying your silverware over the now empty plate. She nodded and replied,“Yeah, I just gotta call Matt real quick, if that’s okay.”

You nodded and checked your phone to seen if anyone had texted you and sure enough, Jeff had, asking if you was okay. You smiled at the text then went to reply, only for your phone to begin ringing. You giggled when you realized it was your best friend calling, “Jeff?”

“Hey,dollface. How’s your morning going with Rebs?” he sounded out of breath. You didn’t think anything of it and when you heard Matt give a shout of annoyance and anger, you figured that they was probably at the gym, trying out new moves. 

“Oh, yeah,we’re having a great morning. We’ll be heading back to the hotel soon.” you informed him,tapping your fingertips on the tabletop. He took in a deep breath then declared,“That’s alright with me,dollface. You guys stay our of trouble….” He went silent for a minute and you begun to get offended, thinking that he hung up without telling you he loved you like always, only for him to pant into the phone,“I love you, (Y/N). See you when we get done here.”

“I love you too. Stay safe.” you murmured in return before ending the call. Just as you did so, Reby returned from her bathroom break slash call with Matt with a slightly worried expression. Your eyebrow raised towards your hairline then you asked,“Everything okay?”

“Yeah,I’m fine. Was that Jeff?” she asked,laying a twenty dollar bill on the table with a five dollar tip for the waiter. You nodded and slipped your jacket on as you answered,“Yeah. You talk to Matt?” She shook her head and turned the car on before she replied,“Got no answer.”

“Maybe he couldn’t hear his phone. It sounded like he was frustrated at the gym.” you suggested. She groaned and hit her head against the steering wheel for a little while growling,“That fucking idiot. I fucking told him - ugh! Hopefully they won’t be in too bad of a condition for me to kick their asses.”

“Why would they be in a bad condition? Are they not at the gym?!” you demanded, turning to face her. She jerked up then insisted,“No,they’re at the gym, it’s just Matt has been working on this new move and if Jeff doesn’t help him, I feel like he’s going to break his neck or something.“

Nodding, you turned away from her to stare out the window, taking in the different scenery, then she asked,“Are you okay?” You scoffed and asked,“Honestly? I feel like such a weight has been pulled from my shoulders since I left his sorry ass.”

“That’s because you was always dragging him along behind you. But now you’re free to do whatever you want. So what do you want to do when we get back to the hotel?” she asked, taking a left. You shrugged then tapped your chin with your fingertips and replied,“Honestly? I feel like sleeping for the next few hours. I didn’t sleep the best laat night.”

“I told the guys when they left that you kept waking up. Idiots didn’t believe me. To be honest with you, I’m glad you said that because I slept horrible last night and its my turn to drive tonight.” Reby pointed out so you grinned in return then asked,“So naps when we get back?”

“Sounds like fucking heaven, girl.” The two of you remained silent, except for when you or Reby would begin humming a tone then you guys would burst into full on concert mode, jamming out on air guitars and drums all while shrieking out the lyrics. But that’s when you realized that your windows was down and everyone in a five block radius was staring at you two in shock.

You stripped off your shoes then pulled off your jacket and curled under the blanket before your eyes fluttered shut. The rattling of the doorknob and the grumbles following it was what woke you up. But you didn’t dare budge. The bed was a perfect temperature and the cool side of your pillow allowed enough chill for you to be comfortable.

It was no surprise when that it was Matt and Jeff. However, what was surprising was how beaten they looked. You yelped and scrambled from the bed then forced Jeff to look at you before you demanded, “What the fuck happened to you? Was you attacked by thousands of rabid squrriels?!”

Matt chuckled then replied,“Yep, (Y/N), they was everywhere. We couldn’t seem to escape. So we fought off, tooth and nail, until we could get away.” You swatted at thrm and grumbled, “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, ya know? I’m serious,what happened?”

“If you think we look bad, you should see the other guy,Princess.” Jeff assured me, kissing my forehead, causing me to freeze. Princess? He never called me that before… You grabbed his arm and refused to let him walk away from the conversation, “What the hell do you mean, I should see the other guy? Who exactly is the other guy, Jeff?”

“No one. It’s a figure of speech, babe.” You scoffed and crossed your arms over your chest then ordered,“Jeff Hardy,I demand you tell me right now who the hell it was that you two beat the fuck out of so I can send them a fruit basket or something.” He scoffed in return then grabbed you up by your biceps and shook you back and forth as he demanded,“ Why the fuck would you send a fruit basket to the bastard that best you senseless last night? He got what he deserved; what Matt and I gave him.”

Your jaw dropped open and I heard Matt groan in annoyance as he exclaimed,“You had one, MOTHER FUCKING JOB,JEFF!” You was in too much shock to reply to what Matt had said. Instead, you was focused on processing what Jeff had admitted to doing. He had beaten up your ex?

“Well, we’ll be going. We have things and stuff to do. Love you, bye!” Reby rushed out as she practically rolled Matt out of the hotel doorway. Jeff dropped his hands, allowing me to turn away from him, then begged,“Please, you gotta understand. I did it for you! I was so fucking mad and when I saw how bad you was, I couldn’t handle it. So me and Matt went and kicked the shit out of him.”

“Why the fuck would you do that?” you demanded, whipping around to face him. He gripped my cheeks then shouted in return, “Because I fucking love you! Because I’ve been in love with you for years now! And you’ve never noticed…” You froze then slowly made eye contact with him before you whispered, “Are you serious?”

Jeff nodded gravely and pointed out, “I’ve always been in love with you, but every time I’ve tried to tell you, you’ve been dating someone else. Are you aware how hard it is to try and not grab someone up and kiss them til you and them can’t breathe? Cause I have since the day that I’ve met you.”

“Jeff-” He shook his head then snapped,“No! I’ve kept my mouth shut about this for fucking years! Years that I’ve pined and crushed on you and been in love with you and I’ve gotten nothing in return! So I’m done. I’m not keeping my mouth shut anymore.”

“Jeff,would you shut the hell up?!” you cried out, gripping his forearms to force him to look at you. He heaved with pants then you stated, “I’ve felt the same way, you idiot. But you never would listen. You’d brush me off.”

“Oh.” Jeff muttered softly, cheeks slightly pink with anger and embarrassment. You nodded then replied,“Yeah, oh. So, I’m sorry for getting upset. I didn’t know.”

“It’s my fault. I should’ve told you the truth on where we was going.” he declared, scratching the back of his neck. You laughed and pulled him into a slow and sweet kiss before you murmured,“Don’t worry, I’m not mad. I love you.”

Jeff laughed and returned the kiss then said,“I love you too, dollface.” That’s when you heard Matt and Reby yell,“Hey, can we come back inside,you lovebirds?”

The two of you shared a loud laugh as you kissed again then cried out,“Yeah, you’re good!”


On this day in 2016, one year ago to this very day, a beautiful and fantabulous creation was born; Breezango!!! 🎊🎉 Breezy and Dango have been such an incredible tag team over the last 12 months. They’ve brought us all so much joy, and getting to witness their growth as a team has been a privilege. Their chemistry has been on fire from the moment that they first put a beating to the Golden Truth. Their teamwork in the ring has improved tremendously, they just work so cohesively as a unit. They’ve faced some tough obstacles and setbacks, but have overcome them all. They’ve proven a lot of doubters wrong, they’ve shown their worth and their talent, in the ring and out. And more importantly, they’ve worked their asses off to become number one contenders for the tag team titles. This last year has been amazing, but if they can win those tag team titles at Backlash, it will be the pinnacle of everything they’ve achieved together. I am so so proud of them both and anxiously excited for their match against the Usos. I sincerely hope they capture the tag team titles, cause nobody else deserves it more right now. Thank you Breezango for being you, and thank you for everything you’ve given us so far. Go capture those titles, you beautiful bastards!! 💙💙💙