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what do you think of the womens tourney to either fill a vacated nxt womens title or to name the first ever womens tag team champs?

i think filling the vacated nxt women’s title is far and beyond more likely, even though i would love to see wwe try a women’s tag division again 

it makes me wonder why/how the nxt women’s title is going to get vacated, because i’ve heard that rumor before - i also wonder if asuka is going to stay undefeated for that long


Last weekend’s feis was definitely the last hurrah for the baby’s itty bitty beginner jumper that I made her for Oireachtas. I had to put a two-inch panel in the back just to make it fit this time! I’ll make another one for her next year- she’ll be old enough for the family special by then. 😄

Let it be known that Breezango have been working as faces for the last two nights in Spain (incidentally winning their matches too, as part of a 6 man tag with the other gentlemen above). Now of course this could mean nothing, as it’s a live event and canon isn’t typically acknowledged here. But, if we look at the behavior of them and The Vaudevillians during their match on Smackdown this week, it’s definitely possible that the WWE are testing the waters for a potential face turn (or at the very least tweeners) for our boys in the near future. I wouldn’t be complaining either way. ^__^

Let’s take some time to think about our favorite bumbling Zoid pilot Harry Champ.  Harry is misunderstood.  He’s not just the rich and spoiled character that Doc Toros made him out to be.

  He is a loyal friend to those who help him.

He’s full of raw emotion with his love for Leena.

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If you screw with him or his crush then he’ll tear you to shreds.

He is that guy who always gets made fun of but can only stand there and watch.

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He gets frustration taken out on himself by others, but that doesn’t stop him.

Be like Harry Champ.  Rise above everything and don’t let any obstacle get in the way of your dreams.

Also try and find two robot best friends and name them Benjamin and Sebastian for the hell of it.