30 day Guro Challenge

1. Amputation 
2. Decapitation
3. Vore / Cannibalism
4. Piercing / Bodymodification
5. Mask / Covered eyes / Covered mouth 
6. Surgery 
7. Stitches
8. Undead / Zombie 
9. Skeleton / Bones 
10. Cyborg / Mechanical 
11. Conjoined bodies
12. Parasite
13. Sickness
14. Selfharm 
15. Insects
16. Bondage
17. Tentacles
18. Ball-jointed doll
19. Pet-play
20. Eyes
21. Breath play 
22. Torture devices
23. Nosebleed
24. Bloodbath
25. Organs
26. Plants
27. Extra limbs
28. Knives / Guns / Weapons
29. Burn
30. Monstrous
31. Claustrophobia
32. Scarring / Disfigurations
33. Beaten up / Bruising

So gonna do this


Ja jestem wredną jędzą. On wrednym chamem. Pasujemy do siebie, niczym puzzle z układanki dla dzieci. Pewnego dnia będziemy razem, zobaczysz. Jesteś moim ideałem misiu. Kocham Cię Chamie.


Chami why did you made 3 cakes? Because an aunt is coming with her 3 kids from USA, kids who coincidentally have their birthdays on November, December and January.

Top is a 3 leches cake, that if you are not from Mexico is a vanilla cake soaked until dripping on a sweet milk.

Middle is a carrot cake, my mother’s recipe.

Bottom is a devil’s food cake, my favorite tbh.

@kent-connolly Chamy likes to draw!! If he builds up the courage he’ll ask Quinn to bring back some drawing things for him if he comes across it

As of his favorite place, its gotta be Carol’s place. He feel kind of safe in there I guess?? and I don’t think he can juggle :’0

Oh, and he found out about Underworld by Jane!! Jane was the one who took care of him for a little after the bombs fell and once he was a little better, she took him to Doctor Barrows ;0