Some Kylux fic recs (Updated)

* Beyond The Storm by kaeda

* Couple’s Therapy by sunandoceanblue

* Discovery Series by neon_bible

* Don’t Fade Away Series by MargaretKire

* The Grey Area by Shut_Up_Ginger (Chameowmile)

* growing in the landscape, darling, in between you and me by impossibleamypond

* I’m Scum (And I’m Your Son) by Gigi_Sinclair

* King of Corners by versus_a_blank_page

* Kylo Ren Needs To Stop Stabbing People Series by evilblubber

* Laeti Vescimur Nos Subacturis by GallifreyanOmnishambles  

* Lines On Skin by saltandlimes

* Loyalty by KaiLeng

* Of Service and Loyalty Series by courgette96

* Once Upon A Dream Series by NoirSongbird

* Red Wolf by ofcorsetstrash

* Return To Sender by kaeda

* Runaways by KatHarkness_Katara, sunandoceanblue

* That’s My House But You’re My Home by touchofgrey37

* Savages by K_dAzrael

* Smooth The Descent (and Easy Is The Way) Series by Metallic_Sweet

* Steps by Couronnebead

* Synchronicity by pkabyssinian

* There’s no escape from my authority by The_Marron

* Tinder and Flint by thatviciousvixen

* To Sleep, Perchance by GallifreyanOmnishambles

* Wake Up, Sleeper by penpenhooray

* The World Ender by NoirSongbird

* Zero Hour by poedamerontrashcaneron (timelordofrassilon)

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this is my first ever follow forever and i am super excited ok !!! these sorta things were always so cool to me so i figured i may as well make one myself so i could show some love to the ppl that i follow and those that im mutuals with ; v ;)/ (i follow people back a lot so i have like 20000 mutuals rip)

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