chameleon x 1

Chameleon; Chapter X [PT. 1] (svt gang au)


I am terribly sorry for these part ones and part twos! I just like making it two different parts when there is a time skip of some sort~


Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be leaving for Las Vegas for a few days for a college orientation. I will be back by Monday of next week. I will try to finish chapter 10 before i leave tomorrow! Unfortunately, there will be no posts on Chameleon until then but, I will type some chapters up on my phone (hopefully) so when I come back, I will have one or two to post~ 

I’m sorry for being so late with posting Chameleon! Since this is my final week of High school, I have been extremely busy with senior stuff.

Anywho, per usual, story ideas were created with the help of @say-the-name-mounteen !

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Warning: Violence, blood, language and overall gang stuff

          The last thing you remembered was watching Jeonghan run over to you in a panic after a gunshot. You remembered the excruciating pain you felt in your side thanks to Moonbyul. The whole fight you had with her seemed so surreal. Being part of SVT seemed surreal, if you were being honest. When you were sliding down the wall in the alleyway, you were almost positive that was going to be your last breath you would ever take. There were so many things you wished you could have said to so many people.

Wonwoo… Hoseok… Seungcheol… and hell, even Mingyu; you wanted to see all of them again. You never dreamed of dying while on duty but, fate is fate right? You couldn’t do much.

When you suddenly saw an old and dirty looking ceiling you were confused. Wasn’t heaven supposed to be pretty? Not dirty. You felt your breath hitch in your throat and the sudden need to breath became too much. You quickly sat up and a pounding sensation came rushing to your head as you gasped for air. You felt a hand suddenly grip your shoulder and try to pull you back. You turned your head quickly to your right and saw a familiar face sitting in a chair next to you.

It was Vernon.

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