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Adolfo the Chameleon

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Age: 18
Sex: Male
Personality: Adamant
Skills/Passions: Dentistry
Eye Color: Dark Liver
Horn Color: Old Lace
Scale Color: Light Slate Gray
Shoe Color: Persimmon
Skin Color: Black

Agility: 9/10
Defense: 3/10
Dexterity: 4/10
Evasiveness: 8/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Skill: 3/10
Speed: 0/10
Strength: 4/10

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Please talk to me about Jackim cause I am feeling very Jackim right now

omg I feel like being asked to talk sexy but okay. (I can’t talk sexy btw)

I’ve been rewatching XS and I’ve gotta say Claykim is so strong I’m surprised there aren’t more shippers in the fandom. There’s just so much subtle interaction between those two, so much physical interaction and closeness it’s really cute.

but I’m here to talk about Jackim so let’s talk about Jackim.

I’m not really good at talking so have bunch of captions.

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