Thot Walk


The Department of Astonishing Optical illusions can’t take their eyes off this latest creation by Italian fine-art-bodypainter Johannes Stötter (previously featured here). After a 4-hour-long design process, Stötter spent 6 hours painting two models to make them look like one vibrant and incredibly lifelike chameleon.

According to WB Productions: The models’ hair were covered in natural clay to make their heads appear bald. “The models were two sisters, friends of mine,” he said. “They were very happy to model for this motive. I am also very happy, it is kind of magic, especially the colors. Most people who already saw it say that the chameleon is even better than the frog and the parrot.”

(You can see the frog here and the parrot here.)

Our favorite part of this illusion is how the models worked together to bring the chameleon to life, making it appear as though the colorful reptile is carefully crawling along a slender green branch. They even parted their fingers in such a way to make their hands appear just like the lizard’s distinctive zygodactylous feet.

To get an even better look, click here to watch a video of the sisters walking their chameleon and then breaking the illusion by getting up from the platform upon which they’d been resting.

Visit Johannes Stötter’s website to check out more of his sensational creations.

[via Bored Panda and My Modern Metropolis]

My assignment was to do a rough Rapunzel style digital painting for…. a little something I can announce soon but not yet ;)

This was such a fun project, Rapunzel is my spirit princess with her mood-swing enthusiasm and love for art and exploring and come on, everyone knows a chameleon is like the coolest sidekick!

edit: To see the finished project, check it out here!