Eyyy, so, I decided to torture myself and animate these amazing pixels @chameleocoonj​ drew (You can find em [here])

So I am planning on making more of those awesome pixels animated (preferably all), but it will take some time because these 4 alone took me forever. Especially since all 4 are animated differenly (different movements if that makes sense) mainlybecauseIhadnoideawhatIwasdoingandonlyrealisedagoodanimatingmethodwiththeRythianpixel,whichisthelastoneIdid

Anyways! @chameleocoonj I hope It’s okay I post these!


Wooo!! Inspired by some of the lovely pics I’ve seen of making the quadrant shapes with your hands, I animated I little gif for ya. :) please say this hasn’t been done already ahhh

I have like a gazillion versions, like a solid color, and different skin tones and blahblahblah so just ask and ye shall receive.  I CAN’T FIGURE OUT PHOTOSETS HELP then I can put them all together