This picture actually meant to be for the 15th anniversary…but I couldn’t finish it in time….then 686 happened and I was like screw this. Months later I saw it just sat there in the folder and be like “Eh…whatever, this is for SS arc anyway…”


When I first saw this scene in Undertale I was immediately reminded of Envy so I decided to use this as an animatic practice.


Happy birthday to the nerd of your squad

okay at first I was planned on drawing lone ishi looking dark and cool then I thought ‘nah I don’t have it in me to draw that, it’s his birthday, let’s draw some lighthearted stuff’


Anddd as promise after I bullied Ishida in to a dragon species, here comes the weird dog…I don’t know why I called it like that. There’re little bit of marine iguana, fish, lion, panther or just cat in general, and what ever that horn came from, no dogs. well maybe the personality—wait no I think that’s orcas. I have a blast designing this though!

I call them Howlian, they swim lava because that’s hardcore.

if you’re confused, the context in this is me playing l4d2 using twdg characters skin…

and everytime I will be craving for this less drama, less realism show feature: (over)protective dad, annoying big brother, annoyed big brother and sassy little sister, zombie slaying and going on an adventure in apocalyptic world, occasionally bumping into another mysterious group led by the boat master…

so an AU?, yeah, an AU…

For @telltalegames holiday contest (I hope this isn’t too late and that I didn’t mess up the time zone) as I mentioned on my previous piece that I wanted to do the one for TFTB too as it’s my absolute favourite from Telltale

I was a little panic near the end so it was pretty messy in some part if you look hard enough XD 

Oh and happy new year, guys!