One day I pictured Beast!Wirt vs Bipper in my head and it looked cool until I realized that it kinda like bringing a grass type pokemon to fight fire type pokemon, poor Wirt. Bill probably going to make a remark about how Wirt would make a good matchstick. How the fight started? it is a mystery, it probably just start out as a (not-so) civil villainous convo until Bill have to go and bring Greg up 

based on this gif

I mean…considered Milo was my first bae I know I would come full circle eventually…

Also, with one week away from the new semester I got to keep my animate skill from being too rusty. And I think Ishihime fandom’s kinda not at their glorious time atm so…figure I should drop something…heck I need this myself, this is the kind of hug I’m all about for them.

 Not sure about coloring and I think I messed up Orihime in some frames a whole lot, sorry baby.