chambray cloth

Costume for the day:

- Olive heather cardigan by Uniqlo

- Blue boxy chambray blouse from the thrift store

- Maroon tights

- Black mini skirt by American Apparel

- Black ankle boots with metal detail

- Gold thimble earrings


Summer’s last hurrah, even here in the tropics. The light is different after the rain, a bit more mellow, something festive in the air. September feels fittingly elegiac when I think how I’m leaving the city in a month and that I’ll never have a home in Kolkata again. I think I’ve become quite bad at settling down, itchy itchy feet. 

Appropriate that I should be wearing this chambray tunic by Nomads Clothing, which I did to go out for ice cream and cake in the rain. As I grow older, my love for natural fibres and thoughtfully designed clothing grows with me. The clever bits of embroidery on this dress are just delightful and the fabric itself is so, so soft (so soft!) Fairtrade cotton and ethically produced (like the rest of Nomads’ range.) I want to rub my face in it all day.

♥  Chambray Tunic c/o Nomads Clothing  ♥  Brit Stitch Satchel  ♥  ASOS Woven Leather Shoes {Similar ones here and also here}   ♥  Olney Boater Hat {Similar at UO and also at Free People}  ♥ 

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The signs aesthetic(sorry if this is shit)

Aries: The color red, long restless nights, long flowy hair, bubble gum and tanned skin.

Taurus: Hot pink, milkshakes on a hit sunny day, computer games, braids, heels and sleeping

Gemini: Drinking, mixed emotions, loose clothing, the color lilac, loud music, relaxing and long pigtails

Cancer: Pale skin, ocean waves, chrysanthemums, pumps, the color orange, alternative music, combat boots and hugging

Leo: Bright eyes, the color blue, nude leotards, happy tears, chambrays, lights, comfy clothes and coffee

Virgo: Video games, comedy, the color sky blue, apples, shorts, the smell of nail polish, and a first kiss

Libra: Relaxing, holding hands, texting, rainbow, phone calls, boyfriend jeans, and fluffy socks

Scorpio: Hazelnuts, makeup, red converse, outlets, filing nails, long kisses, the sounds of a baby’s first laugh, graduation parties and dark skin.

Sagittarius: Smiling, smoking, the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies, sandals, chokers, the color black, clumsiness, and blushing

Capricorn: Bossiness, cigarettes, diet coke, school books, the color yellow, boom boxes and Cotton Candy

Aquarius: Dancing, Pink, curly hair, scissors, the color gold, shoe boxes, laughing, and thigh high socks

Pisces: Drawing, the color green, long midnight walks, hugs, the moon, black and white posts, and over sized tees.

Levi’s Vintage Clothing - “Barrel” Wash 1954 501

Gitman Vintage - Aloha Shirt

Gitman Vintage - Chambray Scarf

Ashland Leather - Bi Fold Wallet in Natural Chromexcel

Oak Street Bootmakers - Natural Beefroll Penny Loafer