Munro & Cristine || Liveblog
  • Munro: leaned lightly against one of the inside walls of the restaurant as he waited for his and Cristine’s food to be finished. He had called in their order before leaving her new apartment, so he hoped it wouldn’t be too much longer. He wanted to get back to her before she started worrying about him. Initially he had been really nervous about today, being around her dad and all, but it had actually been kind of enjoyable… minus all the heavy lifting. Smiling as the waitress handed him the bag of food he thanked her and walked back out to his car. After a quick ten minute drive he parked outside of her building and trudged up the stairs. She had picked out a really nice place and once she got over her fear of living alone he was sure she was going to love it here. Munro had locked the door behind him on his way out, so now he had to knock and wait for her to answer the door. “Hey, Cris, it’s me! Open up before I freeze out here.” He joked through the door.
  • Cris: After Munro left to go get their food, Cris went into full on panic mode. Everyone had gone, she was alone in her apartment, and very shortly, it would just be the two of them for the rest of the night. This wasn't like New York, where they could spend the night out or get wasted together in their hotel room, they were back home and she had to keep him entertained. She jumped into the shower, not wanting to smell like sweat after a long day of moving, and managed to get herself and her hair cleaned in record time. By the time she heard the knock on the door again, Crispy had just finished changing into her PINK sweats and was working on towel drying her hair. When she came to the door, she still had the towel in her hair, but she couldn't let him stand out there forever. "Sorry, sorry, come in!" Crispy took a step back, grabbing the food from Munro and walked towards the kitchen. "My hair's still wet," she giggled as she set it down on the counter.