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A/n: This chapter is a little angsty, but the next one will be super light-hearted and a little smutty ;)

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Inside The Most Amazing Greek Caves

By Ellie Ross

Greece has more than just beautiful beaches to visit. How about diving into a sea cave? Or exploring one of its grottos on terra firma? There are more than 8,500 caves in Greece, offering plenty of opportunities to see the country’s nature at its finest. Some of the geological formations were used as shelters for primeval man, others as places of worship - but all will leave you feeling you’ve just experienced something truly magical.

Blue caves,  Zakynthos

IMAGE: Getty, Creative #: 565294069

Take a boat trip to the island’s famous Blue Caves, so-called because of their stunning turquoise water. Located just below the lighthouse at Cape Skinari in the north, they were discovered by Antonio Komouto in 1897 - and are something to behold even today. The glass-bottomed boats go right inside the caves and give you a great view of the marine life below. Feeling adventurous? Try snorkelling or swimming with turtles.

Cave Of Papanikolis, Lefkada

IMAGE: Flicker

Said to have been a hideaway for a Greek navy submarine during the Second World War, the Cave of Papanikolis is located 12 nautical miles from Lefkada, and is reached by a 45-minute boat ride from Nidri. You can dive in and swim right into the cave’s mouth, on to a small shingle beach. When bad weather rolled in, sailors would drop anchor inside it to protect their ships - and the vast cavern could easily accommodate even the larger vessels.

Milk (Or Ouzo), Koufonisia

IMAGE: Flicker

Located in the island group of Koufonisia, near the beach of Pori, this cavity is filled with chalky white seawater, earning its nickname Milk, or Ouzo. Rising from the water next to the cave is a rock shaped like a lion. The water’s white colour comes from the dust of calcium that falls from the rock.

Alistrati Cave, Serres (Macedonia)

IMAGE: Flicker

Greek caves aren’t restricted to the sea - step inside this low-lit chamber dripping with stalagmites and stalactites. Located 6km from Alistrati’s town, it has 3km of passages, 1km of which you can visit. Considered one of the most beautiful caves in Europe, it was known only to locals until around 1975. Now tourists seek out its impressive rock formations, including red stalagmites, known as ‘the flames’.

The Drogarati Cave, Kefalonia


It was an earthquake that led to the discovery of this epic cave, some 300 years ago. The tremors caused a collapse that revealed the entrance to the cavern, which has been open to the public since 1963. Within, you’ll discover remarkable formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and it is thought that this cave is some 150 million years old.

The Cave Of Melissani, Kefalonia


Situated just outside Sami, this cave is named after a nymph who is said to have drowned herself here because the god Pan did not return her affections. It consists of two lake-filled chambers - one which has a collapsed roof that lets sunlight spill in - and is surrounded by trees. Take a ride on a small boat through the cave and be sure to time your trip for midday, when the light illuminates the incredible blues of the water.

The Cave Of Pythagoras, Samos

IMAGE: Flicker

Visit this spot and you’re bound to feel more intelligent. It’s where mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras hid when the tyrant of Samos, Polycrates, was chasing after him. Located on the eastern side of Mount Kerkis, the highest mountain of the Aegean, around 3km from Votsalakia beach, it is remote and difficult to access. There are actually two caves - and it is thought that Pythagoras lived in one and used the other for teaching.

Diros Caves, Laconia

IMAGE: Flicker

A shelter, dwelling, storage and place of worship were just some of the former uses of the Alepotripa and Vlichada caves, located in Pirgos Diros. The entrance is a few meters above the sea and you can walk down a stairway to an underground lake where there are boats waiting. A guide uses poles to journey through the caverns and tunnels, which are eerily lit and adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. Many of the Paleolithic and Neolithic artifacts found here are in display in the museum, and suggest that the caves were one of the earliest inhabited places in Greece.

Feeling the wanderlust? See more beautiful things from Greece here.


Mayburgh Henge, Penrith, Cumbria, Lake District, 4.11.17.

This large Neolithic henge comprises a raised embankment composed of stones gathered from the nearby river. The centre of the henge once had four orthostats; now only one remains. It is only when you are standing on the bank of this site that you really get a sense of its scale and the ambition involved in creating the monument. It is thought that it served as a ritual space and a meeting area for tribes within the Lake District and North Pennines.

Calum Chambers - Lake House

Heaving a loud sigh, I rested my head against the soft pillow, the dimly lit bedroom creating such a calming aura I felt my eyelids getting heavier by the second. 

I wasn’t sleepy–not at all–but I did feel a bit worn out. My body was limp, exhausted, every single muscle heavy to a point where blinking felt exhausting but my mind was wide awake. “Don’t fall asleep on me now, love,” Calum’s voice startled me, making me sit up. 

“I’m not sleepy,” I murmured, crashing my head back against the bed. “Do you want to sit with everyone else, then?” “In a bit.”

We were all at Aaron’s Lake House for the weekend, gathering for a bit of fun before the beginning of the season. “Alright then,” He sat beside me, his arm snaking around my shoulder and pulling me into him. Calum rested his chin atop my head, stroking my shoulder soothingly. The comfortable silence engulfed us and soon enough we were both laying down, wrapped up within each other.

“Do you love me, (Y/N)?” “What?” I snapped my head in his direction.

“Do you love me?” He repeated, his eyes boring into mine, searching for an answer deep within my soul. “More than I could ever put into words.”

In a heartbeat, Calum’s body pressed up against mine, hovering over me as his lips captivated me in a breathtaking kiss. The way his lips moved against mine–so slowly, so deeply–sucked the air out of my lungs and I found myself wondering why I hadn’t passed out or caught fire by now.

A low moan escaped my lips against my will, making Calum groan in frustration. “Fuck, baby, don’t do that,” His voice came out so desperate, a low plea, I felt something in my stomach churn. “Its OK,” I breathed, reconnecting our lips as my waist bucked up to his, grinding against him slowly.

It was only a matter of time before he was as hard as rock, resulting in my loud, untamable moans echoing throughout the room nonstop. “Faster, Calum, please,” I whined, too lazy to rid myself of my clothes. Obliging, he lowered his hips closer to mine, his lips trailing a pattern down my neck as he ground faster and deeper. “Baby,” He sighed, biting down on my shoulder as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. “I know,” I gripped onto him tightly, screwing my eyes shut before reaching my high.

“Shit,” Calum murmured, collapsing on top of me. Now he was drowsy as well. His eye began falling shut and I couldn’t help but smile at the way he cuddled closer to me, seeking comfort as he drifted off. It was too early to sleep, I thought, but surely a nap wouldn’t hurt anyone. We could join the rest of the group later, but for now, laying in each other’s arms, a tangled, beautiful mess was the ideal scenery. 


We’d only gotten two hours of sleep before my alarm went off, disrupting us. I didn’t even remember setting that. 

When we finally did join or friends downstairs where they were all gathered in the warmness of the living room, the fireplace set, decorating the wood perfectly, I noticed they were all looking at us weird. 

“What?” I raised my eyebrows at them, locking gazes with Aaron. “Nothing,” He smiled, struggling to hold back from laughing. “Nothing? Actually, I just want to let you know that I’d never been so scarred in my life. Next time you two start getting all sexual and–Ou!” Alex’s rambling was interrupted when Colleen’s fist collided with his shoulder, silencing him. I laughed loudly, covering my face as I anticipated the rest of the taunting that was yet to come. 

“My favourite part was, Oh Calum, faster, please!” Theo mimicked. “No, mate, it was definitely Calum crying baby.” Carl mocked. “Guys, stop,” Calum shot them a stern look. “Fucking hell.”

“This is so embarrassing,” I complained, hiding my chest into Calum’s chest, feeling him give in to the laughter, his chest vibrating against me. “Just a bit of a banter, love.”

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