okay, i know this is ugly but i don’t know photoshop. i just wanted to show how much i love these blogs and i did this post quickly as i could because i decided to make a follow forever today. thanks for everything! ily

a, b, c, d: anondracomalfoy, bloodysalvatores, chamberofsantas, cooliesturl, darkmarks, deeply-inside, dracodormeins

f, g, h: foreverhermione, freethehouseelves, gilbertprincess, gryffendor, hellodraco, hermionne, hermionified, hermionesniceskin, hismudblood, h0gwarts

i, k, l: iansloochi-am-lord-trolldemort, itwasdraco, krumsnitches, levioosing, lovehgood, lustgood

m, n: m-alfoylicious, malfoysexslave, mentalmalfoy, meowmalfoy, mistlegood, monsieurdumbledore, mydraco

o, p, q: ohpetrova, ohremus, ohronalds, openthesnitch, pehtrova, piercee, piercequeen, potterdraco, potter-road, queenmalfoys

r, s: rebekahmikalson, ron-weasley, saint-lestrange, saintscarhead, salazarsbasilisk, salazarslocket, santapotter, santledore, slytherens, slythinwhore, smoldergasms, ssaintpotter

t, v, w: teamdrapple, thatsbloodywicked, the-chamberofsecrets, the-last-enemy, thevampirediaries, tomfelton, triwizardry, vampetrova, wands-at-theready, weasleyfireworks

please like or reblog if you’re on it. i love you guys, merry christmas!

My follow forever 2012

Here are the blogs I stalk frequently my favourite blogs of the past year and the ones I will keep following through 2013.

Some of them are mutual followers and for others I’m just another name in their long list of followers. Still, each of these blogs and the people behind them mean something to me. Even if were that we’ve never talked (feel free to change that, loves~), I’ve seen their posts on my dash and have begun to adore these amazing people. Please never leave tumblr guys, let’s blog until we’re old and grey and living with twenty-seven cats okay? Okay.

Keep up the good work, stay true to yourselves, continue to light up my dash, and have Happy Holidays!

Love Always, Sofia x


#: 51rules A: avenjeraverydramionechristmas B: believetheblondebex-chan - bitterandblue C: captaincolferchamberofsantas (dramionedreams) - cherisheachothercontra1veritas D: darkthestrals - district447doberants26 - dramione13 E: elijahsmanhoodevertexstatum F: G: gabbyisegoista H: hellspirit87 - hismudblood - hundan I: im-the-slytherin-heir - imaslytherinbitch J: jpalmers K: kaylia1991kickyouinthetesticles L: lifelesswordscarryonlittle-annoying M: manyasunmarry-me-justin-b - mentalmalfoy N: ncisislove22 O: ohdear-prongs - ohmypreciousgirl - once-in-a-blue-lagoon P: Q: R: romantically-dysfunctional - ruledbymypassions S: sammiesmindislostsarcasticmcgeeksavvycatj - shelovesmite -  shining-angel-wings - shipsnthenightshipsinthenavyyard - singinglexieslytherrdick - smelleykinssmolderhaldersbutt -sophieranier - suchwonderfulnonsense T: tear-of-a-phoenixthegirlincendio - thequeenofslytherin -  tivaautivaobsession - tonyandzivauk -  touchmedraco - transmuting U: V: W: waitingondhr - weatherly-sexual - whatwouldcarriesay -  whoa-my-ninja X: Y: yonahgold Z: zabinilove - zivasboobs - ziver Å: Ä: Ö: