When I first watched Chamber of Secrets, I didn’t understand that Tom Riddle literally was Voldemort as a teen. I guess I thought of Voldemort as an evil spirit or being that never really had a childhood. I thought that Riddle was merely a supporter of his who had let himself be possessed like Quirrell had. When I started reading GoF a couple years later, I thought the ‘Tom Riddle’ who was killed had been the same Tom Riddle of CoS, killed by Voldemort once he no longer had any use for him. Eventually I realized the truth.

One thing that makes me really sad is that Hagrid was told by Voldemort that Aragog had killed Myrtle, and it wasn’t really proven what had happened until Harry’s second year, 50 years later. So Hagrid probably went half a century believing he had accidentally caused someone’s death, all because Riddle had convinced everyone Aragog had did it. Regardless of Hagrid believing it or not, it must of been on his mind and it’s just kind of upsetting to think that.

After the second movie, I felt that part of the magic of the film rendition of the stories was lost. The first two felt regal and almost elegant. While I love all the movies and know that the books are actually quite funny and quirky in their own ways and it love it, the movies took the quirkiness a bit too far. I’ve never been able to describe that loss to anyone without getting weird looks, though.