• Draco: *is at home, alone with all the lights out*
  • Phone: *rings*
  • Draco: hello?
  • Person on phone: I can see you
  • Draco: how does my hair look?

Imagine Loki being gone for a long time, forced to be away from you. When the two of you finally reunite, Loki is stuck in his Jotun form and uses his cold fingers to trace your skin, rememorizing the details of the slopes and slants he’d been terrified he would forget after so long kept apart. Your lips burn, yearning for a kiss from his cool mouth but for now, you can stand to tolerate the delicate feel of his fingers tentatively stroking your face, gliding along your lips and just relishing your presence.


Homemade Patriotic Red White and Blue Slushie Cocktail by Brent Hofacker

It was very hot at work today. So that means drawing princesses and what they would do in a heat wave. And not cleaning up the drawing because it’s just too darn hot.

So Elsa obviously just uses her magic, rapunzel creates the tallest and most precarious up do ever seen, and Merida just rips off those long sleeves and float skirts. Who needs em anyways?
FYI Elsa is also leaning on something… I just don’t know what :P