chamber island

i think you’re really beautiful

a playlist for someone who i hope will realize someday how beautiful they are

multi-love - unknown mortal orchestra
the only one - the black keys
keep on lying - tame impala
the chase - future islands
i follow you - melody’s echo chamber
derka blues  - the growlers
i think you’re really beautiful - starry cat
pepsi/coke suicide - elvis depressedly
no other heart - mac demarco
sometimes - beach fossils
i wanna be a witch - julia brown
i don’t want to get over you - the magnetic fields
ooo - karen o

♢ listen here ♢


the facts:

- Mr Campbell is willing to murder children for being a witness (about to stab Davey when Jasper fell) 

- Jasper is stuck on spooky island, which also happens to be the summer home of Mr Campbell. Where he also happens to be hiding a torture chamber in said house

- Jasper is deeply disturbed by the torture chamber and the overall island (could be nothing they were all scared bUT STILL)

- Mr Campbell is wanted by the government.

- David can talk happily about his old days with Jasper. DAVID DOESN’T KNOW JASPER’S DEAD.


the only other possibility i can think of is drowning but?? this is a tv show where’s the excitement in that?

From the prompt that didn't want to post yesterday >.>

Asami couldn’t sleep the first night separated from Korra.

Her body ached and couldn’t allow her to stay still, so the confused and frustrated omega paced the room obsessively well into the early morning.

Her stomach twisted uncomfortably, a slight layer of sweat coated her skin, and the damn need for her mate wouldn’t go away. She felt like she was going crazy.

In her current state of mind, she wouldn’t be able to understand why this was happening to her. Only that her stupid alpha of a mate wasn’t doing her duty and had left her here.

She felt abandoned and lost, the hurt building in her chest felt suffocating.

And there was nothing she could do about it.

Finally, after almost two days of no sleep and obnoxious pacing throughout the odd chamber, she threw herself back onto the bed and snuggled into the pillow washed with the Avatar’s scent.

It was the only thing that seemed to help calm her.


Korra didn’t sleep the entire week her mate was trapped inside the heat chamber.

She paced the length of the hallway that connected Pema’s heat chamber to the island; keeping anyone she deemed a threat to Asami away with threatening growls.

Tenzin had the key to the room where Asami was kept, and he was the only one she would let near the omega. Korra trusted him, so he was okay.

However, even if it was the airbending master who locked the door, it was the alpha that had put her mate in there. It was Korra who wrestled the heat-riddled omega into the room, only to flee like a coward when Asami had turned her tear-filled eyes in her direction.

She felt so guilty and disgusted with herself, she should have been in there with her wife to help her through this. Instead, she locked her in and left the omega to deal with her heat on her own.

Of course, she knew why it had to be done. Asami had suffered a miscarriage only a few weeks earlier.

They hadn’t had enough time to recover, to mourn the loss of the child they never got the chance to hold.

The last thing they needed was Asami to conceive before they were ready to accept the loss of the omega’s first pregnancy.

Korra growled at a passing acolyte and grabbed the necklace in her pocket; she hadn’t even noticed it had accidently been ripped off while they were trying to get the CEO in the heat-chamber, and she kept it close to her at all times. It held the scent of her poor mate.

She wore all the time, after all it was her betrothal necklace.

Korra held it close to her face and inhaled the sweet scent she’d imprinted into her mind, before sighing and leaning against the wall.

One hand rubbed her temple, as she tried to clear her mind.

This was all so messed up.