chamber chorus


My chorus guys

I’m in that video

I’m singing that

First Chamber Chorus rehearsal done and ohhhhhh boiiiii am I out of shape sight-reading anything Bach. ;-;

I couldn’t help but think back to the interview(s) in which Tom talked about having to do “Once more unto the breach…” on the first day of shooting for the Hollow Crown (Henry V) and just thinking “holy damn, that’s basically what I did today”. We effectively sight-read through a prelude and fugue (or more specifically, a Latin Sanctus and a German-Latin Fuga) and it was both intimidating and exhilarating (“excitement and fear….”). I’m quite looking forward to future rehearsals, though I will need to practice like mad this weekend (probably minimum a half hour a day) to get as good as I would like (as in, nearly memorized). I’ll treat it just as I would studying for any of my other classes: with intensity.

Thank you all so so much for following me, you guys rock <3