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What if Zeb wasn’t part of the crew

Obviously, I’m thinking in-universe here - if the character was/wasn’t part of the show, things would adjust accordingly.

So, Kanan and Hera are busy flirting and arrive a minute or 10 later - such that Zeb dies from his injuries from the explosion.  Without even a single saved life to show for them sneaking onto a recently massacred planet, things change a bit.

Hera sees the devastation, and this only motivates her more.  Kanan sees the devastation and thinks how Hera could easily end up like the blackened bones. This leads to a little extra difficulties in the relationship over the next months.

If you like the idea that Zeb helped Kanan overcome his alcoholism when it flared up again, then Kanan has to struggle a little more without an extra friend (especially one that metabolises faster than him)!

Where things really begin to diverge is Sabine.  

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What is ice scream?

br  u h

there’s a lot more art that isn’t in comic form over @ and there’s also some that was never reposted on either of the official sites when they took down their illustbook account so i’m not sure if we’re supposed to just ignore that now o R

apparently a lot of it was reuploaded over HERE

i have additional work + general translations they never reuploaded saved as well if anyone would like to see but i can’t reupload them myself b/c rules so ask me 4 them

mogeko finally reuploaded it all in one place! :O

now there’s a mini game!

sarahurie: being able to watch you perform your heart out every night was so special for me. You couldn’t see me, but most nights I’d tear up from how much pride was spilling out of me while seeing you do what you do. Can’t contain it. I can’t wait to see you shining up on that broadway stage next! I love you.❤️📷: @jakechams

SDR2 Boys with a lonely S/O

I can kind of relate to this every time I enter a different grade. Anyway I hope you enjoy.

- Mod Teruteru

Hajime Hinata

- He had only met you a few times before.

- The first two or three times he saw you, he kind of just ignored you.

- Then four or five the other times, he noticed that you never talked to anyone.

- After he had finally tried talking to you, he realized it.

- “Excuse me?”

- You didn’t turn around.

- “Um, hello? Excuse me?”

- When you turned you looked sad.

- “I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong person. Don’t worry, it happens all the time.”

- He thought you looked lonely all by yourself.

- “No, I want to talk to you.”

- Your eyes widened a bit.

- “Really?”

- When Hajime nodded, you tried your best not to explode.

- You never insisted on hanging out, so Hajime always did it when you both had free time.

- Eventually, those times when you shared books together, he would purposely put his hand over yours.

- Or when you got close to him to show him a funny video you found, he could feel his face getting hot.

- Those moments were the ones where he had realized.

- He had developed feelings for you.

Nagito Komaeda

- He noticed you when you walked the halls or sat in classrooms by yourself.

- You didn’t talk to people and you read by yourself.

- So he wanted to see what was wrong.

- He caught you by surprize in the library, but you still kept quiet, because it’s a library.

- “Hello, my name’s Nagito Komaeda.”

- You looked to your sides, then gave Komaeda a weird look.

- “Are you sure you want to talk to me? The only time I talked to a student in school was because they received a dare to do so.”

- When he confirmed that he wanted to talk to you, you kept yourself quite closed.

- It took a lot of time and patience for him to help you open yourself up to others.

- It was nice as well.

- You never walked home alone, your opinion on some of your favorite books mattered, someone actually cared about the things you did.

- Spending all this time with you made Nagito feel things.

- Weird things.

- Now he wants to do stuff like hold your hand or kiss your forehead.

- Just the thought of you makes him all warm and fuzzy inside.

- … Is this what having a crush feels like?

- It’s kind of nice.

Teruteru Hanamura

- He’s met you times before, and has definitely tried talking to you.

- When you ignored him, he was used to it at that point and didn’t care.

- The first time he really insisted on talking to you was when you walked into the school cafeteria once.

- The whole place was empty so he decided to take your order and make you something.

- He was about to walk out the kitchen door when he stopped and saw you doing something weird.

- You had taken a thermis out of your bag and opened it to see if the water inside was still hot.

- Then you took a cup of instant noodles out of your bag and started preparing it.


- He literally ran up to your table and slapped that shit onto the floor.

- You held your un separated chopsticks close to your chest as you took five whole seconds to register what just happened.

- Then Teruteru informed you that he would make you a bowl of ramen ten times better than that.

- If you knew how to interact with humans, you would have left already. But you reluctantly said yes.

- He led you to the kitchen and you watched with utter confusion as Teruteru prepared some generally great looking noodles.

- When you took your first bite, you went starry eyed and continued to shovel the food into your mouth.

- After that Teruteru continued to just generally be around you after that.

- He made sure that you were never alone while you two were at school.

- With all this time together, stuff started forming.

- Like feelings and stuff.

- Teruteru could recognized it immediately.

- He had a crush on you.

Kazuichi Souda

-  He only saw you while in the hallways.

- He already found you cute.

- You were quiet, reserved, and by the looks of it flustered easily.

- It was just that he never got the chance to talk to you.

- He would either spot you in a crowded hall, then you would disappear, or you would straight up run from him.

- W…was it the teeth?

- The first time he talked to you was when he caught you lost in the hallways.

- But you were the one that talked to him.

- “Um, e-excuse me. I’m looking for classroom 77? There are a few students there that need to take their evaluation test.”

- His face lit up when he turned and saw you.

- Your cheeks turned pink at the sight of his adorable smile.

- You introduced yourself with a reluctant smile and let Souda lead the way to your assigned destination.

- He became a kind of guide after that.

- By that I mean he would follow you around to you next class whenever he had the time because you were at that school the same time he was, you didn’t need a guide.

- But none the less you enjoyed it.

- After awhile, Souda started noticing things about you that he didn’t before.

- How cute you looked when you were asleep, how flushed he would get on the occasion you grabbed his arm from fear…(how much he wanted to see you in a swimsuit…)

- Based on past experiences, he knew exactly what this was.

- He had a crush.

- And he was proud about it.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

- What did the Ultimate Yakuza think of someone the likes of you?

- He thought you were godd*mn f*cking adorable.

- But no one can know that.

- Besides, if a rival yakuza clan found out that he even remotely likes someone, they’d be on top of their every move like that.

- He thought it was kind of weird though.

- How you would walk the halls all by yourself.

- You never talked to anyone unless you had to.

- He once sent Peko to see what was up.

- But she came back earlier than expected, saying that you could somehow sense her presence and began looking for her.

- So he decided he would check it out himself.

- “Hey, you.”

- A shiver went up your spine and you whipped around with two or three books in your arms.

- “Y-yes? Is something wrong?”

- Oh geez you were jittery.

- “No nothing’s wrong, I just wanted to talk.”

- You cocked your head and showed obvious confusion on your face.

- “No one’s ever talked to someone like me… what do you want?”

- “To talk. Here I’ll help you with your books.”

- It took him awhile to get you to open up. You were comfortable with the wall you put up to hide from others.

- But when you did, you were really cute. You smiled a lot, your laugh was adorable, and he found himself really wanting to hold your hand and ki-

- Wait.

- What?

- …

- Sh*t.

- He had a crush.

Ultimate Imposter

- He had began studying you for a new disguise.

- Your reserved stance and the fact that no one talked to you was perfect for when he didn’t want to be noticed.

- But damn you were hard to keep an eye on.

- You could easily blend into a crowd when you wanted to.

- And when you were by yourself your senses got heightened tenfold.

- You made sure you always knew who was around you.

- Once when he thought he was doing pretty well, you turned and stared into space.

- “Okay, whoever’s following me can come out now.”

- Absolutely no way he’s coming out after that.

- Then you started searching.

- The first place you looked just happened to be his hiding place.

- “Could you please tell me why you’ve been following me for the past week?”

- He made sure to dress as the Ultimate Bird watcher.

- “I only saw a rare bird hanging around here every once and awhile. I want to catch a picture of it.”

- Your expression grew frustrated.

- “There is no way Name could have gained fifty pounds in the last week. I may not talk to people but I know what they look like.”

- Oh okay.

- Though you were angry at him, you let him ‘study’ you more after he thoroughly explained himself.

- But your nature in general didn’t just intrigue him.

- He caught himself blushing when he thought about you.

- And thinking things like cuddling with you and holding hands.

- He thinks he has a crush?

- Yeah that’s probably what this is.

Nekomaru Nidai

- You always made absolute sure that Nidai was a good distance away from you at all times.

- He freaking scares you.

- You didn’t do any sports anyway, so he always just minded his own business.

- It was just once that he had to talk to you.

- He was a bit intense in getting your attention.


- You fell over, with all your books suddenly scattered on the ground.

- When he approached he towered over you. You stood up and tried to keep your balance in front of him.

- “Y-yes? Can I-I help you?”

- “A weak voice like that isn’t going to get you anywhere.”

- What is he talking about?


- You fell over again, this time picking up a heavy textbook and putting it in front of your face.

- “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! M-my voice isn’t that loud to begin with…”

- Nidai realized how much this is probably scaring you and let the introduction slide.

- But he made a promise to help you gain more confidence for yourself.

- Your confidence wasn’t the problem but okay.

- A few days into your training and you already learned to make your natural voice louder.



- Then Nidai would start laughing.

- “Nice job L/N. Much better than last time.”

- He likes to be blunt with himself about his feelings.

- And he definitely had feelings for you.

Gundam Tanaka

- He didn’t notice you at all at first, just like everyone else.

- It was his Devas that first recognised your 'hidden dark powers.’

- Gundam was preparing another ritual, when Cham-P suddenly ran off, followed by Maga-G, Jum-P then Sun-D.

- He, obviously, followed them.

- “What is it my beautiful Dark Devas of Destruction? Have you found our new source of dark energy?”

- When they ran up to a girl/boy reading a thick book, he was rather surprised at them.

- Why would the Devas run from their ritual posts just to find a normal human?

- You looked to your left and saw four fuzzy hamsters by your side.

- You laughed and began petting the chubby orange one happily.

- Oh, that’s why.

- When you looked up at him, your smile disappeared.

- “Oh, sorry. I should have known these guys would belong to someone.”

- You marked your place in your book and stood up to leave.

- But Gundam stopped you.

- “My Devas don’t run off to meet with any old human. You must be some kind of dark energy I have yet to tap into.”

- What.

- Despite the weird introduction, Gundam had become your only friend in this school.

- You spent most of your time with him, and that time would be spent taking care of animal.

- …

- I mean come on.

- You love animals, the Devas loved you.

- How could he not have a crush on you.

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SDR2 boys react to their crush confessing their feelings to them!?

rubs hands together Alright let’s start the blog off with a very cute ask. Also instead of S/O I’m going to put C/N for crush’s name

Hajime Hinata

  • This boy has had a crush on you for a while
  • (I mean you were the first one he got all the hope shards from after all)
  • You manage to make life on the island not so bad
  • Had he thought of confessing to you? Perhaps, but you deserve better than someone who couldn’t remember his own talent.
  • The morning started off as normal (Akane wolfing down inhuman amounts of food, Nekomaru cheering her on, Mikan tripping for the fourth time this day, Teruteru making his many perverted comments, Nagito creepily laughing. You know normal things)
  • He was always one of the last ones to leave (Those blasted Monocoins could be anywhere!)
  • That’s when you approached him with a small blush on your face
  • (Oh god that was adorable)
  • “Is there something you wanted to ask me C/N?” (Stay calm Hajime)
  • You took a deep breath then confessed
  • (And now Hajime’s face was bright red)
  • This boy was shocked, you picked him out of everyone here?
  • He almost forgets to reply to be honest
  • It’s when you start to walk away, hurt and dejected that he replies
  • “Y-yes! I’s love to be your boyfriend” He grabs your hand as he says
  • (When they announce their dating to everyone Ibuki yells about winning the bet)

Nagito Komeada

  • For him your hope shines brighter than anyone else
  • He thinks you must be an angel of some kind
  • Always smiling and encouraging the others
  • Hell you even call him a friend, him!
  • He believes he doesn’t deserve you and is fine with this seemingly one-sided attraction
  • (Not going to lie I can see him kinda stalking you a bit if your into that)
  • You have worked up your courage for a while and decided to confess to him with a love letter
  • It takes you forever to write it perfectly but you mange.
  • Then it takes you forever to find Nagito
  • You approach him out of breath and hand him the letter
  • He’s perplexed about the situation but he unfolds the letter
  • And then a strong gust of wind takes the letter away…
  • Nagito is very concerned about you and rushes over to your side when you fall to your knees defeated
  • When he asks you what’s wrong you, frustrated, blurt out that that was a love letter that you worked two whole days on writing and now it’s gone.
  • And know your face is bright red since you accidentally confessed
  • Nagito tries to deter you (You shouldn’t like trash like me! You deserve so much better!)
  • Even more frustrated you stand up and kiss him
  • He’s still at first but then starts to kiss you back
  • You two eventually part when you need air
  • “I…. if you sure about this C/N.. then it would be my honor to date you.”

Nekomaur Nidai

  • He was terrible at hiding his crush on you, absolutely horrid
  • Hell even Akane knew, Akane!
  • For once in his life NEKOMARU NIDAI was acting like a coward
  • He just couldn’t get the nerves to confess to you, every time he tried he instead ask you if you wanted training
  • You found his attempts adorable tbh
  • And you decided since he couldn’t confess you would and you decide to do it in the loudest way possible
  • You borrowed one of Ibuki’s many megaphone and waited till Nekomaru was training by himself
  • You took a deep breath before shouting into it
  • You scared him when you started yelling but once he processed what you said he let out a loud laugh.
  • Of course he shouted it back
  • He also picks you up and spins you around in his arms
  • (You guys didn’t need to tell anyone about you two dating because they all heard the yelling)

Teruteru Hanamura

  • While he always flirts with everyone you were one that he always manged to flirt with at least 5 times a a day (Yes he counted)
  • There was just something about you that attracted him in a way that no on else did
  • Though you seemed to be up to something today
  • You and Mahiru took the kitchen away from him after breakfast! Something about baking lessons?
  • He was a bit angry about being kicked out of his favorite place but more hurt that you didn’t ask him for help.
  • He was the Ultimate Cook Chef after all!
  • Where you angry at him or something?
  • He laid there bored in his room (and pouting defiantly pouting) when he heard a knock at the door
  • He opened the door to see you, hiding something behind your back and fidgeting nervously
  • “Helloo C/N what can I do for a fine thing like you today?”
  • You blushed slightly before shoving the thing you were hiding in front of his face
  • It was a small heart shaped cake with the words “I like you, will you go out with me?” written on top of it in icing
  • (Goddammit now he was blushing too)
  • “C/N this is one of the sweetest things someone has done for me.. of course I’d be your boyfriend! What fool wouldn’t want to tap that!” (cue eyebrow wiggle)
  • (Very romantic Teruteru…)

The Ultimate Impostor

  • You were one of the first people that he told his secret to
  • And when you told him that you didn’t care, that you were still his friend
  • That’s when he knew he was in love
  • When it’s just you two he will show his true personality
  • He’s another one who doesn’t believe he deserves you so he tries to hide his feelings
  • He’s in the dinning hall eating when you confess
  • He had just finish his meal (aka ton of food) when you give him a fortune cookie (he doesn’t notice the wink from Teruteru you two get)
  • Not one to say no to food he cracks it open and eats the cookie
  • Then he looks at the fortune and blushes
  • It’s your confession
  • He looks up at you and see’s your blushing face as you wait for his answer.
  • “It would be my pleasure C/N”
  • He smiles up at you
  • (When you tell him about your multiple attempts to make one cookie just for him he can’t help but smile)

Kazuichi Souda

  • He’s another one whose obviously fallen for you
  • He just loves being around you
  • The way you talk, your laugh he generally loves everything about you
  • Soooo he tends to follow you around like a lovesick puppy
  • You were thinking of confessing for a while but didn’t know how to, luckily Kazuichi brought you the solution for your problem
  • “Hey! C/N Look at what I made!”
  • It was a small robotic cat
  • He pushed a button on it’s back
  • “Purrrroud to meet you C/N” The cat said in his voice
  • “It can copy back anything you tell it. Pretty neat huh!” He huffed proudly
  • This gave you an idea and you whispered something to the robot.
  • Then you gave it back to him and told him to press the button
  • He did
  • “Kazuichi Soda will you be my purrrfect boyfriend?”
  • He yells yes and hugs you tightly (the robot gets thrown to the floor and breaks in his excitement)
  • He’s so happy that he’s crying

Gundam Tanaka

  • This boy is such a blushing mess around you
  • Like if someone can faint from blushing then he could have by now
  • He can’t help it do.. your just so perfect.
  • You accept his uniqueness and even play along with him
  • You listen to everyone of his tales with such bright eyes
  • Plus the Dark Devas are completely smitten with you
  • If they weren’t with him then they were playing with you, simple as that
  • It’s a normal day for you two
  • Your playing with the Dark Devas in his room as he tells you one of his many exciting tales
  • As’s he’s about to finish his tale Cham-P scurries over to him with a piece of paper in his tiny mouth
  • He looks at him confused for a second before he takes the paper and reads it
  • It’s your confession letter
  • He drops the letter and his face is bright red
  • It takes a while for him to reply
  • “Fuhahaha Of course C/N! You should be honored that you have been chosen to rule the Tanaka Empire along side me!”
  • He’s still blushing by the way
  • And hiding his face in his scarf
  • (god what a dork)

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

  • This boy tried to ignoring his feelings for you
  • He didn’t want to drag you into the yakuza business after all
  • (Though he always had Peko watching out for you… you know in case something happened. )
  • (Shut up he wasn’t stalking them or being overprotective!)
  • The day started as normal, he woke up, got out of bed, got dressed, and went outside to get breakfast when he noticed his mailbox blinking.
  • What the fuck?
  • He reached inside to find a letter asking him to go to the 1st island beach at 3:30.
  • He immediately showed this to Peko thinking of the worse
  • “Young Master this is C/N handwriting. I believe they may be trying to confess to you.”
  • Cue blush
  • 3:00 couldn’t come sooner
  • He arrived at the beach to see you standing there, you smiled as you saw him and walked over to him.
  • “W-well what the fuck do you want?” (smooth Fuyuhiko smooooth)
  • You let out a small laugh and confessed
  • Poor baby gansta’s face is cherry red when he hears that
  • He stammers a reply
  • “M-me? You want to go out with me? You sure about this C/N? I am the Ultimate Yakuza after all…”
  • You reassure him that you are positive and that it could only be him.
  • He blushes brighter red… “T-then.. can you lean down for me real quick?”
  • You are confused but comply
  • And he takes that moment to kiss you
  • (D'aww)

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Hey, wandering in to grumble that I hate this fucking fandom so much? I have gotten to the point where I won't even read champ/ion AUs, because the L stans have pissed me off so much with their relentlessness that I can't even read a fanfic where L is the cham/p because I'm so fucking sick of seeing him glorified everywhere and how he has to be the special one (the irony is that I love AUs, a lot but I've gotten to the point of not wanting to read anything L centric cause of the stans).

Antis are trying so hard to depict their golden boy as Pure, in the process they’re erasing all of his qualities and flaws that make him an interesting character.

And since Sh/iro is a threat to their ship but they still like the concept of Sh/iro, they gotta give L/ance his backstory. They’re not even trying anymore, honestly

Grammy Family (feat. DJ Kahled, Kanye West & John Legend)
Grammy Family (feat. DJ Kahled, Kanye West & John Legend)


GLC gon be stoned as Angie
I be Don C, Johnny Patron and me
It’s a celebration bitches more bottles of cham-p-aign
In love with the same stripper that sprung T-Pain
And all this Louis Vuitton shit ain’t cheap mayn
Dawg I can’t keep saying G.O.O.D music the greatest latest
Stunting out the middle of nowhere like Vegas
From the Chi, the city of hella haters
Where we keep rising to the top like elevators
Hi haters I’m back off hiatus I feel just like you I mean even I hate us
Turn the radio down I mean every song
Yeezy got a vision that’s clearer than Evian
Used to hit the radio them faggots ain’t let me on
Until Khaled turned up the volume
Hit the club with it come on homie they wilding
Nas done told you come on homie we major
Really Doe told you hoes where we staying
G.O.O.D music up in this bitch now quit playing

-Kanye West


What to do when sleep deprived;; Develop a new style then draw dorky gundam getting overly excited over his precious dark devas