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Hi Cham! Is there a difference between pre-ordering right away and waiting a few days to maybe see some teaser pics? Like, a special bonus or things like that?

nope! preorders should be open up until the day before the album comes out, so its perfectly fair to wait for pics first before deciding. the perk for first press will be available for all preorders.

Anonymous said: hi! do u know which fansites don’t edit their photos that much? like whitewashing it :/ i know almost all of them do but if you know of some that don’t, i’d appreciate knowing. this can also be either for fansites or fan artists who make bts merch? thank you!! 

aaaah im sorry i dont know :( there are so many fansites and i dont really keep track of them. the best really you can do is get better at spotting if something is whitewashed or not, because there are SO many bts fansites out there that trying to check each one would be really stressful lmao. as for merch, a lot of fansites put out merch too and i dont buy so i wouldnt be able to help ;; the best u can do is follow as many fansites of the member u like and then keeping an eye out for merch. for fan artists, i recommend ray (i have a charm from her shop, its my favorite thing ever), fili, jauni, and mer! sorry im of no help lmao

Unpretty Rapstar Ep.1
  • Jessi:i'm the best bow down bitches oh wait i fucked up
  • Jimin:*cries*
  • Jidam:lol clothes haha makeup
  • Cheetah:*stares the chaos around her in disbelief*
  • Tymee:haha why am i the only one talking
  • Jolly V:why is tymee still talking
  • Lil Cham:*falls off the counter 19384 times*
  • Kisum:*is terrified of jessi*
  • San E:JIMIN PLEASE LOVE ME *fanboys*