Unpretty Rapstar Special Video: Bts Self-Camera all Rappers ver.

ok now HOW THE FUCK does someone’s art style changes so much? how? 

Left one is only one month old, right is this week, and I am just like… how?

It might not look like much to some, but I am just sitting here working on the right one and thinking, did I always had this capavility to do stuff like this? was I only comfortable doing what I did before? was it because the left one fit my interest before? is it because I wanted so much my style to fit my new love that I did my best to improve? to change? or did I secretly made a pact with the devil I have no memory of?


did you see how they take a lot of selcas with eachother and post them on sns? even with jace! and did you see how sad they all were when lil cham was eliminated? the girls are close and mnet makes it look like they hate each other this is bullshit im angry 

WE then (the more terreƒtriall kind have now ƒo numerouƒly planted all Countreys,) do labour for that abƒtruƒe People, as weill as for ourƒelves. [See previous chapter on how the Good People feed on grains/crops. — VVF.] Albeit, when ƒeverall Countreys were unhabitated by ws, theƒe had their eaƒy Tillage above Ground, as we now. The Print of thoƒe Furrous do yet remaine to be ƒeen on the Shoulders of very high Hills, which was done when the champayn Ground was Wood and Forreƒt.

THEY remove to other Lodgings at the Beginning of each Quarter of the Year, ƒo traverƒing till Doomƒday, being imputent and [impotent of?] ƒtaying in one Place, and finding ƒome Eaƒe by ƒo purning [Journeying] and changing Habitations. Their chamælion-lyke Bodies ƒwim in the Air near the Earth with Bag and Bagadge; and at ƒuch revolution of Time, SEERS, or Men

of the SECOND SIGHT, (Fæmales being ƒeldome ƒo qualified)* have very terrifying Encounters with them, even on High Ways; who therefoir uƒwally ƒhune to travell abroad at theƒe four Seaƒons of the Year, and thereby have made it a Cuƒtome to this Day among the Scottiƒh-Iriƒh to keep Church duely evry firƒt Sunday of the Quarter to ƒene or hallow themƒelves, their Corns and Cattell, from the Shots and Stealth of theƒe wandring Tribes; and many of theƒe ƒuperƒtitious People will not be ƒeen in Church againe till the nixt Quarter begin, as if no Duty were to be learned or done by them, but all the Uƒe of Worƒhip and Sermons were to ƒave them from theƒe Arrows that fly in the Dark. 1

THEY are diƒtributed in Tribes and Orders, and have Children, Nurƒes, Mariages, Deaths, and Burialls, in appearance, even as we, (unleƒs they ƒo do for a Mock-ƒhow, or to prognoƒticate ƒome ƒuch Things among us.)*

*[There are, of course, plenty of examples of Seeresses in Gaelic-speaking countries and throughout the British Isles. —VVF]
*[This warrants a lot of consideration. —VVF]

The Secret Commonwealth, Rev. Robert Kirk (1691)

Ah, I made this a while back ago, A name chart for the FOUR GODS OF DESTRUCTION A.K.A the hamsters of Gundam Tanaka. I decided to share this because It might come in handy for some!

You can also just remember the hamsters by their characteristics, Sun-D is the only female, Maga-G is the tough hamster with a chipped ear, Jum-P is always sleeping and Cham-P is the big and fat one.