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Dry crust on the eyelids usually means there is a lack of vitamin A. I give my Panther Cham a Vitamin A supplement dust over his crickets once a month. It's what helps their eye sight and "eye sacks" in the corner of their eyes to help clean out the dust and grime in the eye. I hope the little man gets better soon! I use Herptivite Vitamin A dust. The vet might also give him a .01cc shot of liquid Vitamin A.

This is really encouraging, Knowing what the problem could be. Thanks so much. Looking forward to sorting this boy out


It was the first cosplay she ever did. After needling her mom to sew her the costume and order her a wig, she spent the next evenings sitting up late, forming a wonky necklace out of clay and too much acrylic paint. When her parents nagged her to go to bed, she just stuck her tongue out, until they threatened to not let her go to the con after all. It wasn’t perfect. But with all the compliments and requests of “can I take your picture?”, it was all she ever wanted.

Kessie’s Katara cosplay is finished…. well, apart from the shoes. Honestly I may just remake the whole outfit, because it turned out I’d left most of my single-coloured cottons at my parents’ so I had to work with the scraps I had. And I had no dark blue satin band for the necklace.

But on the other hand; yay BJD cosplay photoshoot. I’ve always wanted to have one tbh, I’ve just been too lazy to actually make a cosplay outfit. I may do some outdoors sometime later.

It’s my first time working with overlays at all in photoshop, so that was a new experience for sure. I do need a lot of practice, but hey, it was super fun adding all that water still :3