January 1st 2012
What: self portrait with my iPhone
Where: Jos, Nigeria
Wearing: Retro Lanre Dasilva Ajayi Skirt, Zara hat and top, miu miu ballerinas

Happy New Year!

p.s: yes I know I should’ve ironed my skirt :-)

It’s My Cuppa Tea

So I decided last summer that I was going to wear my hair pulled back and off my face for one year. Unfortunately, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do :-) It’s been a brutal winter with icy cold weather :-( I decided to invest in some hair extensions so I could wear a fringe (bangs) to shield my dear head from the cold. One isn’t getting younger ;-) The body needs more TLC…

Incidentally, it’s my birthday in 6 days. I feel fabulous! :-D