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☎ (for challiot and stallison if that's cool)

incoming call: elliot butler

Charlie was awake studying when Elliot called that Friday night. 

Truthfully, she wasn’t even remotely surprised to see his name come across her screen so late that evening. Or, technically, morning. She picked it up with an eye roll, already ready to rattle off a sarcastic remark about his drinking habits. 

"Okay, since you’re probably hammered right now, just tell me where you’re at, and I’ll come get you. You’re lucky the kids are at their grandparents tonight," Charlie remarked- before Elliot had even gotten a chance to speak. "But I swear to God, if you throw up in the car, you’re doing all the laundry for a week." 

incoming call: stiles stilinski

"Hey, you okay?" 

Allison couldn’t help it. Assuring his safety was constantly the first thing on her mind. Once she’d heard he’d had a nightmare, however, her shoulders relaxed, and her tight grip on her sheets loosened, although she still remained concerned. 

"It’s okay, babe. I’m okay. I’ll stay on the line with you until you fall asleep— actually— I’m on my way over, okay? I’m leaving now. I’m coming." 

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Challiot: [text]: Is that suppose to be a threat? // [text]: Do you have to text me at three in the morning? Also and/or challiot for that meme

text: is that supposed to be a threat?

charlie: maybe

charlie: yes

charlie: 100% serious if you dont bring me that ibuprofen i wont kiss you for forever

charlie: so like three hours

text: do you have to text me at three in the morning?

charlie: yesss

charlie: do you have to be so grumpy at three in the morning

ship meme

  • Who cooks normally?: charlie for sure but elliot can make like nuggets and stuff
  • How often do they fight?: not a whole lot tbh like they bicker over little things like who left something where or on the floor or what to get for dinner etc
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other?: well they’re not apart very often but just snapchat and text rlly
  • Nicknames for each other?: charlie calls him butler or babe & elliot already calls her char
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: they share everything so split or take turns
  • Who steals the covers at night?: ooh definitely charlie but she usually curls up to him and then they share 
  • What would they get each other for gifts?: charlie gets him a gift from the kids talking about how much they’re thankful for him / love him and writes him a letter and gives him a photo frame of them two together and some hockey game tickets and various other things and uHH elliot i don’t know what he’d get her omg
  • Who remembers things?: charlie for sure but elliot is pretty good if he remembers to put it in his phone
  • Who cusses more?: oh elliot 
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt?: if it was a serious injury they’d definitely panic and pace and as elliot is on  a med path he’d probably ask a lot of questions 
  • Who kissed who first?: elliot kissed charlie
  • Who made the first move?: elliot ;-)
  • Who started the relationship?:  it’s just sort of a mutual agreement? after their kiss and stuff

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[Text] Help, I'm alone in a crowd and trying to look cool by texting you. // [Text] We need to talk. Call me. // [Text] I am never drinking that much again. (for challiot the baes)

[Text] Help, I'm alone in a crowd and trying to look cool by texting you. 

charlie: elliot try hard as you might you could never look cool ://

charlie: just kidding 

charlie: or am i 

charlie: you’ll never know 

charlie: or will you

charlie: can you get cereal and milk on the way home

[Text] We need to talk. Call me.

charlie: in a mtg

charlie: you’re scaring me

charlie: we need to talk is never good oh god i’ll call you from the bathroom

 [Text] I am never drinking that much again.

charlie: we both know that’s not true

charlie: you want me to bring you some advil or something? 

charlie: i’ll remind you of this the next time it happens, so…

charlie: … like, next friday?

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"I wish I could tell you everything was going to be fine..." for Challiot and "No. They're wrong. They're wrong, okay? You're not gonna die." for Stallison :)

"I wish I could tell you everything was going to be fine..." 

"It’s okay," Charlie murmured. "I know. I know how it goes." 

She knew how it went. She knew all too well. Her father had told her the story once, and once only, over a bottle of wine and with trembling hands, when she was thirteen.

[ And the doctor said, the god-damn doctor said: “Mrs. Everett— I regretfully must inform you that we’ve diagnosed you with a terminal, hereditary cancer.”

                                        "How- how long do I have?" your mother asked.

"We give you a year at best.” One year, Charlotte. They gave your mother one year— at best. At best. I wanted so much more than a year at best, honey, it was so unfair. So fuckin’ unfair. And they lied. It was eight months. Eight fuckin’ months is not enough, it wasn’t enough.” Charlie had never seen her father cry. She had never seen him this angry- his hands shook and his voice was cracking and she was sure he would break the wine glass he clutched. “I had to watch her die. I had to watch her die, Charlotte, right in front of me, in that god-damn hospital- and you- you look so much like her, before she was sick. You look so much like her, damn it- I can barely stand to look at you. I’m sorry, baby, I’m sorry. You don’t know how hard it is to look at you and see her. I still miss her. Every single day. It’s so unfair. It’s so unfair.” ]

She knew it would not be fine in the slightest. She had known from the start.

"I want you to promise me something, Elliot. Please. Just one thing—"

[ She did not want him to hate a world without her. She did not want him to go down the path her father had, after her mother, the great love of his life, passed away. She did not want him to go down a path of hatred, a path of loneliness. A path that would cause him to would push everyone away, that would cause him to want to break the world, because the world had broken him. ]

"Promise me you won’t let this break you. Promise me you won’t hate the world for this. I don’t want to ruin your life," she whispered. Her thumb traced small circles on his wrist as she shook her head. No. She wouldn’t let it happen again. History didn’t have to repeat itself."When it’s time—"

[ Daniel Everett had never let go of Elena Carpenter. He held the pain she had brought him in his heart for the rest of his life. He had never let go of her memory. He held her picture in his mind and saw her in his daughter. He had never let go of Elena Carpenter, and it had completely r  u  i  n  e  d  him. ]

"— let me go."

[ Letting go did not have to mean forgetting. The line was blurred. But it was there. And, in his grief, Daniel Everett had crossed it. Charlie did not want Elliot to follow in his footsteps. He never had before. And she didn’t want him to start. ]

"Okay? Maybe- maybe a miracle’s in store. But if it’s not— promise me.

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The umbrella, when it rains - elliot. charlie hates getting wet aha
The popcorn at the cinema -
charlie. she looves popcorn, and, let’s be honest, like half of it is gone before the movie actually starts
The baby, when it cries -
both of them :-)
The ice cream cone, when they share -
The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie -
charlie. she hates when elliot flips through the channels too quickly, so they usually kinda fight over it, but she typically grabs it first
The basket, when they go shopping -
they take turns pushing the cart / carrying the basket.
The door, on dates -
The other’s hand, most often -
charlie. she’ll slip her hand into his even if they’re just on the subway, or sitting on a bench in the park. she loves the comfort of holding his hand and yeah it still makes her smile like a middle schooler with a crush ‘cause he’s her boyfriend and she still can’t believe it
Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day -
 elliot. she looks beautiful, and no one’s walking her down the aisle ‘cause she’s always been his. and he can’t believe that after all this time, he gets to marry her. but so does she- she holds her breath at the end of the aisle and as she walks up to meet him, ‘cause she’s just in disbelief: she’s gonna marry the love of her life.
The camera, when they take pictures together - 
charlie. she’s forever snapping selfies of them together— on the train she’ll take a picture of her kissing his cheek or something, and she loves taking pictures of him with the kids.

send me a ship and i’ll say who holds what~

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whispers challiot

whispers ily

who made the first move: 

elliot. he kissed her kind of out of no where ‘cause now or never am i right

who said ‘I love you’ first:

i think charlie. it’ll just kinda come out, he’ll make her laugh and they won’t have been dating for that long, really, but she does love him- i mean, they’ve had feelings for each other for a while- so he makes her laugh and she just kinda shakes her head and says “god, i love you” or something along those lines.

how often they fight: 

a fair amount, but not over big stuff. it’s more along the lines of “no elliot we ordered chinese last tuesday” “exactly which is why we should order it this week too make it a tradition” “but i want italian” and so on. big fights are really occasional / rare.

whose big spoon/little spoon: 

charlie is the little spoon and elliot is the big spoon and she loves curling up under his arm and yes :-)

what their nicknames are for each other:

charlie is already a nickname that’s reserved for her close friends and siblings b/c charlotte is her full name, but sometimes elliot calls her char. she’ll just use his last name sometimes, and then they both use “babe” fairly often too.

whose the better cook:

charlie tbh

their song:

i rlly can’t pick one ahh like most of the songs on their playlist ((i don’t mind by defeater, can’t help falling in love by ingrid michaelson, thinking out loud by ed sheeran…)) remind me of them i’m so indecisive

who remembers their anniversaries: 

both of them do

their favorite thing to do together (besides sex):

just hang out, honestly. watch movies, cuddle up on the sofa, enjoy some pizza & beer. they also like going to the park with the kids!! but their favorite time is time to be best friends and just talk and cuddle and stuff ://

who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship:

they both have a pretty equal role in the relationship / their little family they even each other out and balance out and all

 how they would get engaged:

elliot would take her to the house where he grew up and where they took pictures together side by side for all their first days of school on the porch and propose and nearly drop the ring and be really nervous and she’d be happy and all excited and he’d be like “i’ve grown up with you. and i want to grow old with you, and do everything in between, so charlotte everett- uh- would- charlie, marry me?” and she’d say yes and be crying and oh god they’re so fucking cute

what their wedding would be like: 

she’d wear a pretty white dress and emily would be the flower girl and mason would be the ring bearer and his family would be there and their close friends would be there in a little church during the fall when all the leaves are really pretty and the windows are stained glass. 

how many kids they’ll have: 

oh god i don’t know when they’d have kids of their own but probably only one b/c they’ll have em and mason for a fair amount of time

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"Tell me where it hurts."

The game had been won, but Charlie could tell Elliot was in some kind of pain. A wince was tainting his smile, entirely visible in the corners of his eyes- at least to her. So she ran against the ebb of college students charging out, and towards Elliot. Bulky guys’ shoulders jammed into her, and girls’ rough boots pierced through her sneakers, but she pressed on to him.

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