Chesshur/Alice (flash)



It started as a joke. Alice bought the feather wand to tease the cat about the fangirls having brought various cat toys with them to the shows. Chesshur had stared at her when she presented it to him, his electric blue eyes flashing dangerously before he vanished into thin air. Alice had felt guilty the rest of the day.

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Chesshur/Alice (Drabble/Request)


Washing Machine.


Alice was rather fond of Chesshur.

It was an odd sort of fondness, one that had grown from a simple liking to something quite a bit different. She liked to be around him, to watch his expressions as he discovered something new and excited.

The mundane world was very different from Underland, and, in the same way that he had taken twisted enjoyment out of her reactions at seeing new things in Underland; she took the same enjoyment while watching him.

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