challenging hairstyle

a fun color+shaded kevamie commission for @sever77 ! thank you for your patience!

their request was basically kevin and jamie are youtubers and are doing the “boyfriend tag” challenge, specifically with the hairstyles i gave them in one of my kevamie posts (where they colored each other’s hair); in the scenario, jamie got the answer wrong to one of kevin’s questions and they’re laughing ‘bout it… :^) nerds :^)

dearestsongbird  asked:

For the OC + Emoji thing: Razz and B10 (or F7... or any of them really, I want more Razz!)? I wish I knew more about him! He's absolutely stunning *^* (But so are all of your OCs, so...)

I did B10! of Razz when he was a tad younger. He’s not this babyfaced anymore, he got a lot sharper :3

Shoutan’s Blog Update - 2016-10-22 - DDD On Sale!

*Do NOT repost*

7th Single DDD was released the other day!
Thank you so much, for so many comments and thoughts!

I’m really happy that there are so many people who have received it in their hands!

3 songs are included, this time there was also a melody that I was able to sing for the first time.
I intend to have a lot of ones.

Have you seen the PV!
I also did a challenge for this hairstyle for the first time.
Were you surprise?

They are all braided.
I’ve always really admired this rock hairstyle (´・_・`)

What do you think (≧∇≦)
This hairstyle, took 4 hours to style.
Undoing it was a wastee. ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

I still want to write about the backstory but, first!
I’m going to woork!

So that today will also be a good day!

Confession: The most aggravating thing happened yesterday. The topic of cultural appropriation came up and this girl flat out said that she believed black people were “victimizing themselves” by getting upset at things like lips (kylie jenner challenge) and hairstyles (aka braids, dreadlocks, etc on non-black people). I set her fucking straight with that shit and by the end of it she was like “Oh well I didn’t know it wasn’t acceptable when it’s on black people… I didn’t know about those stats and facts… I didn’t know about _____, etc” but I was so disgusted when the majority of people AGREED with her initial sentiment before I fucking schooled them all. Now I’m just… ugh. Victimizing ourselves? Is that really what everyone else sees it as? Someone once told me it’s not my job to educate anyone, but, I just CAN’T sit there while this uneducated, ignorant and dehumanizing shit is being spewed in front of me. On the bright side it seemed towards the end that it got through to them. I’m just amazed at the privilege non-black people have of being willfully ignorant about these things.


Richard Armitage 31 Day Challenge - Day 24: Your favourite hairstyle

Well, I like it short. The hair, I mean. It doesn’t matter if he’s got a beard, a stubble or if he’s clean shaven; I like my men with short hair. I’d love to pass my fingers through it, and in some cases on it, at the nape of the neck….