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A question for Afua - were there any unique challenges to you when you first got into the 'mainstream' comic industry (Marvel and DC)? Would love to hear what your experiences were, and if they got better over time, or to see how it compares to working on indie projects

To be honest, working for the majors is MUCH easier than working for smaller companies. Smaller companies like to micromanage. Bigger companies trust you to do your thing. The biggest challenge is the demand for excellence and that is self-imposed. Whatever it is I make, Millions of people may potentially see it. I can’t have a bad drawing day or artist block for too long. The larger companies, if they’ve come to you, it’s because they see your work in the Indy world and they trust you with their characters. Each editor and writer team works differently, so you experience working is hinged upon who you are working with directly. The only issue I face is when I have several editors on a large project. The editor may have suggestions and changes but when it goes up the pipe, the other folks making decisions may have their own suggestions. I don’t get paid until the work is approved. So if there are too many changes, it can be a bit of a blow to the pockets. But I am learning every day. I’m really grateful I have the opportunity to draw some of my FAVORITE characters I’ve nerded out on since kindergarten. We see these companies as giants but they are just made up of people. Many of those people have become my friends and they really do look out for me.

Jung’s Te, Abridged

These articles are an attempt to condense Chapter X of Psychological Types into a more readable format. I’ve tried to stay as true to the original texts as possible. Enjoy!


Extroverted Thinking

Extroverted Thinking is a type of mechanistic reasoning that is primarily oriented by external conditions and objective facts. As a result, it’s generally conscientious and quick to meet the demands and challenges presented by the outside world. Its external nature doesn’t mean that it only deals with concrete things – it can also be totally abstract, but the abstract concepts it plays with tend to be learnt from education, or borrowed from the intellectual culture of the time. It tends to concretise ideas and lead them into the outer world. Its conclusions should have some some objective effect or relevance, they should be externally applicable in some way.

There is no difference between the logic employed by Te and Ti. The differences lie in the preferred type of data and the preferred way of shaping ideas, as mentioned above. Te operates most cleverly and effectively when it has a lifeline to facts and generally accepted ideas, which it shapes in productive ways. This might give a pessimistic observer the impression that Te is restricted and “inside the box”, when in reality it has an an impressive creativity and capability in its preferred realm.

However, when objective facts and borrowed ideas become so important to Te that they overwhelm the subjective thought process completely, it loses its creative spark. It’s hardly Thinking anymore, as it only serves to reflect what is already obvious in a set of data and never goes beyond it. It will not even try to compare the ideas with the user’s own past experiences, which remain dissociated and useless in his psyche for lack of an intellectual link.

The Extroverted Thinking Type

This type orients his life around a set of intellectual conclusions that are based in objective facts and ideas. He applies his credo not only to himself, but also to his environment, or even the universe at large. It constitutes his morality; good and bad, right and wrong are measured by it. His intellectual formula may include virtues like love and charity, but these usually require the cooperation of Feeling in order to embody them properly. In a healthy type, he and his formula are extremely useful to society. In an unhealthy one, he rudely attempts to force everyone into one rigid mould.

Since Te is his dominant function, it possesses the positive, creative element of his personality. It synthesises and recombines objective data into new facts and concepts. His Thinking doesn’t destroy or tear down, or if it does, he tries to fill the empty space with a new intellectual value. By contrast, inferior Te is missing the same productive life-energy. In the worst case, it tends towards conclusions that are banal or pessimistic, and insofar as it’s consciously used, it can really only mimic the perspective of that type’s dominant function.

The Te type is most beneficial and harmless when he applies his Thinking to problems far from home, where his ideas can be appreciated by his peers at a safe distance. On the other hand, if he applies his Thinking to his immediate surroundings (for example his workplace or his personal life), the people subject to it might be forced to endure a side of him that is dogmatic and tyrannical.

The one who suffers the most is the Te type. In pursuing his intellectual ideal, he brushes aside everything in himself that doesn’t correspond to it. In particular, he represses Feeling, which exists consciously only as long as it agrees with Thinking. Otherwise, it becomes unconscious, however it isn’t powerless. It subverts his conscious life in nasty ways. His altruistic formula might be sabotaged by a secret selfishness or resentment, or his passion might cause him to lie and cheat for its sake – “the ends justify the means”. Criticism of his ideas might strike his unconscious sensitivity. His personal and family life suffers from his difficulty with Feeling.

My favorite time of year. Employee reviews. My company, Konoha Corp, approaches the higher levels of management first and then goes downward. This is my round. I’ve been stuck in this stale room for 45 minutes.

“Sasuke, sometimes you can come off as…”

Kakashi trailed off. That only annoyed me.

“As what?”

“As challenging. Demanding.”

Of course I know how I come off. And it works.

“I get results, don’t I?”

It annoys me that he has the nerve to confront me about this. Every single product release under my management has gone off without complications. In terms of revenue and increasing market share, I’ve outperformed every single one of my contemporaries by a landslide. I’ve held this role for three years as of June and have moved mountains.

“Your results are stellar. Sasuke, you are a very brilliant scientist and a shrewd businessman. But you’re breeding a workplace culture that is afraid to fail. They’re afraid to show creativity.”

“Afraid to fail.”

That phrase just sticks between my ears and goads me, because right now I’m so clearly remembering Itachi yelling at me over huge stacks of messy papers when I showed him my plans for the AI components of one of our new virtual executive assistants December of last year.

“This has all been done before. It’s good work, but it’s by the books. Why are you so afraid to fail? You’ll never make a difference that way!”

He died three months ago. Whenever I remember him, I get upset. If I’m around people, that automatically manifests as me being pissed off.

“Can we afford to fail with our brand’s reputation and the market share at stake? Why are you complaining?”

I know I’m being difficult and missing the point. I continue regardless.

“Sasuke, people respect you, but they also fear you.”

“Yes. That’s a management style.”

Kakashi sighs, clearly frustrated. I couldn’t care less, because I’m frustrated too.

Steve Jobs pulled it off. So can I.

“You need to show them a softer, more caring side. These are brilliant people.”

Most of them are bright. I have my doubts about a few, one person in particular on my mind. But I didn’t hire him, so I consider myself absolved. Itachi must’ve been smoking crack.

“They need a supportive environment to innovate. We’re a consumer technology company, Sasuke. We need to be on the edge, or we’re obsolete by definition.”

At this point, I could go on about all of the successful product launches and ballooning profits. There’s just one inconvenient aspect of the situation: he’s right. And I know damned well that people are afraid to think outside of the box because they’re afraid of what I might do if they fail.

He’s asking me to do something I don’t know how to do, but I won’t admit to it. I’m silent, which he takes as a cue.

“It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic or unnatural. Just try to be more understanding if an employee makes a mistake. If they were using their best judgment and were being diligent, then it’s enough that they tried.”

What if they have their head in the clouds and spend all day wondering, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?” What if they squander their potential by sitting on their ass and playing class clown with coworkers? Like a certain vapid blue-eyed employee I have. Eye color generally means nothing to me, but it’s difficult not to remember such a brilliant blue.

“I agree with you that as long as something was done responsibly and with due diligence, the employee shouldn’t be reproached. What I object to is anything less than diligence.”

Kakashi looks down at my desk, and he looks back up at me with his eyes half lidded. He looks tired.

“Look. Not everyone is going to have your work ethic, Sasuke. And sometimes people do get distracted. As their manager, you use the ruler first, not the sledgehammer.”

A pause.

“You have to show you care.”

Right. The only issue is that I don’t.

I frown. Inhale. Exhale. I remind myself of what Itachi said, which is almost entirely the reason why I speak my next sentence.

“Okay, I’ll try a softer hand.”

Kakashi smiles, because he knows how big of an accomplishment it was to get me to say that. I will let him believe it’s his victory. I don’t give a damn.

“But I’m warning you in advance that we may experience some hiccups.”

I issue that disclaimer because this means relinquishing some of my control in the interest of fostering innovation. I don’t know what will happen. My team might fail. I don’t want that to be interpreted as a failure on my part.

“We’ll consider them learning experiences.”

-   -   -

He code named it CMI. Caring Manager Initiative. Apparently, even this requires an acronym. It’s like a bad joke.

This is, without a doubt, my least favorite project that I have ever been on. Ever.

I will have to update Kakashi on my progress next quarter. He’d outlined three action items for me to fulfill by the next quarter:

1.       Conducting Employee Reviews

2.       Showing Interest in Employee Activities

3.       Acknowledging Employee Achievements

I will record everything and act diligently and rationally at every step. If there is a failure, it will not be because I failed.


Phase I - Caring Manager Initiative
Conducting Employee Reviews

I can’t even express how much I hate conducting employee reviews.

I go over every detail of the person’s value to the company. I fixate on their accomplishments for about 70% of the review. They plead their case. They almost always want more money, and I can only acquiesce about half of the time. I listen to their hackneyed excuses with a seemingly empathetic nod, which Itachi once told me was actually pretty convincing.

With practiced ease, like a surgeon, I speak about “opportunities to improve,” because no one wants to be criticized. And this go around, it seems like I have to put the kiddie gloves on. God forbid I hurt anyone’s feelings.

So it’s with mixed relief and dread that I view Naruto’s name on my calendar as my next appointment.

Naruto comes into my office with a big grin.

“Alright, Bossman. Let’s get this show on the road!”

I have told him to stop calling me Bossman so many times that I’ve lost count.

“Sit down.”

Now he has to obey me. He does so without complaint, not realizing that this was a power play on my part. With employees like Naruto, establishing boundaries is key.

As annoyed as I am with him, I know that for once today, I can be honest. I never hold back with Naruto. He takes everything I could ever dish out…and throws it back in my face.

I can’t believe I haven’t fired him yet.

“Okay, Naruto. You know that your designs have, in theory, been…interesting.”

Naruto puffs up like a toad at the compliment and stares at me like he’d just triumphed over me. It makes me regret saying it.

“But when it comes to creating the prototypes and testing them, everything falls to shit. You don’t see your ideas through. That’s fatal. If a product doesn’t work, it’s useless.”

“So you’re calling my work useless?” Naruto bristles.

It is true that he hasn’t gotten a single product off the ground. He’s a dreamer.

“I’m saying that the devil’s in the detail.”

At this point, if it were anyone else, I’d be reassuring them of how valuable they are to the company and how integral they are to the team. I’d smile and talk to them about promotions and ask them to fill out company templates with their goals for the next year. But that would sound forced, because that’s not how Naruto and I talk.

Naruto puffs out his cheeks and pouts, and I feel like I’m talking to a teenager. People have probably told him he needs to be more detail-orientated, because God knows it’s true.

“There’s that, and the fact that you keep checking your cell phone during working hours and socializing with coworkers too often.”

Naruto smiles and gives an impish laugh.

“This is not funny.”

“So… I guess I’m not getting a raise, huh?” he asks sheepishly, still trying to lighten the situation.

“Now that was funny.”

“Oh, you are such a prick,” Naruto answers, amused by my attitude. He should be used to it at this point.

“Is that really what you want to say to your boss?”

“I’m in trouble, aren’t I?”

I dislike the fact that I have to bring this issue to his attention for him to resolve it. It demonstrates a lack of proactivity. In fact, in all aspects of the guy’s life… He’s so laid back and easygoing. Everything is always fine and well with him, and who cares what reality actually is. Such disregard for life’s priorities. I don’t get him, nor do I want to.

“You’ve been warned,” I answer. “I’m documenting it. Fix it, and we’ll have no problems.”

Naruto sighs, and again I feel like a parent. Naruto looks down and bites his lip, and I start thinking that maybe he’s more frustrated with himself than he is with me.


We continue the conversation. He didn’t call me Bossman again the entire meeting.

Stage II - Caring Manager Initiative
Showing Interest in Employee Activities

Konoha Corp has a club for public speaking, held every Wednesday at lunch time. As both a scientist and a businessman, I realize that scientists are not known for mixing well with the business world. Itachi always told me never to let one of my scientists talk to one of my investors.

Our employees come here for that extra polish. The moderator, Shizune, explained that today’s workshop would all be impromptu, two-minute speeches. She put everyone’s names in a bowl, and she’d draw each speaker out until the bowl emptied. Each person would have their own topic. Meanwhile, she’d videotape them on their phone.

Public speaking is one of my strengths, not that I particularly enjoy talking. I practiced for years and fancy myself an actor now.

And of course, Naruto is here. Of all the faces in the room, his was the one I expected to see the most. He thrives off of being the center of attention. Shizune now pulls a slip out of the bowl, and everyone is sweating around me. Naruto’s name is the first she pulls.

I can’t imagine how pleased he must be by this as he walks toward the lectern.

“And the topic is…”

A pause. Naruto is standing behind the lectern now.

“Your favorite food.”

No one’s looking at me, so I roll my eyes.

Clearly, he’s doing this to show off. He’s a bubbling extrovert. He’s going to crack a few jokes. People will laugh, because he’s damn good at making people laugh. I have no interest whatsoever in watching him puff up and prattle on for whatever acknowledgement his secretly insecure soul craves.

But then he starts speaking. My mind goes blank. I’m taken off guard. Shocked.

Shocked by how horrible he is at this.


He looks down at his feet, then paces a few steps.


He’s choking. I did not see this coming.

“Wow, uh…”

His body is very obviously shaking. I doubt anyone could miss it.

“Um… Give me a minute. I’m…” he stammers. “I’m off to some start, huh?”

The room gives a forced and sympathetic laugh that makes me want to cringe.

He’s a wreck.

But he’s trying. I have to say that for him. He’s earnest, and raw, and vulnerable, and… In a nutshell, everything that I’m not.

His face is bright red. I don’t know why, but my chest feels tight. This is painful to watch, yet I can’t take my eyes off of him. I find myself wishing that I could plant words on his tongue, which is ironic given that he generally never shuts the hell up.

“So, ramen…” he starts, gesturing with his arms. “It’s… It’s a hot food and… So, you know…”

Everyone is looking at him. I can’t explain it, but if anyone so much as snickers at his awkwardness, I would fire them on the spot.

If I were that shitty at public speaking, you couldn’t pay me to go up there and fumble, turn five different shades of red, and shake like a leaf. But he did, because he wants to improve. He took initiative. Still, it’s certainly not like I’m impressed by his pathetic attempt at a speech.

Well… Maybe just a little bit impressed.

He’s brave.

Braver than I gave him credit for.

I again remember Itachi telling me, “You’re afraid to fail.” It burns, and I swallow tight. It’s bad enough that he was right. Even worse that he’s dead, and now I’m thinking about it. I was not prepared to feel today. I clear my mind.

“You um… I like ramen because it’s easy to make and…”

“The time is up,” Shizune informed him with a smile.

He smiles, but his shoulders slump. I can’t blame him.

“And Mr. Uchiha, it’s so wonderful to have you join us today!”

Naruto looks at me, and his eyes widen to the size of golf balls. He is a stubborn thorn in my side, and I want to deck him every time he calls me “Bossman” in that same nauseatingly upbeat tone. Usually I’d jump at the chance to one up him, but this is very different. I hold eye contact with him for just an instant before addressing Shizune again.

“Yes, thank you, everyone. Nice work.”

Without a word, Naruto runs right out of the room, abandoning any attempt at composure and leaving his phone behind with Shizune. This isn’t like him. Was he going to… Unravel? Cry or something? Just because he now realizes I was watching?

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, trying to figure it out. This banter dialogue we’ve had going… He seems like he fixates on me. He’s…

Shit. I really hope this isn’t what I think it is.

All of this churns through my head as my face betrays nothing. I think that the power to pull an impeccable stone cold poker face in light of any situation runs in my family. Or maybe it’s learned. Whatever the case, it’s a valuable gift.

Meanwhile, people start murmuring and chatting about Naruto’s rushed exit.

“Shut up,” I say to everyone, firmly and just a little more loudly than I would in normal conversation.

In a heartbeat, the room goes so quiet you could hear a piece of paper hit the ground.


The meeting continues with my go ahead. I begrudgingly sit there and pretend to be interested. I pretend like I don’t want to leave that meeting right now and find Naruto. If I found him, what would I do? I don’t know. So why bother?

I see the meeting through to its dazzling completion and have accomplished my mission as Caring Manager for the day, though I admit that telling everyone to shut up was counterproductive. I should have known better, but it was worth it.

Stage III
Acknowledging Employee Achievements

I didn’t see Naruto again that day until the late hours of the evening. It’s ten, at which time the office is generally a ghost town. I could hear someone typing from the opposite side of the floor. We both had our respective deadlines to meet for the next morning, though me pulling all-nighters was nothing out of the norm.

I’m trying to eat my turkey sandwich and mark up my prototypes at the same time. I hear footsteps outside of my office and look to see Naruto trying to sneak past my door. He’s all too conspicuous in his attempts to avoid eye contact with me.

“Good job,” I say loudly enough for him to hear.

I thought he deserved it.

“Very funny, jackass.”

He knows what I’m referring to, naturally. He’s stopped outside of my office now.

“I’m not joking,” I answer.

He looks up at me, and there’s indecision in his eyes. He’s trying to read me, which he’s always been horrible at.

“Is that…an actual compliment?”

Naruto grins. It looks like gloating.

“It was pity.”


I have no idea why I just said that; it was a knee jerk reaction. I feel like I kicked a puppy in the face.

“No… It wasn’t pity.”

I’m frustrated with myself, because I can’t seem to pull this off without ruining it somehow.

“Look… If you haven’t noticed, sincerely complimenting people is not my strong suit. I thought I’d take your example and try something I suck at today.”

That was downright painful.

“You’ve got guts, Uzumaki.”

Naruto lights up like the sun and smiles at me, and if I’m going to follow that analogy, I feel like the rays have warmed me.

“Well…” Naruto pauses and then looks into my eyes again. “Good job, Bossman.”

He continues to smile at me, and the atmosphere grows stale. There’s an adage: always leave them wanting more.

“Have a good one. See you tomorrow.”

I give him a nod, and he issues that dramatic, almost frantic wave that he’s known for with a beaming grin. As he leaves my office and approaches the exit, I hear him hum under his breath. Why am I sad to hear him go?

I sigh and resist the temptation to insult him. CMI will be difficult; there’s no denying that. And of all of CMI’s challenges, Naruto will likely be the greatest. At the very least, today Naruto gave me a crash course on how to fail. As sick as it makes me to admit this, I should be learning from him.

Future Musical Number: Telemachus Vs. Justinian - The Fight

(( The lyrics Song, Ten Duel Commandment, belong to Lin-Manuel Miranda


There will be a musical number to follow up this. Also, let’s just say someone is making the kids sing this.

Camille belongs to @inklingleesquidly

Nebula belongs to @myzzy and @agenttwo

Celeste and Willow belong to @alpinesquid

Emerald and Sapphire belong to @son-of-joy and @twelvetailedkitsune ))

Lyrics kept under keep reading link due to length of post

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the signs as the ten duel commandments ayyy

1. the challenge - demand satisfaction, if they apologize, no need for further action: saggitarius

2. if they don’t, grab a friend, that’s your second, your lieutenant when there’s reckoning to be reckoned: cancer

3. have your seconds meet face to face, negotiate a peace or negotiate a time and place: gemini, capricorn

4. if they don’t reach a peace, that’s alright - time to get some pistols and a doctor on site - you pay him in advance, you treat him with civility, you have him turn around so he can have deniability: leo

5. duel before the sun is in the sky, pick a place to die where it’s high and dry: virgo, aquarius

6. leave a note for your next of kin, tell ‘em where you been - pray that hell or heaven lets you in: libra

7. confess your sins, ready for the moment of adrenaline when you finally face your opponent: taurus

8. your last chance to negotiate - send in your seconds, see if they can set the record straight: pisces

9. look ‘em in the eye, aim no higher, summon all the courage you require - then count: aries

10. ten paces - fire!: scorpio

Love is the great test of the human. The human is tested by our ability to withstand love. Love is so difficult, it is so challenging, it demands of us that we wreck it with ourselves. It demands of us an honesty that few of us could sustain.
—  Junot Díaz

“logan was an awful jerk!!! he was the worst!!”

k well maybe u forgot that he:

  • respected rory as a reporter (he literally gives her the nickname ‘ace’. he’s literally calling her a great reporter)
  • he comforted rory when her boyfriend broke up with her in public 
  • was upfront to rory about what kind of guy he was (he told her that he had only had casual rel. before. he didnt hide it and understood that rory didnt feel the same)
  • lent his car and driver to rory bc her mom was upset 
  • he asked her for permission before they had sex. he. literally. asked. for. her. consent.
  • he recognized his feelings for rory and gave up his other casual relationships bc he liked her sm
  • he stood up to his shitty family who were awful to her
  • he understood that she was upset and wanted to talk to her about it
  • understood that rory needed to make her own decisions about school. (i know a lot of ppl hate him for this but honestly…wtf was he supposed to do? he challenged her by not demanding that she go back— he let her do what she thought was best for her)
  • the entire vineyard valentine episode
  • he respected lorelai and all the work that she went through in running away raising rory. he makes an effort to understand her and her relationship with rory.
  • “if you come with me i wont get on the plane”
  • the love rocket
  • he literally got so happy and excited about work and he was super good at it. a real work dork
  • faked a meteor shower
  • “im tired of not being around you.”
  • accepted that he made the wrong decision and took responsibility for it
  • denounced his family and gave up his wealth to start fresh and work hard to earn his own money
  • “I want to work. I’m ready to work. And I want to work hard.” 

It’s crazy how much things change.
Back in 2013 I participated in my first Goruck. I wasn’t at my heaviest (I had started hiking and rucking about a month prior so I had begun to lose some weight). I struggled throughout that entire event but my team pushed me through and that was the beginning of my love for group and endurance events alike. It was also the start of my fitness journey. If I wanted to continue doing these physically demanding challenges I had to get into shape.

It has been an extremely rocky and inconsistent journey (up until January 2016). I would lose weight, gain it back, and that cycle continued. In January I got rid of my excuses and traded them for results. I’m now down 43lbs since my heaviest weight (23 of those pounds in the last 6 months) and I feeling amazing. I’ve taken my life back and I’m loving it. I’m looking for 5 others who want to take their life back too. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey or in life, if you want to make some permanent changes and crush your goals email me here 📩

Getting healthier has changed my life and I’m committed to paying it forward. Maybe it’s your time too. Let me help.

(Me as a Police Officer: Miranda Rights)

Me: Sir, you are under arrest. These are your Miranda rights. Number One: The challenge demands satisfaction. If they apologize, no need for further action. Number Two: If they don’t grab a friend, that’s your second….

My partner: Officer, you’re saying the Lin-Manuel Miranda rights again.

Me: Oh? Sorry. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you….

Here’s an idea I’ve had for a lyricstuck Undertale video for the song Ten Duel Commandments from Hamilton

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, (Frisk is falling down Mt. Ebott)

9! (Frisk lands in the flower patch)

It’s the ten duel commandments! (Flowey explaining how fighting works)

It’s the ten duel commandments! (Toriel explains Frisk how to deal with monsters, demonstrating with the dummy)

Number 1! (title)

The challenge: demand satisfaction. If they apologize, no need for further action (Frisk hugging Toriel in the exit to the Ruins)

Number 2! 

If they don’t, grab a friend that’s your second (Frisk meeting Papyrus and Sans)

Your lieutenant when there’s reckoning to be reckoned (Sans threatening Frisk not to fight Papyrus)

Number 3!

Have your seconds meet face to face (Frisk and Papyrus meeting face to face)

Negotiate a peace… or negotiate a time and place (on the left, Frisk extending their hands in peace. On the right, Frisk with Chara’s glowing eyes)

This is commonplace, especially between recruits, most disputes die and no one shoots (Frisk, Papyrus and Sans hanging out and having their “date” in their house)

Number 4!

If they don’t reach a peace, that’s alright! (Papyrus meeting with Undyne in her armor)

Time to get a pistol and a doctor on site (Alphys watching Frisk pick up the gun)

You pay him in advance, you treat him with civility (Frisk and Alphys hanging out in her lab) (you can change the pronouns to she if you want)

You have him turn around so he can have deniability (Alphys not looking at the screen when Frisk and Undyne are about to have their fight)


Duel before the sun is in the sky, pick a place to die where it’s high and dry (Undyne standing on that mountain thing before her fight with Frisk)

Number 6!

Leave a note for your next of kin (Alphys’ note)

Tell them where you’ve been, pray that hell or heaven let you in (Alphys with her amalgamates in the True Lab)


Confess your sins (Chara facing Genocide!Undyne)

Ready for the moment of adrenaline when you finally face your opponent (Frisk facing Undyne when her house is on fire)

Number 8!

Your last chance to negotiate (Chara and Sans in the Last Corridor)

Send in your seconds, see if they can set the record straight (Close up of Chara’s and Sans’ faces)

Alexander (Sans talking, change to ‘human’)

Aaron Burr, sir (Chara talking, change to ‘Skeleton, Sans)

Can we agree that duels are dumb and immature? (Sans talking)

Sure, but your man has to answer to his words, Burr (Chara talking talking, change to ‘but your kind has to answer to my call, Sans)

With his life? We both know that’s absurd, sir (Sans talking, change to ‘with our souls? we both know that’s absurd, kid)

Hang on, how many men died because Lee was inexperienced and ruinous? (Chara talking, change to ‘hold on, how many souls died because I was genocidal and ruinous?’)

Okay, so we’re doing this (Sans talking)

Number 9!

Look him in the eyes, aim no higher, summon all the courage you require (Staring at Sans’s eyes)

Then count!

1 (Napstablook)

2 (Toriel)

3 (Papyrus)

4 (Undyne)

5 (Muffet)

6 (Mettaton)

7 (Asgore)

8 (Omega Flowey)

9 (Asriel)

Number 10! (Sans)

Paces! Fire! (Chara jumps at Sans with their knife, Sans makes the bones come out of the ground)

I had my *precious* rest day last Sunday so I played some Farcry 4 (darn eagles and honey badgers ughghgh) and worked on this new drawing - which is also my year-ender artwork for 2014! ♥ ♥

The title is “Bloom in Adversity”

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in difficult situations, sometimes we get stuck in an unfamiliar environment that we are not much comfortable with. Because of this, we get the urge to just get up and leave! >3< But what if, for some important reason/s, we can’t leave?

Because in life, I’ve learned that yes, sometimes, we do get “stuck”. I’ve refused to believe this too before, but it turns out that it really does happen.There are certain situations that just cannot be avoided, certain sticky places that just have no “other way around”..Certain challenges that demand to be faced (especially if it’s something we encounter on the way to our dreams!)´・ᴗ・`

What do we do when faced with situations like this? We “bloom” of course! ✿ Wait what on earth do I mean, you say? :)) Yeah it might sound a little bit too annoyingly optimistic, but for one it sure beats whining and complaining, which doesn’t really get anything done, hahaha (゜▽゜;) And by “blooming”, I mean getting through with these certain consequences by being ourselves and by doing it in our own way. Like in the drawing, being surrounded by prickly and thorny cacti doesn’t mean you have to grow thorns too. (Does that even make sense? I don’t know but I sure hope it does for you hahaha)

Sometimes we adapt too much when faced with a problem that we lose sight of what we really are. Sometimes we lose too much of ourselves when trying to solve things! >A< I think we really have to be careful with that~ :3

Well that sums up my year 2014! :D Faced lots of challenges, stepped up to new responsibilities (hence busier schedule), walked on unfamiliar territory (example: planned a convention with my friends WTH HOW EVEN), and yet, yup, I’m still me. :D Improved a bit, but I’m still me hahaha (゜▼゜*)

I’ve had a wonderful, happy, bumpy year! Cheers to the next one! :D

PS. I might sell this as a print so please do not repost without permission and absolutely please do not reprint, okay? ♥ Thank you! (´ヮ`)

New and Growing Concerns

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Dinner with Da

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Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

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A day in the life of a recruit at Kapooka

Australian Army recruits complete soldier training at the Army Recruit Training Centre, Kapooka, near Wagga Wagga, before becoming full-time soldiers. The 80-day recruit course is physically challenging and mentally demanding. Over this period, recruits progress through increasing levels of physical and mental challenges, learning the basics of soldiering including the use of infantry weapons, navigation, communications, drill, military ethos and leadership.

The training centre’s mission is to develop and deliver quality recruit training in order to produce exceptional Australian soldiers. Before ‘marching out’ to commence their initial employment training and career in the Australian Army, recruits must adapt and be comfortable in uncertain, volatile, complex and ambiguous situations to help them succeed on the battlefield. While challenging, training is designed to prepare recruits to serve their country and uphold the Australian Army values – courage, initiative, respect and teamwork.

1JPAU at work : Photography by CPL Jake Sims

April Update: New Challenges

The battered remnants of the Reef are mopping up the lingering Taken forces throughout the system. The worst have been captured by the Awoken and await judgment in the Prison of Elders, but a pretender to Oryx’s vacant throne has escaped Variks’ vengeful grasp. Hunt the dark beast down before he grows too powerful and reap the rewards that await you. The April Update is available on 4.12.2016 for all Destiny: The Taken King players.


Max Light Level Raised

New challenges demand that you become even more powerful to overcome them. Difficulty and Rewards have both been increased in Prison of Elders, Court of Oryx, Heroic Strikes, Nightfall Strikes, and in the King’s Fall Raid, as well as Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris.

Return to the Prison

For the first time, face the Taken and eight updated bosses in a Level 41 version of Prison of Elders. Visit Variks to partake in a brand new mode, Challenge of the Elders, featuring scoring, weekly boss battles, gameplay twists, and rewards.

Claim an Elders’ Sigil from Variks each week in The Reef, and put your Fireteam to the test against three consecutive boss waves. The bosses and the gameplay modifiers change each week, for a total of sixteen unique encounters. Your score is tracked on the Elders’ Sigil, and on Leaderboards.

New quest featuring the Blighted Chalice Strike

The Taken King is dead. Yet still his armies yet claw at our worlds. Even as you led the assault on the Dreadnaught, a powerful would-be Taken Prince fled for the safety of the shadows. Hunt him down before he grows too powerful.

Taken Strike: Winter’s Run

A cell, from the Prison of Elders! The Taken now corrupt this territory where the Fallen House of Winter once attempted to raise a powerful Archon Priest. Fight your way to the cell. Stop the Taken surge.

Updated Difficulty and Rewards for King’s Fall and Court of Oryx

Kingsfall Normal drops increased to light level 320. Kingsfall Hard drops increased to light level 330. Court of Oryx Artifact Drops increased to light level 335


(aka this is what happens when I’ve got an early morning math class and have Hamilton songs stuck in my head)

The challenge, demand a special kind
Of map from a vector space to the real line.

Grab a vector, then grab a second,
This map should have some form of linearity, we reckon.

Have your vectors add side by side,
If they switch their order, the answer still should coincide.
This is commonplace, if you multiply ‘em too,
Constants factor out like they always do!

If they don’t, check your map, it isn’t right.
Time to break it down with a basis on site.
You add ‘em in advance, you scale ‘em with disparity,
You have ‘em switch around so you can have that linearity.

Dualspace bases have a pattern they abide!
Kronecker delta combos, keep your answers all nice!

Leave some scratchwork for your math friends,
Tell ‘em what you think,
Work in pencil, never pen.

To your chagrin,
You’re ready for that moment of confusion
When you finally face your damn homework.

Your last chance to elucidate,
Look at the definition, make sure you have got the record straight…

Take your vector,
If it’s finite, sure
But that assumption can be dumb and immature,
What’s the cure? Got to take some sequences that are obscure, sure,
With an uncountable basis, it’s absurd, err,
Hang on, how many spaces fail because this map is algebraic not continuous?
Okay, so we’re extending this.

Look at whatever metric you desire,
Summon all the courage you require,

Then count
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine,
Number Ten! Basis! Fire!

Va Ehenív: The Language of The Gerudo Tribe on Duolingo’s BIGGEST Challenge...The Demand!

I got some information about how to make Ehenív on Duolingo a reality…and ay pæshkoit’s going to be one heck of an effort!!!

Oh, and I found out that High Valyrian IS indeed David J. Peterson! (his original language from Game of Thrones…at least his avatar for it looks exactly like him and his name is very DJP-style!)

(this excerpt is from Reddit forums…one chap asked how to request a language)

CHAP: Is there a way to request a language?
FORUM MEMBER: Duolingo creates a language course if/when they:

1. see no technical or linguistic hurdles to do so;
2. see that there is a demand for the course – and “demand” doesn’t mean “one excited guy”, but “tens of thousands of people who will persevere through at least half of the course”;
3. find a group of volunteers to make the course – and not everybody can be a volunteer;
4.find time to do so – they cannot have too many courses being developed at the same time, so they have to prioritise.


With that in mind: Only #2 is DESPERATELY needed! (I actually know #1, #3 and #4 are attainable, especially because I will be doing all the work on this! No problems on my end!)

So, item #2 is where the REAL challenge lies…I NEED lots of people to help me with that one. I need (and I hope you will, too!) spread the word! I’m already going to hit up Tumblr for help. That should give me MAYBE 10 people…

Re-blog this, please if you want to help this dream of mine become a reality! Get the word out to as many people as possible! 

(at least one of those 1,000+ people would want to learn Ganondorf’s/Nabooru’s native language and not just for fan-fics…though, that too, is more than ok!! This language is designed for both students and especially fan-fic authors!! )