River’s cure for boredom.

An idea forms.

Sizing up the distance…

Behold–the one-armed couch climb!  (River loves a good challenge.)

She conquered the couch like a boss!

Simon’s cure for boredom:

Hmm…nope!  Guess I’ll go play with my truck some more. (Simon prefers the status quo.)

Klaine Valentine’s Challenge

Day 10: Thinking Out Loud

College!Klaine AU + badboy!Blaine :)

1339 words


Kurt knew that people at NYU would talk when he started dating Blaine Anderson. He just didn’t expect them to still keep doing that after they had been dating for six months already and had no intentions of stopping.

Apparently, everyone was still convinced that either Blaine was playing some kind of game or Kurt was making him wait and didn’t want to put out, because there was no way that Blaine Anderson, the residential badass and lothario of NYU, would last in a committed relationship.

But Kurt had learnt a long time ago to live with people whispering behind his back, so he kept ignoring them, trying to convince Blaine to do the same and he reluctantly agreed, although he still kept scowling in the direction of everyone that dared to say something to him or Kurt, making them shut up, at least until they disappeared from his sight. It wasn’t nice or easy, but that was how the things were – there was nothing they could do about it. Or, at least that was what Kurt thought.

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General Sci-fi


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We went to an expensive neighborhood- for cheap food. I got carried away buying $12 of food, plus a $4 purchase in order to convince the young lady to let us use the restroom- we had a lot of liquids.

It was shell shocking.

Not because it was $14 spent- even though I had planned to spend $6- but because of the conversation in the car. My friend asked if I wanted to go the moves on Saturday. The price of the ticket was $12, and then they are going to dinner for $20- that’s $32. And something about a hotpot bbq in the near future- $25.

I’ve always been the little ant that saved for the winter. I love having scraps in my pockets and not spending it. Im addicted to seeing growth. I love half-ing my food and picking up the bill for those who can’t- I like sharing.

I might not make it, I said. He said he’d buy me time to pay back. I don’t like the idea of handouts or loans.

I expressed to him as I thought about about my father; as I thought about my mother- this is reality for now. This life- even breathing-is a luxury. But ironically im happy in this mourning process. This has been a golden gift. I came home freezing and went to sleep in a warm bed. I woke up to nothing- no binding thought; except my little room, paper and pen. In a few ill eat food and mourn- the cycle will repeat. There is a peace in the simplicity of nothing. There is calm in nothing. There are no attachments or desires in nothing. There is stillness in nothing.

Our allotment of money is based on necessity only; we bought fry pans yesterday. I encouraged my father to not buy clothing: he’s flashy/classy/pristine- fedora and dress pants- my polar opposite; I buy a new article every 8 months, maybe: I’m use to the life of a monk- I embrace it- I trust in the universe to provide and it does.

The ancients were right. As you take focus on helping yourself first- then And only then can you truly help another; my actions help more and speak louder than my words can ever- it’s imperative to remain strong- I’d like to be weak- but I’ve seen the backlash of accepting weakness… It’s too costly.


Good morning!

I love this. No matter how many times I’ve had people shake their heads at me, I always remember these words. It’s all about your perspective anyway.

Happy Thursday!