2016 Planner Printables

Hi! The New Year is approaching rapidly, so I’ve been thinking a lot about planning, and what method I’m going to try next month… The beggining of a new year after all!! (for us planning freaks, this is a really big deal)

I’ve gathered a bunch of material that I found all around, from different websites and blogs of talented people, that definitely inspired me to make my own planner.

Nothing in here is mine. I’ve linked directly to the file in question so this is a whole lot faster for both you and me, so I’m writing the author next to it. If you, reading this, are the author of one of the files, and want me to take it down or feel uncomfortable with this, then please inform me, I will do so!

 And don’t forget these printables are for personal use only.

Useful things:

More studying directed:

Blank pages:


Dividers with quotes:



Good luck! Happy New Year Planning!! 

Here’s the thing: queer people are not optional. We don’t appear at a certain time or place in life. We’re always here. If you mean to teach kids about the world, you have to teach them about queer people in the same way that you have to teach kids that people have different religions than you, or different hobbies, or different diets. Otherwise, you’re not protecting kids. You’re giving them false information, which is confusing at best, and damaging at worse.
We are always going to have challenges. When we make it through one, another one is going to come along. Life is unpredictable. You can’t always see what’s coming next, and you have to be okay with that. Make decisions that you think are best for you, but accept that things might not go the way you planned.
—  Laura Brown

Thought maybe someone might find this useful??? Cause I did it for me, but fandom is family so… SHARE TO SPARE A LIFE and the struggle to make straight damn columns ( yes, Ivan, they totally look right )

AND: Some of the combinations turn out pretty interesting 8D

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How to Connect with NASA

We’re the nation’s space agency, but that doesn’t mean you have to travel to the depths of the universe to stay connected with the awesome stuff we’re doing. There are actually some really easy ways to stay updated on all things space. Check them out:


We have lots of apps for smartphones and tablets that will make it easier than ever to stay connected to space. Here are a few to pique your interest:  

  • NASA App: Showcases a huge collection of the latest content, including images, videos, mission information, stories, space station sighting opportunities and more! Download: Apple/Android
  • NASA Spinoff App: This application profiles the best examples of technology that have been transferred from NASA research and missions into commercial products. From life-saving satellite systems to hospital robots, our technologies benefit society. Download: Apple
  • NASA 3DV App: The 3DV mobile app allows you to examine several of our Deep Space Exploration projects that will take our space program to asteroids, Mars and beyond! Download: Apple/Android
  • Spacecraft 3D: This augmented reality (AR) application lets you learn about and interact with a variety of spacecraft that are used to explore our solar system, study Earth and observe the universe. Download: Apple/Android

Competitions and Challenges

NASA Solve is an invitation to members of the public to contribute their time and expertise to solving problems and potentially winning prizes as a result of their work. This is a great way for individual members of the public to be a part of the nation’s space program. For a complete list of current challenges and competitions, visit THIS page.

Citizen Science

You don’t have to be a NASA employee to engage in the fun of interpreting scientific data and imagery from our many spacecraft and missions. As part of our Open Government plan, our goal is to promote transparency, participation and collaboration. By expanding the research base and using open innovation, we are all able to benefit from the accumulated findings. You can find data from our missions, research and activities HERE.

Email and Social Media

We have a wide-range of social media accounts here at NASA. Everything from Earth Science to the Mars Curiosity Rover, you can stay updated on many of our missions on many popular social media sites. For a full list of our accounts, visit THIS page.

If you’d like to get space news delivered straight to your inbox, you can sign up for updates and manage preferences HERE.

NASA Socials

What is a NASA Social? We’re glad you asked! These programs provide opportunities for our social media followers to learn and share information about our missions, people and programs. NASA Social includes both special in-person events and social media credentials for individuals who share the news in a significant way. Social events provide the participants with the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at our facilities and events and speak with scientists engineers, astronauts and managers. Visit THIS page for a list of upcoming NASA Social opportunities.

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