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Grilled cheese: an infinite source of love, energy, and consciousness.

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We are infinite beings—spirits of this and virtual reality.

  • The 100 hides from its true power.
  • Nail art: The truest reflection of your innerself.

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  • German Bus Stops (@genghir​): Rapid transit transcendence.
  • Goat of the Day (@goatoftheday​): Blessings with beards.

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Hey everyone! I’m excited to share with you a bird art project: Decembird!

Justine (the other Bartels Intern and astoundingly great bird/wildlife artist–website here) and I were discussing developing a little birdy challenge for ourselves in December, since Inktober was so much fun. It morphed into the challenge you see above, and we realized other bird-inclined artists (or people who want to get better at birds!) might enjoy it, too. You can use the prompt list if you like, but the important thing is to have 31 drawings of birds by the time 2017 rolls around.

Inspired by Jake Parker’s fantastic Inktober challenge, Decembird invites you have fun making birdy art and to grow as an artist. Tag your Decembirds with #Decembird and #decembird2016 if you want to take part!

I look forward to getting better at birds with you! :)

Peggy spent so long trying to find a way to make her colleagues respect her, but what she realized was that you don’t need validation from others to feel important. Peggy Carter is such an impressive role model for girls to watch on television. She even rejected Sousa’s offer for a date, opting to move in with Angie instead (I can hear the Cartinelli shippers cheering from here). It’s a fantastic ending that completely challenged the way we wanted the story to go. Regardless, we know she eventually gets her due, going down in history as one of the greatest agents in SHIELD history.
—  Agent Carter: A Hero’s Value (X)

OTP challenge day 4 - on a date

Photobooth date! I have no idea what all the cool kids wear.

I shouldn’t have done this, my style is super inconsistent! aaahaha “style” oh well it was fun!


Art Writer’s Wednesday 13 - Tumblr Artist

Nydia Lilian | on Tumblr (b.1985, Mexico) - I saw people running (2012)

Nydia Lilian is a 28-year-old photographer & graphic designer from Monterrey, Mexico. One of her greatest passions is traveling, being the perfect combination between her craft and meeting and documenting new places. She was the typical daydreamer, traveling inside her vivid imagination and with a strong inner world. Now, all this is projected in her professional work, creating new, fantastic alternate dimensions. Her biggest challenge in recent years has been finding mysterious insight into images with a minimalist treatment. Working purely in black and white, she concentrates her energies in capturing light. Leslie Seuffert interviewed Nydia Lilian for Artchipel Art Writer’s Wednesday #13.

Leslie Seuffert for Artchipel: How did you get into photography? Do you come from a family of photographers?
NL: I started with digital photography when I was 13, mostly taking self-portraits and silly photographs. I got my first reflex camera for a photography course in 2006 and began taking things more seriously. My dad had a 1970’s Pentax that he gave me as a gift when I was student, but for he looks at this as merely a hobby.

LS:  Can you tell us about your educational background?
NL: I graduated from The Graphic Design and Publicity CEDIM in 2008, I took a Minimal Photography course in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2010, and Creative Composition Photography in Canada in 2011.

LS: How would you describe your creative process?
NL: I currently am using a Nikon D800 with a 24-70 sigma lens, 70-200 sigma and 50mm Nikon. For me, the digital edition process is very important, to apply the black and white color settings for example. I often use the Dodge and Burn technique to enhance some important sections of the composition.

LS: What are you trying to convey through your photography?
NL: I suppose I’m trying to share my innermost thoughts. I am a very visual person and always feel the need to express my thoughts through the drawing or the photography. I also like to challenge the viewer and make them wonder when the digital manipulation starts and where it ends. I particularly am drawn to black and white photography because I see it as an alternate way of viewing the world.

LS: Do you have a favorite piece? Why?
NL: The “I saw people running” series. I attempted to capture what the end of the world would look like from a chaotic perspective.

LS: What has been your biggest achievement to date?
NL: I think that my best achievement so far is to have the liberty to mix together my personal and commercial work. For example, I’m currently on the process of selling some photo licenses of my personal work for a mayor brand in the USA, which is pretty exciting.

LS: How do you use Tumblr to help you as an artist? 
NL: In 2009 I joined Tumblr, uploaded works of my favorites artists and my personal artwork. Shortly, I realized that Tumblr paid much more attention to artists than I had thought. I want to take the opportunity to thank you Leslie Seuffert. As a former Artists on Tumblr Tag Editor, you have helped greatly to find an audience for my work.

LS: Where do you see yourself in a year?
NL: Hopefully, traveling.

Nydia Lilian’s work has been published in several renowned art sites such as Empty Kingdom, The Creators Project and Flavorwire to name a few. She can be found with updated posts on her Website, Behance, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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