challengers assemble


human size Peridots, made to commission. They took a looot of time to be made and it was quite a challenge to find and assemble wires to support their weight >__<”” But I guess they came out great! :D  
They are ~175-180 cm tall (they are significantly taller than me, lol XD) and are full poseable. Limb Enhancers on those are not removable. 

I can make more by request, but I need to warn upfront that they are not cheap (obviously), and require a lot of time to be made (I guess, obviously too). Also, please be sure first it is allowed to send parcels this big to your country without making you pay outrageous import taxes ._.”” 

Transvengers Prompt Meme

Let’s get this party started!

Give me a character, their gender (optional), and a number, and I will write for you a thing.

  1. First binder/bra/other underthing
  2. Lessons in passing
  3. Well-meaning but insensitive coworker/teammate/etc.
  4. That one person on the team who doesn’t know
  5. Realizing there’s a word for who they are
  6. About to hook up with someone who doesn’t know
  7. About to hook up, and no one’s sure where everything goes
  8. I can totally explain that thing you just found in my stuff.
  9. Meeting their partner’s family
  10. Finding acceptance for the first time
  11. Everyone is trans/intersex/genderfluid but no one knows
  12. Everyone is trans/intersex/genderfluid but only one person knows
  13. We can has babies yes? No? Maybe?
  14. No-powers AU, searching for a job post-transition
  15. College AU, coming back to school after starting transition over the summer
  16. College AU, my professor keeps calling me by the wrong name
  17. College AU, roommate awkwardness
  18. I spilled spaghetti sauce on my binder, can I borrow one of yours?
  19. Raiding each other’s closets
  20. I found this in your closet while looking for a weapon/roomba, I know this is awkward, but can i please borrow it?
  21. Hey, how do I wash this?
  22. Someone says something during a media interview and panics
  23. Someone says something during a media interview, lies, and feels guilty about it
  24. Someone says something during a media interview and ends up saying something awesome
  25. Someone’s kid is transgender
  26. No I’m not ‘just really gay’
  27. Somebody’s past catches up to them