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What’s in my bag Tag

A’ight, I was tagged to do this by the lovely @bonehlda​ and @qvoix​ (thank you, boos) ♡ Honestly, I never use a bag outside of uni? Sooo here it is! In my bag, I have:

  • Laptop
  • Hand cream (because I constantly get asked if I have any soo)
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses (for the two days a year when it’s sunny)
  • Umbrella (for the many other days with rain)
  • A lil’ pouch containing band-aids, oil blotting paper, wet wipes, hair ties and perfume
  • Not pictured: random paper, pencils, laptop charger and pads lmao

I tag @simlydarling, @sul-sul, @stephanine-sims, @thesadnesshotline​, @purrsephonesims, @asleepmoodlet and @our-dazed-sims to do this! Show me whatchu got ;^D

What’s In Your Bag, Andromeda Black?

Reporter: Thank you ever so for agreeing to this interview, Ms. Black! Witch Weekly is thrilled to feature you! 

Andromeda: I’m so pleased–

Reporter: Of course, of course! My, my, the middle of three sisters; of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black; a recent graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; a charms student; a Slytherin! Ready to carry on the family legacy? 

Andromeda: Of course.

Reporter: Excellent! I for one cannot wait to hear about your future plans. Big sister Bellatrix married to one of the Lestrange brothers just this year! There’s two more brothers, aren’t there? Perhaps you’ll be next?

Andromeda: Perhaps.

Reporter: Yes, well, let’s get down to the important questions, shall we? What are you carrying in that bag of yours?

Reporter: *writes down “Be the person your dog thinks you are.”*

Reporter: Oh. Do you mean your cousin, Sirius Black? Another Hogwarts student, is he not?

Andromeda: Of course!

Reporter: But not, I think, a member of Slytherin Hou–

Andromeda: Have you ever seen this? A Muggle charm, they call it lipstick!

Reporter: And what’s this?

Andromeda: A memory…

Reporter: Are those…?

Reporter: Is this one of your spells?

Andromeda: Err, no…

Reporter: What else, Ms. Black? Our readers are just dying to know!

Reporter: *having discovered another vial, this one bright green* Ah! Slytherin colors, clearly the work of a excellent Potion maker.

Andromeda: *finally finds something of her own*

Reporter: And who’s that from? A secret admirer?

Andromeda: A friend. He–

Reporter: He?!

Andromeda: It was a gift. My friend is Muggle-born.

Reporter: Oh, how peculiar. Can you demonstrate?

Andromeda: I’ve begun a bit of a collection. I keep a bottle of Amoretentia in this–

Reporter: And what does Amortentia smell like to you?

Andromeda: Here, have a whiff!

Reporter: That’s not how…ah, orange blossoms… *reporter is distracted by their Amortentia and declines to ask further questions*

Andromeda: Oh! This is interesting! My friend gave me this Muggle book.

Reporter: Ms. Black, Virginia Woolf was a Witch!

Reporter: *finding something strange at the bottom of Andromeda’s bag* Ms. Black, what are these?

Andromeda: Oh, well, my friend–Ted–he thinks I squint, that I need something Muggles call glasses. I haven’t worn them yet…

Reporter: Would you try them on now?

Andromeda: *realizes her eyesight is improved*

Gia: Having finally gotten around to filming one of these I found Andromeda Black had the most to say or in this case, the most to withhold. @kapitan5o came up with this idea, and the HP RP community fell in love with it, as we all fell in love with the Plant Daddy.

Sidney Crosby - The Annoucement

Hey could I get a telling your husband sidney crosby youre pregnant please!

Originally posted by ehghtyseven

A/N I had soo much fun writing this.  I was grinning the whole time.  I hope you find it as cute as i do. 

You tipped toed into the locker room, praying that you made it over to hide behind Geno and Fleury, before your husband noticed you were there.  They were happy to help you surprise Sid, especially since it involved a series of pranks.  Once you were hidden from view you gave Kris letang a thumb up to start the first part.  

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@universi-tea‘s 30 day back to school challenge (x)

3/30 - what’s in your bag?

  • Backpack from Ecocity
  • Bullet Journal - gridlined Moleskine
  • Notepad - Extra Large ruled Moleskine, for Ph.D. notes
  • Book Journal from Paperchase for keeping track of my bibliography
  • Slim pencil case from Paperchase
  • Mildliners + papermate pens
  • Charity Pot from Lush
  • Lipstick of the day - today’s was Ted Baker, Nude

Also, thank you for 500 followers!

Bloom Ch. 2 (biadore)- Taurus's Splattered C*nt

A/N- We’re back back back back back again! Your favourite triple threat is back. Sorry for the wait, we hope you continue to enjoy this story and feel free to leave feedback. Thanks for all the love and support!

I just want to put it out there that our group chat gives me life. I have learned so far that Taurus and I are going to get married and move in with C*nt and Mrs. C*nt to mooch off of them. Also, Taurus is a ninja spy and has a really hot voice, and both of them are really freaking pretty and it’s not fair because I’m a toe (YOU ARE NOT A TOE YOU ARE AN ETHREAL GODDESS OF THE OCEAN -C*nt [She’s lying. I’m a toe. -Splatt]). That is all. Love you two ladies! That’s all. Hope you all enjoy! (C*nt and Taurus didn’t know what to put for an author’s note so I got to write it! Yay!)

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Finally decided to do a “What’s in my bag”!
The bag I use is a yellow “Fjällräven Kånken” backpack. I love the colour and since I have problems with my back I really need to use a backpack.

In my bag I always carry:

• My wallet, it’s quite big but I like that.

• The book I’m reading at the time. Right now it’s “A feast of crows”, the fourth book in George RR Martins ASOIAF (Game of Thrones).

• My pencil case and my Bullet Journal (a Moleskine).

• My sunglasses.

• A box with sanitary napkins, always good to have in case you’ve forgot that your period is coming.

• Chewing gum, an AMAZING chapstick and some painkillers since I always get a headache (I need glasses…).

• Some plaster since I tend to get blisters.

• And last but not least; my iPad and my headphones (Urban Ears). I use them all the time, couldn’t live without it.

November 12: Books and Bag

November Book Photography Challenge @happybibliosaurus

My newest library reads: Vision in Silver and Heir of Fire