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Feeling the pressure of being a female guitarist, because no matter how good you are, if you make a single mistake, the douchebag male lead guitarists will launch into their "Girls can't play guitar, they're all shit, its a well known fact" speech


Being a female guitarist, I think it’s okay to chip in a couple cents here,
I feel like we should all work together to kill this pressure! What makes our hands so different from a man’s? We all got the same fingers and muscles and stuff, and to tell you the truth, I think I’ve been lucky that my guy friends admitted that I was pretty good as a guitar player not as a girl who plays guitar. The only reason people believe this is because some people (dudes, chicks, but chicks do this more for some reason from where I come from anyway) like to learn like 4 chords on the guitar then brag about it, and carry around their fenders, gibsons, and yamahas then struggle to play a C/G chord. Now that doesn’t mean all girls do that because guys do it too. Just not as much (here). Now that I think of it I was the only girl at my school who really played guitar so my guy friends would always wanna challenge me and stuff. I was lucky imo because I rarely felt the pressure, but for those of you who got it, I think we all got your back. I just love it when we can play better than some of the guys who say girls can’t play guitar too tbh. If you’re gonna tell me I can’t play, it better not be because I’m a girl, and you can guitar battle me to the death.

And for any one disagreeing

this woman played with Tony Iommi

I mean Joan ayoo

And she plays for Jeff Beck and is one of the greatest bassists ever. Guitarist equality lol. Anyone can be good just like anyone can suck


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