challenge: naruto


30 Day Character Challenge

Day 10 — A character who taught you something about real life

 Uzumaki Naruto [ Naruto ]

naruto would always love to shout to the world that he loves sasuke and kiss him at every moment of the day to show the world he loves him.

but, he knows sasuke isn’t comfortable with doing or saying anything private and intimate out in public – so naruto respects that.

instead, he shows his love in other ways: naruto surprises him with a lunch together on the top of the hokage mountain or touches him lightly on the shoulder when other people are around or when their eyes meet, and he smiles at sasuke with a look full of so much love that it makes sasuke’s breath catch because sometimes it’s still hard to believe that he has avenged his family, has changed the world so what happened to his clan won’t happen again

and that he’s with naruto, the one who never gave up on him when everyone else did, the one who never stopped chasing him, the one and only person he thinks of as his equal, and the one that he loves so, so deeply it hurts –

their love is not blatant. it isn’t shouted from the rooftops or declared with intimate kisses in daylight. it is hidden in the minutiae of their lives, in glances, in the brush of fingertips against skin, in “stay safe” and “be careful” and “welcome home” and “i’m back”.

they are the sun and the moon, the yin and yang, soulmates

My gift exchange to thecelestialmaiden

Naruto and Sakura ice skating (you wanted fluff xD) Cause lets face it if these two go ice skating they will be tripping over themselves, stupidly beautiful dorks~

Thank goodness I was able to finish this on time (since I have been pretty inactive) Sorry about that but I’ll be back on track once the holiday season is over :) anywho Happy Holiday~ I hope you have a lovely one~!