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Oh my god your art is amazing. If you're taking requests, could you try Remus Lupin w/ the Mountainous palette? thank youuu

Thank you so much!

And here he is.

Seems like Remus snuck out of Hogwarts again. Maybe to enjoy the night air, maybe to prepare a prank, who knows!

Let’s hope he doesn‘t get caught!

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Decided to jump on the “dancing OC pairing headcanon” bandwagon for my OC Reena and Arcann! 

Arcann… doesn’t dance.

Reena likes dancing but doesn’t really know how.

Both of them actually attempting to “dance” culminates into something like this:

So slow dancing, while rare, is mostly not dancing at all. They’re content just swaying in place, reveling in their shared peace.

Sherlock Character asks

Sherlock Holmes - My favourite movie, TV show and book

John Watson - A fictional character I’d like as a flatmate

Mycroft Holmes - My mbti type

Jim Moriarty - My favourite band.

Sebastian Moran - My Top 3 favourite albums

Molly Hooper - My Hogwarts House

Eurus Holmes- Do I want/have any tattoos?

Mary Morstan - Morning, Afternoon, Dusk, or night?

Greg Lestrade - My favourite superhero

Mike Stamford - Where I would like to live

Janine Hawkins - Do I have a celebrity crush?

Sarah Sawyer - Who is my all time favourite book, movie and TV show character?

Mrs Holmes - My favourite song lyric

Mr Holmes - What would I name my future kids?

Rosie Watson - How would I describe my ideal future?

Jim from IT - What is my current ringtone?

Richard Brook - A fictional character whose life I’d like to live

Philip Anderson - My 5 favourite celebrities

Irene Adler - Something I look forward to

Sally Donovan - Who would I like to see in concert?

Charles Augustus Magnussen - A random thing I’m interested in

Harry Watson - My current lockscreen

Culverton Smith - Optimist, realist or pessimist

Lady Smallwood - One thing I want to do someday

You know what’s fun to write? Healthy relationships. 

I don’t mean in the sense that healthy relationships are important to portray in fiction–no, I mean, they’re actually enjoyable to scribble down. Think of these examples:

  • A and B kicking ass together 👍
  • A and B believing in and listening to each other 👍
  • A and B communicating their problems (doubles as good scene-setting to further explore the characters’ reactions to stress) 👍
  • Makeout sessions 👍
  • Quick kisses that makes one/both smile 👍
  • One swearing to protect the other and then doing it 👍
  • A and B both contributing to the other’s character development in sweet and positive ways 👍
  • One recognizing the other’s faults but not letting the knowledge overshadow why they love their partner 👍
  • One doing something nice for the other, even if it’s in the middle of a battle for the fate of the world 👍
  • A and B overcoming all the torture you throw at them but never losing their friendship and sense of peace when they’re together 👍
  • and more

There’s something to writing unhealthy relationships, in the sense of drama and conflict, but there’s no reason a healthy one can’t have drama and conflict while the characters still work to make their partner happy. There’s also something to not throwing unneeded drama and conflict at them, allowing them to interact with themselves and the story in positive ways. Honestly, it’s refreshing and puts a smile on your face (or, at least it puts one on mine). It shows everyone else what the characters prioritize: a healthy dynamic with the person they care about most. It doesn’t have to be boring.

(Also applies to non-monogamous and platonic relationships.)