THIRD MOONCAT CHALLENGE GO!  I know it took me forever and a day to get this one up, but this is a big one!  And very near and dear to my heart♥ So let’s get started!

Challenge Task: Create your Mooncat Persona!

Task breakdown: Using the guidelines I give you below, you will be creating an RPG styled “persona”.  Imagine you are in a world similar to Final Fantasy, Zelda, Legend of Mana, Harvest Moon, etc.  You will be designing a character that will fit into this “world” we create.  -And yes, this character should be based off you!  (Hence “persona” ;>)  How directly you take this is entirely up to you, but we make up the Mooncat community so please represent yourself in some form or another! (Also this is as close as I can get to larping with you guys plz humor me T - T)

Lucait, the city of Mooncat’s, is a moderately large city of it’s time.  Many other races inhabit it alongside these humanoid felines, from delicate elven beings to much larger and intimidating beasts.  Technology is magic based and not very advanced other than within the citadel.  This is where the council resides and sovereign, Cait Roca (Cait prefixes all royals).  These royals have been chosen by what is believed to be direct line from The Mooncat itself.  They do their best to make decisions based on the good of the city and its people.  The city is not without it’s downfalls though.  Even with soldiers surveying the streets, crime still occurs within the lower districts.  While the city is fairly passive overall, they do have their enemies.

Lore says that Mooncat’s (also referred to as Children of the Moon) were created by the power of The Mooncat, a large mystical, dragon-like feline that comes from the moon.  Thus they worship this being and take great honor and pride in being descendants of such a beautiful and powerful creature.

When Mooncat’s are born, they spend the first 10 years or so of their lives learning about the ways of their culture.  Once they hit maturity, they then choose to pursue one of three skill paths: Warrior, Mystic or Pacifist.  Warriors are skilled fighters and handle weapons well.  They choose to either stay within the city walls and keep the streets safe, or join the infantry on the outskirts of the town to protect against enemies.  Mystics are those granted with stronger magical abilities.  These Mooncats tend to make great healers (defensive/light magic) or back up in battle (offensive/dark magic). If the Mooncat chooses to not join the infantry, they tend to make a living by running small shops, working in the market, or providing services using their skillsets (blacksmith for example).  
(**Note: Mystic is the only skill that can both join the infantry OR work passively in the city- i.e. a healer in battle vs a healer in a clinic).

Once the Mooncat has chosen their skill path, their family celebrates their coming of maturity.  During this ritual, the Mooncat receives a full set of tattoos across their body, unique to them though reminiscent of the markings on their fur and hair.  This ritual is intense, but the Mooncats are typically very proud of this moment, and honored to finally bear the markings of their people.  They are also given one special tattoo that represents the skill path they have chosen.  This is the symbol of The Mooncat (boobmoon) and is placed either on the forehead (warrior), chest (mystic), or stomach (pacifist).

Mooncats can be quite vain and show it in their way of dress or the weapons and tools they carry.  They proudly embellish their things with symbols of the moon to represent where they come from.  If a Mooncat has committed a crime, they are brought forward for judgement from the council.  If their crime cannot be reprimanded, they are exiled from the city of Lucait with a single slash through their ability tattoo.  This is to make an example to others– so it will always be known of what they once were, and are no longer. –

———————————————— - - - ✧


☾Creating  a  Mooncat  --

-They are predominately human!  The feline portions must be kept to feets, ears, tails!  Hands/paws are optional, but faces must be kept human.  That being said, feel free to get creative with your tails, ears, feet, markings etc as long as they keep within the general Mooncat guideline! 

-Must have the “Mooncat Symbol” tattoo either on the forehead (primary role: warrior), chest (primary role: magic), stomach (primary role: other) in addition to their bodily tattoos/markings; PLEASE NOTE - You can only select one primary role! Even if your character does multiple things, please select one primary subject they excel in! (We don’t want no OPs pls+ty!♥) 

-Must be a MoonCAT.  This might be obvious, but please don’t change your Mooncat to anything other than half human/ half feline please!  :) they are Mooncats for a reason!

-Can be any gender you prefer~

-Remember they are a race!  Think about Viera, Mi’quote, or Moogles from Final Fantasy.  There will be many small feature changes from one Moogle to the next, but you can still tell they’re a Moogle!  (thank you Lehua for this comparison! LOL♥) So try and keep this in mind when creating, you’re more than encouraged to get creative!  Just make sure they have the same “feel” :)

———————————————— - - - ✧

✧Creating  an  Alt  Race/Species  --

-Must fit within the RPG-styled world (again, think of games like Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda) and the backstory!

-CANNOT bare the mark of the “Mooncat Symbol” tattoo (moon designs within their clothing however is fine if they live in town, since it would make sense all the clothing has a similar vibe to it!)

-Feel free to team up with other members if you like a race someone has created!

———————————————— - - - ✧

I KNOW IT’S A LOT OF INFO but hopefully you guys still have fun!  We held a Q+A session on this which you can view here if anything is unclear: 
If your question wasn’t answered or if you just want me to glance over and OK your design or give any input, that’s totally cool too!  Just shoot me a message on Discord.

Please submit: At least 1 image of your design and a small blurb or notes about your character including (but not limited to): skill class, main personality traits, + job.  Bonus points for having some backstory ;3

Deadline: October 13th! 

There will also be no “winner” since this is a sort of community challenge, but once it’s all said and done we’ll browse through some of the best entries on stream! :3 

30 Day Gemsona Challenge
03; Background: What’s their story?

Lace has been in the kindergarden for as long as she can remember. Haunted by glimpses of her past she could never remember. She had no place to go. No one to ask. Just her and the rocks to keep her company. 

Until one day, a tall gem walked through her home. She was so different, so collective, so cool. The idea of having another to talk to made Lace excited.  Though the gem wanted nothing to do with her, she still admirably pester her and constantly follows the gem to this day. 

Twitch ― angitsai
j i e (結) ― m o o n c a t ― w a r r i o r

― history

Jie is a Mooncat of a village far east of Lucait, neighboring the Riverfox inhabitants. Unfortunately, their village often quarreled with the Riverfoxes and scorned upon them. Her village is known to dress very flamboyantly, silk garments being the usual fabric of choice and bright colors notably red, white, and gold. Her village is a very proud village and led a sedentary lifestyle.

Jie had a hard time getting along with her fellow Mooncat peers in her village, but she often snuck out of her village to meet childhood friend, Han the Riverfox (deadvvitches). Her family had high expectations for Jie in which she didn’t feel she could happily fulfill in this small town. After her ceremony, she quickly abandoned her town to join Han to seek new opportunities hoping to provide money for her family back home. Along the way, Han and Jie found Jin the Birdie (Meelu), the trio ventured to start fresh in the city of Lucait. Her peers motivate her to survive and do her best to succeed.

Being foreign immigrants in Lucait was a bit more of a challenge than anticipated, luckily Jie was a trained Warrior and specialized Sword Dancer that she learnt at a very young age in her village. She uses her acrobatic dance while utilizing her long silk left sleeves to help her evade her enemies swiftly. She proudly stays within Lucait’s city walls to help keep street safe - but will consider wielding her weapon for morally ambiguous tasks for certain clients if the reward is worthy (for a good cause I swear!). Luckily since finding employment for Valaria (Postscriptumxx), she hasn’t had to rely on the rather suspicious missions.

― personality
- Materialistic, strong urge for material comfort
- Driven by ambition, ambitious - biggest goal to succeed
- Wants to genuinely do good, and bring peace for the people.
- Fiercely proud of her hometown/heritage, she treasures and values her family
- Compassionate and devoted to people especially her friends
- Stubborn and can be a bit vain
- Cares a lot about how others perceives her


She’s a curious one…Lost her parents at the age of 5 for they were warriors. She ended up living with her grandmother. Her grandmother likes to act crazy to amuse (or frighten) the kids. Lumina ended up picking up this hobby lol She loves to have a good time and smile, but her morale can also easily be broken from time to time.

She quickly realized she loved to help others because of her grandmother. After deciding on a skill path (mystic), she developed her own way of healing. Lumina incorporates her healing powers with 2 large chimes. She believes one day the sound of her chimes will become a sign of hope… Lumina likes to work in battles. This is why she carries around dark sand in a small brown pouch. The sand is not magical or anything, she just thinks it works well for shocking people. (I like to imagine she gifts her friends this sand because she is very proud of how effective it is lol) In tough situations, she obviously can’t fight so she defends. She has spells to evade, push opponents away, and temporarily restrain one’s muscles. Other spells: small heal and shield in a large area, momentarily empower someone, calming spell, heal small broken bones.

twitch: lorellamagic 

The sunbears are a rather pacific race *never defenseless , sociable and smart, quite calmed, despite the commun believes. There is not much known about their customs as they spend most of their time retired to unkown locations. Its speculated that the Ursun (deity name) People are nomads as they tend to disapear to the mountains during the cold winter. Quiet and all of them are trained on nature magic skills, they can’t do complex sorcery but simple spells to help their trade. The sunbears are known to not say anything unless it is completely needed for them to say so.

Markings- The mark of the mountains, or the mark of the mind is reserved for those who decide to develope and devote their life to the understanding of natural phenomena, every living being and form of creation. All trades are considered equal of importance to the comunity.

The mark of the valley as the foundaition of the society the mark of the valley is reserved to those who decide to devote their lifes of the well being of the members of the society, army, hunters, officers and such.
Yona, the young ursun is a young cub who is interested in the flora and fauna of the world. Since birth his head was filled with curiosity for those who would surround him, and decided to capture their looks into books and find out as much as he could about plants and living beings, for if it ever would be of any help.

Kind and quiet, and helpfull whenever he is needed, strong but slow to react to certain feelings. As all the other sunbears a bit confused by the customs of other raices and their way to act but always interested to learn them and adopt them to their own expend.

Side note- I had lots of fun at comming out with the race despite not being able to flesh it out the way i would have wanted to! it was quite hard to try to come up with a story but i am getting better at it! it was a lot of fun and i will probably keep working on them and try to flesh them further


Lark is an oddball mystic living in the forest outside Lucait, where she has honed her druidic magic and constructed a unique hermitage that serves as both her workshop and cafe (for the culinarily bold). While she once lived in the city as a more traditional healer, she felt the call of forest spirits and left behind her career and reputation to follow whimsy and work where she was “needed.” She adores tea and is often experimenting with new brews and herbs. Despite choosing to live alone and teaching apprentices, she often gets lonely and will journey to the city to sell her newest concoctions, which are, most of the time, harmless.

twitch: aLilBean

Anaash, they/them
Outcast Mooncat.
They are a partially magically skilled Warrior who when getting wounded in a big fight to protect, wound up using the bloodmagic through the blood of their own injuries.
This rendered them an outcast and drove them out of the main cities, mainly living on the road. Being on the road, on their own, they faced many difficulties and have wound up finding refuge of sorts with the sun, rather than the moon. (thus altering their forehead tattoo to resemble the sun a bit)

(DA: VeilDust )

It is said that dark birds appeared the day the massive star in the sky collapsed into itself. These birds spread and as their population grew, tensions grew too. Now, their tumultuous past with the mooncats has left this birdie race with few survivors, but those who have are spread all over the world. Decades later, relations between the two seem to have mended themselves - the birds who have settled in the cities are more or less accepted, and the younger generation are less susceptible to old sayings. However, those who still listen to old rumours still believe that these birds bring bad luck wherever they go. It’s a slow process, just like any other diplomatic feat. 

Birdie fashion tends to be strappy and close to the skin! (gotta fly yall) Jin wears a mask over her face while she works- a huge crow’s skull she found in a mountain cave. She also hides her weapons with the cloth at her hip.

Jin was kicked out of her household at a young age because of the fear that she had 烏鴉嘴 (literal translation: crow’s mouth*) that created tensions with her family + other villagers in the area. She took on travelling, and finds out that she is really good at reconnaissance and smuggling work- with her sole “power” being the ability to nullify innate magical powers, she relies on the element of surprise and silence to do her work. However, she finds that her abilities to not extend to physical attributes (eg. super strength). That being said, beneficial magic does not work on her as well- healing and attempts to buff her will slip off like water. She relies on poison darts and her daggers to get the upper hand. Jin goes back to try and find her family again after years of wandering but finds no one left at her old village. She bumps into (angie + vv) in a nearby town and follows them to Lucait where they try to forge new lives. 


- at resting state: probably humming songs. removed from reality - “was that a dream or was it real?" 

- intensely loyal to those she cares about

- terrible at facing her own emotions and can come off rude/ masks everything with humour

- desire for personal freedom, will snap if she feels constricted 

- good at blending in with different personalities 

- really useless in the mornings. She needs glasses in the light, and spaces out more than usual and is generally very vulnerable. Idk how she is still alive. (Conversely, has perfect eyesight and is much more alert at night) 

- hungry. always.

*烏鴉嘴 = someone who brings bad things about by talking about them

everything is wip wipwpiwpiwpiw school happened,, cry

Twitch: @numeelu 

Twitch: margadraws

NELA - mystic / herbalist / healer / runs a potion shop

Personality - warm, bashful, sassy with close friends, always wants to help others, loves taking long walks

Backstory - previously lived in a very demanding community and used to spend a lot of time in the forests as a means to escape. there she picked up an interest in herbs and later started pursuing a career as a herbalist. this was heavily looked down upon in her community and she soon became labeled as a witch. with the help of a few friends she was able to move to Lucait where she opened up her own potion shop. now she spends her days working and chatting with fellow mooncats that visit her shop

Aogais - Patient, Strong, Calm

Aogais was always a mysterious type, not doing much to gain the attention of others. Though he kept to himself at first impressions, he tends to surround others in a calming and welcoming atmosphere. This calm stature only shelters the wandering mind he possesses. Aogais seeks to capture the beauties that the world has to offer, being astounded by nature, and making the most he can of any journey just for the experience. 

Aogais seeks the path of balance and tranquility, trying to keep his mind and spiritual stable while also making sure his physical remains just as stiff and composed as his wandering mental. So he tries to remain healthy, and trains on his own very often whenever given the chance. It gives him an excuse to travel off for exercise, meeting new people, and sightseeing.

Though very proud of his composure in the cases of most situations, Aogais fears the strength of his own emotions. At times he’ll be at the tip of his balance, and can’t always remain calm and can let anger or sadness take the better of him for some time. To seek balance once more; he tends to be neglective and keeps to himself. 

By being able to have the strength to always grasp onto a slither of hope and positivity, Aogais never fails to bring himself back to the state he tries to keep himself. One in harmony of his mental, spiritual, and physical. 


Though Aogais doesn’t look much like me, I did want him to be a bit of a reflection of myself mentally. I know he is probably more fit than me haha, but everything I included about his state of mind is something I pride myself over to the fullest. I hope you guys enjoy his existence as much as I enjoyed making him come to life and I can’t wait to be able to interact with the other Mooncats!

Twitch User: Kiromu

Hello! It’s me, Bee(rune)!

This is my mooncat purrsona! Their name is Luca.

Luca was raised as part of a nomadic group of hunter-gatherers that reject the ways of the city dwellers and have
returned to their “wild roots.” They are distrustful of strangers and tend to avoid cities unless absolutely
Luca is a Bobcat, so their duty is to hunt and provide for the tribe. They use a bow made of Nula wood, which
shimmers in moonlight and is peculiarly light and flexible. They carry dried meat and nuts in a pouch on their
belt, and are an accomplished forager. They are experienced in wild medicine.

Luca is an optimist, serious, and hostile toward strangers. They prefer solitude, and are endlessly patient while
hunting but easily irritated by people. They keep their family and their past close to their chest and rarely
speak of them. Luca dislikes “softpaws” (city folk) as a matter of principle, but will often climb trees to peer
over the walls in curiosity. They love stories and songs (a result of the tribal upbringing) and will
occasionally slip into taverns or onto roofs to hear music. However, if asked, they’ll pretend to be completely

Maybe writing it all on the image wasn’t the best idea,,

Name: Ru'oya Ujinn

Class: Mystic

Ru'oya’s mystical talents reside in black magic. All manner of curses are her domain of expertise, and most are visible to her. More often than not though, she is dispelling curses and bad luck as opposed to afflicting people with them. As such, she has grown at negating a variety of offensive magic as well! Ru'oya can also see and interact with ghosts! Which really just means she’ll sit and stare at "nothing” and talk to herself. Getting caught doing either usually results in an embarrassed outburst and empty threats of being cursed. Ru'oya has no skills in any other forms of magic.

Job: Lurk (unemployed)

Ru'oya spends her time “standing sentry.” She just sneaks around, eavesdropping, and dispels any curses or inconvenient amounts of bad luck she happens across. The only socializing she gets is from the various ghosts that reside in, or pass through, Lucait during varying hours of the night. Whom she mediates to keep Lucait as free of capricious or vengeful hauntings as she can manage. As a result, her home is filled with ghosts and has become a common lodging for them.

Ru'oya is surprisingly weak to jump scares.

Twitch: Vennene

Twitch: finchfish

Avis is a Mystic who lives in a cozy little tree house near the edge of town. Under the house is a shop/healing pool where she does her water healing. She has a hard time trusting others because of past relationships that have gone awry. However, lately she’s been noticing these trust issues can interfere with her healing. Now that she’s moved to a new place she’s trying to start fresh and bring down her walls so she can develop deeper connections with her patients and make long-lasting friendships.

Besides healing, Avis is a very creative problem-solver. When she’s not working in her shop, she enjoys healing and caring for small creatures of all kinds, singing in secrecy and crafting.


Backstory is the hardest thing for me so I didn’t come up with much of one right now, I might add to this in the future though. I tried to incorporate bird and fish symbolism into her design as well as her house and name. I want to design a house for her at some point too so I’m sure I will be adding more to her character overall. Very excited to be a part of this community and see what everybody comes up with! 

XOXOX - Finch

Kaya (aka White-Starcloud’s mooncat ) (using my own name cause I’m lame like that).

As a child Kaya had always loved the idea of being able to use magic and someday become a strong mystic people would look up to. She practised hard and developed strong wind and fire magic as a result. As she grew older however she became more of an introvert and reserved person due to some personal reasons. To help her rather sickly mother she also practised healing magic. While it might not be as strong as some of the town’s best healers, it can still (hopefully) save a life in case of emergency.

She eventually left town and opened the Dragon Hill Tavern in the nearby mountain hills. While her focus is now more on her business, rather than magic, she still likes to use it regularly to make sure her skills don’t dwindle. While she doesn’t go to town often, she tries to visit her mother at least once or twice a week.

External image

About the Dragon Hill Tavern

Dragon Hill Tavern is located by a traveller’s path in the mountains, surrounded by green hills and many small caves in nearby area. These hills and caves are home to many Dragonfly Dragons, hence the tavern’s name.

Due to its location, it’s a rather remote place and doesn’t get as many visitors as the taverns or pubs in & nearby town. As a result, rather than a tavern, it’s more known as a quick rest & drink stop for travellers. While the official opening hours are 6 pm- 2 am, it mostly depends on the visitors themselves. Early morning visitors have a rather high chance of being ignored though.

Those who frequent the tavern will get to learn that its owner loves collecting all sorts of weird, special or valuable artefacts. This can vary from paintings, cloth, jewellery, unknown objects, gemstones to even “information”. If you got no money on your hands you can try trading or if you’re looking for a certain special object, you might just be able to find it here. Will also safekeep objects for a certain price (unless highly dangerous or meant to be used for harmful purposes).

*Special: Good friends or trustworthy people can ask to adopt a trained Dragonfly Dragon (or maybe even receive one as a gift).

Dragonfly Dragons

These tiny dragons can grow up to 25cm (about 10 inch). Their name comes from their wings, which resemble those of a dragonfly. The tip of their tail resembles two leaves. Colors vary between green, beige/yellow, grey or brown hues.

They live in groups in the mountains and their main diet consists of small insects and sometimes fruit & nuts. They aren’t fond of too cold weather though so they mostly keep to the lower hills and caves. During snowy winters, you can find many of them seeking warmth inside of the tavern.

They are rather weak and can’t do any remarkable damage unless they attack in group, but in return are very fast and hard to catch. A well-trained Dragonfly Dragon makes a good and loyal companion and can get used to deliver letters. 

Hi, Tish here! My Mooncat has a cheesy name, because I am cheesy. :3

She works as the hostess of the Mooncat Tavern, a place where travelers and residents can rest and eat crêpes made by Lilia’s Mooncat and her cursed pan (Amdra’s Mooncat, if I remember correctly). Tish takes a ton of tasks upon herself and doesn’t ask for help very often. She’s married to a handsome Mooncat pyromancer, but he isn’t home most of the time. Protecting the city is a busy job.

She enjoys her relatively quiet life very much, and loves listening to the stories that travelers and returning warriors have to tell.


Twitch: MichiWrap

Class: Necromancer

Job: Unemployed – Self Sustained

Quiora comes from a lineage of necromancers. Though she is not exiled, she lives alone deep in a forest near the outskirts of Lucait. For those who are ill informed of the different branches of magic, hers can be commonly mistaken for blood magic. So, for her safety and for the sake of not causing a commotion, she keeps her distance from the city folk. Though sometimes her curiosity gets the best of her and she sneaks nearby to observe how the other mooncats live.

Quiora is timid and easily frightened of others. Thus, she takes extra measures to don an eerie look and surround herself by things that are creepy to the average mooncat. Her thought pattern to this is that if she surrounds herself by things that scares others, she will be stronger and more defended against those who scare her. When she wonders out from her home she is rarely seen without her cat skull mask.

Her necromancy is seen to her as renewable. She tends to resurrect critters and animals that have either fallen from the hunt or from other natural sources. These resurrected animals act as both her helpers and her guardians. Though Undead/soul summoning is her main form of fighting, she can still cast some basic battle spells and loves to try and brew her own elixirs and potions. She is also knowledgeable in darker magic that involves poisons and curses, but is highly unlikely to use them on others unless utterly necessary. She can perform seances and other means of communicating with fallen mooncats, though most do not venture out and seek her for these services.

The whites of her eyes have also been tattooed, as per family tradition. It is believed that this process helps strengthen their necromancing abilities as well as bring them closer to The Mooncat — because their eyes now resemble a full moon shining in the night sky. Although Quiora is proud of her tattoos, her eyes were an excruciating process that she would rather not talk about.