The Cold Shoulder - Guardian Challenge


Peridot had been in far better moods in her life. This was probably  on the list as one of her worst. Not just because of the scientists’ idea of a joke, or because of Jasper. No, it was because of the weather, of all things.

The snow had been piling up at a ridiculous pace, leaving her to wade through piles of white that reached well past her metallic ankles. She’d already spent hours outside just doing her daily search for danger, slowly growing more and more annoyed with the powdery substance. Thankfully, the snow had let up fairly recently. A blizzard was still well on its way, yes, but she still had a short amount of time before then.

She was on her way to find Kotoura. She was next on the short list of Peridot’s closest friends and the next that she needed to check on, to ensure the safety of. Hopefully, Peridot’s worries were for nothing.

It was with such hopeful thoughts that Peridot continued her slow trudge

Matchmaker, Matchmaker...|| Bette&Bart (Challenge 2)

It brought Bette so much joy to see all the little couples in Hogsmeade, laughing and canoodling, and just having a good time in general. The small wizarding community had been decorated flying cupids, strung up paper hearts, and had gooey romantic songs playing in the background.

Honestly, this was one of Bette’s favourite holiday’s, not only because of the cheery attitude everyone generally tended to have, but also because of the possibility of new relationships.

Not for herself, of course. She was happily together with Wally and wouldn’t change that for the world. No, the Hufflepuff was carefully looking around for people were alone, talk with them, and try to figure out a plan to get them on a date with someone else. She liked to play the part of Cupid’s sidekick. Cupid’s very devious, giggly sidekick.

On the hunt for her next ‘victim’, Bette made her way to the candy shop. The likelihood of there being someone who wasn’t in a relationship was pretty high.

Stop Angsting and Drink Your Damn Tea | B&R (Challenge 2)

It was Valentine’s Day, and the whole school was filled with students giving each other lovely chocolates and gifts, enchanted ‘cupids’ flying around and bugging innocent victims with arrows to the backside. Everyone generally had a smile on their face, or at least a care-free attitude.

Everyone that was, except for a certain red-haired archer ex-boyfriend.

Bette had spent the beginning of her morning passing out some of the various baked treats she’d made for her friends in between classes and giving them little cards, and she’d gotten nearly everyone. However, she couldn’t find Roy anywhere, and she had the feeling he was spending the day somewhere outside, possibly drinking and most likely being a grump. 

So, during her lunch break, she began looking for the Slytherin boy. First, she checked the Grand Hall. No Harper to be seen. The outer courtyard? Nope. She even worked up the courage to ask William Hayes if he was in their common room, to which she received a creepy glare before discovering that he was not there when he had left.

That left very few places for him to go angst at. The blonde furrowed her brow and tried to think which one was most likely, considering he probably wanted somewhere to be alone to wallow in his self-pity. This wasn’t healthy, and Bette, worrying per usual, was determined to find a way to get him out of this funk and back to a more functioning attitude.

'Perhaps, he’s gone down to the forest by the lake. It’s still pretty cold, so not a lot of students are probably down there.’ Bette thought to herself. 

It was worth a shot.

The second Pokemonathon challenge is GO!

Hail members, friends, and enemies! Do you remember the first challenge? To draw your Pokemon, but with a tattoo theme? Of course you do! Well, I’ve decided that aeveis’s Vulpix was my favorite of the batch, which means that aeveis got to determine the challenge for Pokemonathon challenge #2! Are you ready???

Draw your Pokemon in an environment the Pokemon is weak to! For example, a Bulbasaur making some s'mores next to a fireplace. The environment doesn’t necessarily have to be a full background either, another example could be like a Bulbasaur who realizes his bulb is on fire.

Sounds fun! I want lots of people to participate! You’ve got three weeks- any submissions should be tagged as #challenge02 and posted before 29th of April!