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Back to School: 30 Day Yoga Video Challenge! 

School is a busy time for all of us, so here is a 30 day yoga video challenge! This challenge is great for those who wish to stick to their yoga routine when things start to get busy :)  Even if you’re not in school anymore you could still try to challenge yourself with this! 

Each day do a video, each video is short so there should be no reason why you can’t fit these into your day :)

  1. Tension Free Flow | move with ease 
  2. Sun Salutation A - Suyra Namaskara A
  3. Morning Yoga Fix 
  4. 10min Yoga Flow Sequence
  5. Gentle Yoga Warm Up
  6. Yoga Without a Mat
  7. Yoga Twist Flow
  8. Heavenly Yoga Stretch
  9. Up the wall- Restorative Yoga Routine 
  10. Gentle Yoga Routine with Tara Stiles
  11. 10 min. Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Butt and Legs with Becca
  12. A Fun Sun Salutation
  13. Yoga Relax - 10 Minutes
  14. Yoga for Strength and Flexibility
  15. Open Hips Routine
  16. Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Mandala Namaskar I
  17. Yoga For When You Want to Lie on The Couch
  18. 10 Minute Yoga For Stress
  19. Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Relief
  20. Quick Full Body Stretch
  21. Travel Yoga- Morning Sequence
  22. Yoga Quickie: Twist Focus
  23. Vinyasa Flow Workout | Yoga Workout | Class FitSugar
  24. 10 Minutes of Yoga
  25. 10 min. Yoga Flow for Increasing Arm Strength
  26. Warrior Flow | Fast Paced Fun
  27. Core Power and Balance
  28. Morning Yoga for Energy
  29. Fresh Start Detox | Clean Body & Clear Mind
  30. Evening Yoga Flow | Sleep like a baby

Have fun! Remember, there is nothing wrong with modifying a pose if your body is not ready for it yet :)

30 Days of Calligraphy challenge!

Each day, for the next 30 Days, challenge yourself to write something in a calligraphic or your best penmanship. If you would like post pictures and tag #30daycalligraphy.
You will be amazed at the change just practicing your writing a little will make on your handwriting all around!

(some of these are common passwords hints /actual passwords that people use. DO NOT use the same words as your password and seriously if you password is the same as your favorite book title you need to learn how to make a better password.)

  • Day 1: write your blog name pretty
  • Day 2: ABC lower case
  • Day 3: ABC’s uppercase
  • Day 4: numbers!
  • Day 5: Grocery shopping list
  • Day 6: how do you feel about this challenge?
  • Day 7: Favorite book title
  • Day 8: Write an inspirational “I am___” statement for yourself.
  • Day 9: Favorite movie title
  • Day 10: a follower’s blog name
  • Day 11: How long has it been since you wrote your mother a letter? Write Her!
    (sub another family member if there are triggers/other reasons)
  • Day 12: Write an inspirational “you are___” message for someone
  • Day 13: Favorite song lyric
  • Day 14: Favorite word
  • Day 15: Favorite color (bonus double dollar points for writing it in the same color of ink)
  • Day 16: write your amore’s name or screen name!
  • Day 17: Favorite animal
  • Day 18: Favorite religious text/Science quote
  • Day 19: Write your favorite TV show title
  • Day 20: write a random kindness note and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find!
  • Day 21: Favorite curse word or phrase
  • Day 22: “I feel___”
  • Day 23: Favorite band name
  • Day 24: what makes you happy?
  • Day 25: write another inspirational message to yourself!
  • Day 26: write a follower’s screen name
  • Day 27: Favorite place name: city/state/bar/coffee shop (real or fictional)
  • Day 28: another religious or science quote!
  • Day 29: how awesome is the mod of fuckyeahcalligraphy? 
    (flattery will get you every where)
  • Day 30: All Done! The End! Fin! Write a word in any language that means Done or Finished like in the old time movies!
How to start a bomb-diggity new years

Start a dream journal

Write a positive note to yourself each day

Explore music genres

Smile at strangers (unless it’s a 40 year old man with a fedora and a mustache winking at you which in case walk, walk, walk)

Start interacting with others

Point out something you like about yourself in the mirror each morning (its a real confidence booster)

Read more books

Change up your wardrobe(unless your broke as hell like me)

Write your thoughts in a journal

Give yourself a small challenge each day (for example: speaking more, giving a random person a high five, taking over the world, watering your plants.)

P.S: if you cant it’s all cool man cuz you tried which says a lot .

The #7DayYogaChallenge Week of Videos

Want to take a 7 Day Yoga Challenge for yourself? Here are 15 minute videos for each day of the week to get you started and keep you on track. Repeat the week as often as you’d like and take pictures to document your progress. Enjoy!

Monday - Morning Vinyasa Yoga Routine

Tuesday - Heart Opening Hatha Yoga Routine

Wednesday - Power Yoga Workout

Thursday - Twist & Rinse Vinyasa Yoga Routine

Friday - Feel Good Hip Opening Hatha Yoga Routine

Saturday - Strong & Balanced Power Yoga Routine

Sunday - Slow Stretch Restorative Yoga Routine


anonymous asked:

Maybe you should try challenging yourself to do one small thing each day, I tried this and it helped me feeling like I've accomplished something and helped me overcome my shyness. Just one small thing, like a smile or picking up someone's pencil 🌸✨💕

mmm this is a very sweet thing thank you! i have been trying to be sweet to people at the grocery store and stuff because i don’t leave the house much but yes you are totally right! im glad that has helped you💕💘thank you for thinking of me!


Guys. Guess what day it is. Guess what day it is, guys. Guess what day it is. Actually, it’s only Thursday but that’s okay! Because you know what that means? It means Lost Girl AU Week is only 3 days away! Been dying for an excuse to write that Doccubus as Xena and Gabrielle fic? Have at it! Looking for an excuse to make an edit of Astronaut!Tamsin? Go for it? Want to challenge yourself to create different scenarios for each day? YOU CAN! You can check out the handy field guide here or ask us mods if you have any further questions.

Get your creative chi flowing, you talented Succubuses!

Tough love from Jamie!

One of the best things about doing what we do at Sorted is getting to meet people who watch the videos, send us tweets and Facebook messages and generally chat to us online about the one thing EVERYONE IN THE WORLD has in common… food! A couple of weekends ago at Summer in the City we met a tonne of people who enjoy the little corner of the internet occupied by  SORTEDfood, which was incredible! But there was a running theme… “I watch all the videos but I hardly ever cook any of the recipes because…” Now the last part of that sentence was made up from a few options, including: 1) I don’t have any time - do you know how incredibly busy I am?! 2) I can’t cook - honestly, I’d burn a salad  3) I don’t have any money - I spent it all on takeaways :-S 4) All the recipes are for 4 people and I’m cooking for one! :’( 5) Pfft, that’s what my mum/dad/aunt/grandparents/dog/imaginary friend are for. If I’m being completely honest, these excuses are limper than a wet piece of lettuce (or Mike’s handshake). So, being my ever helpful self, I’ve come up with a few comebacks… 1) No time - Screw that… A stir fry takes 5 minutes, just buy a pack of fresh veg, shove it in a wok and stir it on a high heat for 5 minutes… Seriously, it’s that quick!! 2) Can’t cook - Absolute testicles… That is purely a mindset thing, anyone can cook… See above example… OR boil some pasta for 10 minutes and then stir in an egg, some chopped garlic and some ham - BOOM, you cooked a carbonara! 3) No money - Male cow excrement… Actual ingredients cost very little and can be used more than once, rather than a £2.50 microwave meal that you use once spend that money on some potatoes/pasta/rice and just buy some protein (meat/fish etc) when you need it! 4) Portions - For the love of… Why not cook up a large amount and then refrigerate or freeze whatever you don’t eat and then you have another meal waiting for you in days/weeks to come! 5) Other people to cook for me - What happens when they leave? What if they’re not there? Part of being an actual human is the ability to be independent and look after yourself… Or, just return the favour once in a while! Ok, ok, so that might be slightly tough love… But here’s some actual tips for how to change your mindset when it comes to food: 1) Instead of treating yourself to a takeaway/fast food meal etc, try treating yourself to a proper home cooked meal - I guarantee you’ll feel fuller for longer, be more satisfied and get this lovely little warm fuzzy feeling of pride deep inside your private parts. 2) When you get home after a long day of working/schooling/procrastinating decide to do something productive with your time. Cook for yourself, your flatmate, your family, your partner, your neighbour… What else would you be doing with that time? Watching tv? Surfing the internet? Some of the best dishes I know (e.g. a chilli/curry etc) need 5-10 minutes of actual work before leaving them to cook… Then go back to doing nothing and get yourself ready to eat something delicious that YOU actually made. 3) What could you value higher in life than your health, wellbeing and happiness? Life is about priorities and surely those things come pretty high up that list? Don’t choose a ‘healthy ready meal’, that’s counter productive - just cook something from scratch and see how cheap it works out in the long run! 4) Challenge yourself to try something new each day/week/month, whatever you think is achievable. That could be a new type of food, a new ingredient, or a brand new way of cooking you’ve never tried before… Self improvement is one of the most attractive qualities in a person, so give it a go! Now the chances are, this blog might not apply to you, so if it doesn’t please share it and pass it on to someone you think needs to read it! Ok, so SORTEDfood might not change the world, but together we can help to make it a little bit better… It’ll certainly taste better once we’re finished with it!! Love Jamie xxx

notso-rational-deactivated20150  asked:

What can I personally do to make a change?

Go Vegan. Recycle. Reuse. Don’t buy things you don’t need. Volunteer. Donate to charity. Play with kids. Smile. Be Thankful. Help someone in need without asking anything in return. Challenge yourself to be a better person each day. Learn from your mistakes. See the beauty even in the tiny things. Go to a shelter and play with some animals, they need company sometimes. Read. Fight for your rights. Plant a tree. Pick up garbage. Speak up your mind. Stand up for your beliefs even if that means standing alone. 

Every single action/decision/thought can make a change, if you want to see a change in the world begins with yourself, if you want to see more love then spread more love, if you want to see more compassion then be more compassionate each day; each action make a difference.