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Top 10 Directors and their 5 Films

#7: Lars Von Trier aka the Feminist

1. Antichrist: When people talk about mindfucks, they’re typically referring to plot twist, not the actual plot. Antichrist has a simple plot that’s not filled with twists, but turns. It’s a dark fairy tale that challenges stereotypes associated with gender, the psychosis of a mother who has lost her child, and the neurotic behavior of a husband who decides to treat his grief stricken wife. The movie is littered with symbolism, metaphors, and analogies. 

2. Nymphomaniac Vol. 1: Sex is something people love to do but hate to talk about, publicly. Lars has never hesitated to address the issue and he dives head first in his first volume of a story that follows a young girl named Joe who is obsessed with sex. It’s a reverting film that challenges viewers to step back and really understand the power of sex and the role of a woman’s right to do what she pleases to satisfy her wants and desires. Forget 50 Shades of Grey! 

3. Melancholia: The second film in “The Depression Trilogy”, it’s a science fiction film—for lack of a better description—that Lars fills with his common bells and whistles filled with sex, depression, and symbolism galore. What makes the film a real kick in the nuts is its ability to show you the Earth being destroyed at the very beginning of the film. 

4. Dancer in the Dark: Talk about depressing. A poor mother wishes to help her son get a surgery so he doesn’t go blind while losing her own sight in the process. It really shows American’s in an ugly and greedy light (accurate in many ways), but the film captures the escapism commonly associated with Trier’s films. 

5. Nymphomaniac Vol. 2: I split the Nymphomaniac films as they were released, in two volumes. Now, the second volume unfortunately suffers from a lot of structural issues including a shift in Shia LaBeouf’s character eventually going to a different actor. The film focuses on an older Joe and an uglier side to sex one that involves self-destruction, isolation, and selfishness. 

Throwback Thursday!

In 2005, we opened Zoe Keramea: Geometry of Paradox, featuring two- and three-dimensional works on paper by the under-recognized New York-based artist. The exhibition reflected Keramea’s sense of delight in visual challenges as she invited viewers to involve themselves in the mental “unfolding” of the work. The drawings she produced for the exhibition used deceptively simple motifs, such as lines, knots, and geometrical shapes, to challenge spatial conventions.

Keramea has been exploring enfolded surfaces through sculpture, printmaking, drawing, and ceramics. Her work is deeply rooted in the history of geometrical figuration as a system of both logical and metaphorical thought. For the artist, geometry proposes an array of conceptual potentialities with internal logics that are available to be analyzed, recontextualized and turned inside out or upside down. Although lines have strong cultural associations for Keramea (she was born in Athens and raised in an environment full of shipping lines and fishing nets), the lines in her art function as conceptual problems. For her, lines not only reflect the path between two points, but are elements project space, define context and imply volume.


Knots II, IV, VI, VIII, X, 1990. Zoetype, each 7” x 40“

Spikey Moebius, 2002. Paper and thread, 8” x 8”” x 4 ½”

Noutilus Antecedent, 1998. Graphite on paper, each 7 ½” x 7 ½” 

Aries is a sign that does not get a lot of credit for their interest in psychology and their ability to delve deep into the human mind, and to examine the dark parts of the psyche, but I think Aries succeeds greatly in doing that. I mean, I’ve heard that this was more applicable for those who have an Aries Midheaven, as in they’d do well in the field of psychology as a profession, but I have an example of an Aries who touched up on psychological stuff. And I kind of like to incorporate film into astrology because I think astrological placements are evident in the films of most directors and whatnot.

So, Michael Haneke is an Austrian director/screenwriter who directed the most disturbing film I’d ever seen, and it’s called The Piano Teacher (2001). I remember prior to watching the movie I was just thinking “wow, this movie is going to be romantic and maybe even interesting because it’s supposed to be about a relationship between a piano teacher and a student, what’s the worst that can happen?! the student doesn’t appear to be a minor anyway!” but apparently it was way more than I’d bargained for. The film focuses on such intense psychological aspects to the point where there were several scenes that stunned me, I had no idea how to react, it was just the wildest thing in the world. Most of it was a portrayal of the effects of sexual repression for a middle-aged woman, other parts of it dealt with sadism/masochism. Michael Haneke also directed another film called Funny Games, one that I have yet to watch, but my boyfriend wrote something about the movie a while back and it was yet another psychological film. The film challenges the viewers to become self-reflective and to question themselves. It poses questions of why we want to see violent things on screen, it questions our expectations of horror films, Haneke wants us to consider who the real villains are; is it us?

There are so many more examples of other Arians who are amazing in the realm of psychology, but that was just something I was thinking about and wanted to share.

  • Tahu: Funny let's plays and game-reviews (Occasional controversy of the jokes he makes and being accused as Makuta's follower every third month)
  • Kopaka: Dramatic readings of classic books (Creepy-pastas during Halloween and a bad Tapaka-fanfic every Valentine, sometimes with quest appearance from Tahu himself)
  • Gali: Serious talk about different controversies around the world, both in real life and internet (Sometimes dunks on her trolls by making a funny dramatic readings of their stupid comments and laughs at lawsuits thrown at her)
  • Lewa: Impro-dubs, covers and vine-like short yet funny videos (likes to collab with other creators a lot, and eventually starts his own fan-dub-club on Youtube with other well known talents)
  • Onua: Top10-videos and vlogs (Sometimes collabs with Gali to talk about serious shit and with Kopaka to do dramatic readings with his deep sensual voice)
  • Pohatu: Skate- and sport-videos, exercise tutorials and positive messages (Often has 30 day Exercise-challenges with his viewers and collabs with Tahu to review bad skating- and sports-games)

From the Park Avenue Armory, to Park City, to a theater near you! Artist Julian Rosefeldt’s installation project, Manifesto, debuted in the United States at the Park City Armory in New York City in December 2016, and is now playing in theaters nationally. The show consisted of thirteen large screens projecting thirteen different characters portrayed by Cate Blanchett. She transforms into a newscaster, a CEO, a schoolteacher, and a homeless man, among several other characters. The thirteen scenes pull from over 50 manifestos given by notable artists early in their careers. Weaving these profound manifestos into the monologues of ordinary characters living everyday lives creates a heightened context for experiencing the text, and challenges the viewer to reconsider art, culture, and society. Rosefeldt brought the thirteen scenes together to create a feature film which premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Click here to watch a trailer for Manifesto.

All stills courtesy of Manifesto; Julian Rosefeldt at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival Manifesto premiere: © 2017 Sundance Institute | Photo by Kelly Ann Taub; Manifesto film team outside of Library Center Theatre in Park City, UT: © 2017 Sundance Institute | Photo by Kelly Ann Taub

“Produce 101 Season 2” Announces Top 35 + Reveals Tentative Group Lineups For Next Challenge

“Produce 101 Season 2” Announces Top 35 + Reveals Tentative Group Lineups For Next Challenge

On the May 26 broadcast of the show, the top 35 contestants who will be moving on to the next challenge were revealed. The ranking is based on the combination of online votes and live audience voting from the previous position-based challenge. Any bonuses earned by top contenders in each team and category during the previous challenge were also added to the final score.

Just as the sixth week of online voting showed an unexpected change in ranks, the second elimination came as a surprise to many with several of shake-ups and unforeseeable differences.

As of now, the current ranking is:

1. Kim Jong Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)

2. Lai Guan Lin (Cube Entertainment)

3. Park Ji Hoon (Maroo Entertainment)

4. Lee Dae Hwi (Brand New Music)

5. Im Young Min (Brand New Music)

6. Hwang Min Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)

7. Ong Sung Woo (Fantagio)

8. Kang Daniel (MMO Entertainment)

9. Kim Jae Hwan (no agency)

10. Joo Hak Nyeon (Cre.ker Entertainment)

11. Kang Dong Ho (Pledis Entertainment)

12. Bae Jin Young
13. Yoo Seon Ho
14. Park Woo Jin
15. Yoon Ji Sung
16. Kim Samuel
17. Jung Se Woon
18. Kim Yong Guk
19. Ahn Hyung Seob
20. Choi Min Ki
21. Noh Tae Hyun
22. Kim Tae Dong
23. Lee Eui Woong
24. Seo Sung Hyuk
25. Ha Sung Woon
26. Lee Woo Jin
27. Kim Sang Gyun
28. Park Woo Dam
29. Kim Dong Hyun
30. Lee Gun Hee
31. Takada Kenta
32. Jang Moon Bok
33. Kim Yeh Hyun
34. Kwon Hyun Bin
35. Kim Dong Han

This episode also featured the beginning of the next challenge, which will be the long-awaited concept challenge.

Five entirely new songs of different genres have been created by popular producers just for this challenge. The most popular team based on live audience votes will receive a benefit of 220,000 points, with whoever is first place within that team taking 100,000 points, and the rest equally dividing the remaining 20,000 points.

With this arguably being the most important challenge, viewers of the show have already voted for the trainees they best think will suit each song. Based on these votes, a maximum of 12 people were assigned to each team, since the challenge was introduced ahead of the second elimination.

The exception was Kang Daniel, Kim Dong Bin, and Lee Ki Won, who were penalized for allegedly hinting at which songs they would want through social media. They instead were assigned last, filling up the remaining spots after the other 55 trainees formed teams.

The five tracks are hip-hop track “Oh Little Girl,” EDM track “Open Up” (literal translation), new disco track “Show Time,” deep house track “NEVER,” and funk track “I Know You Know.”

As groups were formed before the elimination, the lineup for each group is tentative.

Currently, the teams are as followed:

“Oh Little Girl” – Lee Gun Hee, Park Ji Hoon, Choi Min Ki, Bae Jin Young, Jung Se Woon, Ahn Hyung Seob, Lee Eui Woong, and Jang Moon Bok.

“Open Up” – Kang Daniel, Kang Dong Ho, Kim Yong Guk, and Takada Kenta.

“Show Time” – Noh Tae Hyun, Kim Samuel, Yoon Ji Sung, Lee Woo Jin, Kim Sang Gyun, and Park Woo Dam.

“NEVER” – Lai Guan Lin, Hwang Min Hyun, Kim Jong Hyun, Lee Dae Hwi, Im Young Min, Ong Sung Woo, Kim Jae Hwan, Joo Hak Nyeon, Yoo Seon Ho, Park Woo Jin, and Ha Sung Woon.

“I Know You Know” – Kim Tae Dong, Seo Sung Hyuk, Kim Dong Hyun, Kim Yeh Hyun, Kwon Hyun Bin, and Kim Dong Han.

Next week, these teams will be reshuffled so that there are seven equal members in each of the five teams.

What are your thoughts on the current teams and rankings?

The Best of “Sex and Violence”

The best skits from Monty Python’s second episode “Sex and Violence”

Flying Sheep/French Lecture on Sheep Aircraft

A Man With Three Buttocks/Musical Mice

Marriage Councilor

Working Class Playwright

The Mouse Problem

The sketch above was obviously a commentary about public attitudes towards homosexuality, and in no way could they have been aware of the furry fandom. 

But that doesn’t mean that the points it makes could not just as well be applied to furries as well. It’s a sketch that challenges the viewer to consider accepting something that may seem weird and unappealing to them, as long as it is shown to be truly harmless, and that it provides comfort, pleasure, and a chance for group identity to their practitioners.

5x06 ob review


in a krystal/neolution centered episode like this, i did expect a mixture of fun and drama (classic ob episode) but by the end of it got much more intense than i thought!!!

ok first things first that was by far the funniest  episode of s5 i mean

how much more

meta than this?

that’s a new ob record lmao Tat darling it has come to the point where you don’t know where real life and fantasy  end or begin lmao

so lets divide the review


Tatiana fucking Maslany i hateLOVE that’re you freaking amazing in everything you do! Oh mann Krystal needs a spin off for real!!

after the legendary “i’ve been told i’m a 10″ Krystal was GLORIOUS in this episode…i love the fact that each clone tries to help the ledas in their own way..even if they don’t understand what they’re fighting for the passion is always there..the desperation and guts to succeed, their crazy energy and stupidly ingenious methods!

Krystal’s peeing scene reminded me of

  • TOM & TAT

oh duuuude they were totally a pleasure to watch i was laughing so hard during their interactions…having seen “the other half” i wanted so much to see them work in something completely different from the typical “couple in real life/movies too”…. it’s always so fun to see the shift of dynamic between them especially when they know each other so well…

Tom was losing it 99% of the time lmao

those fuckers had such a great time shooting it :P


oh god i LOVE amused Sarah

she’s a foxy fox and her cheeky side is always so entertaining! Relaxed/drunk/baked Cos and Sarah would be such a wild concept dude

most of the time we watch Sarah  on the run,in danger etc so it was undoubtedly refreshing to see her relax in a couple of episodes…Cosima took action in her place, but i’m gonna talk about that later

perfect scene is perfect my dude!!Joyful and relaxed S & K…is it bad that i want more random scenes like this with all of the sisters? ya know pretty much what everyone wants , more none-plot-related moments even if it is for 10 seconds like this scene was :’) 

Mrs S and Sarah are so supportive of each other and more connected than ever…they  let Kira learn about herself without holding her in the dark and this family is finally more united than ever.

I don’t know dude yada yada yada i’m scared, both of these brits tried so fucking hard to be a family that if anything bad happens to them it’s gonna rip my heart.. :((((


Many things happened in a 42 minutes episode. That’s good and bad though..

i loved a lot of things about 5x06. I loved that the facade of PT fell off. I loved the Wizard of Oz references and the vacuity of PT’S promises.

Mud’s backstory, Coady,Ira,Susan all this puzzle had the  potential to become something great  but imo they rushed it. Having both Ira and Susan dead in the same episode without a proper build up was a shame.

This is problematic because of the balance of the episode.The more perfectly you want to mix comedy with drama , the more challenging it is.

As a viewer i had a hard time to change my mood from comedy to drama and vice versa in such a short amount of time. They did this back and forth way too much. It kinda reminded me of the episode where Delphine got shot and the next moment we had Kira’s and Sarah’s reunion.It usually takes some time for the audience to get into a proper mood…so having to constantly change moods from light to dark was tiring and didn’t let me get into the episode the way i wanted to.

Ira’s mention of his brothers was interesting…i was kinda curious cause i thought that his character wasn’t gonna make it…when they had him talk with Virginia i believed he is going to have a bigger part in this and that got me intrigued..but then in a matter of minutes they got him dead…

i know ob writing team is preparing for the finale so they don’t want secondary characters to ‘steal’ the glory from the epilogue of the main characters but still..

Susan’s and Ira’s death felt incomplete.Their creepy relationship, Susan’s motives, the reason why she wasn’t looking for a cure about Ira,everything was left unsaid..i mean sure we can speculate all we want, but a  much more clearer explanation would have been definitely appreciated..

sadly Ira’s dead…i was right about my should i worry about Art as well?Probably…tho at the moment Rachel’s moment is approaching…

and i really really hope her (probable?) death will have a proper build up and won’t leave us unsatisfied plotwise..

Cos the ‘Revolutionary Leader’

It is trully exhilarating to see Cosima having a more leading role in the final season of ob. I always thought during the previous seasons that they had a scientist clone that didn’t use properly to advance the story. I mean yeah, Sarah was always the main hero of the story but i always felt that Cosima needed  to become a bigger part of the equation. I’m so glad that happened now.

Aysha’s death (poor girl didn’t deserve this) is what awakened them. They finally saw the truth and burned the whole place. The moment Cos screamed “that’s my medicine” i was like “NO fucking WAY DUDE WE FOUGHT ABOUT THIS WHOLE CURE FOR 4 SEASONS THEY BETTER NOT BREAK IT NOW” lmao

also Cosima and Charlotte on the boat yesss!!My children will be ok :’)))

I wonder how PT stays alive in the next episode when they burned the island.Weren’t they burned his mansion too? Is Mud still helping him or not?

“To her fair works

did nature link this human
soul that through me ran.If this belief from heaven be sent,

if such is nature’s holy plan.And much it grieved my heart to
think what man has made of man.”

that was beautiful.If only we could analyze more the motives of why PT needs so desperately to live on and his indepth relationship with Rachel. Who knows, we’re probably gonna have a more clear image about the upcoming finale after ep 7.

Rachel darling your time has come .Let’s see how this is gonna go.


Hey. So. We have a new show. 

From the team behind PBS Space Time and PBS Idea Channel, we’re excited to bring PBS Infinite Series to you all. 

PBS Infinite Series tackles the mysteries and the joy of mathematics. From Logic to Calculus, from Probability to Projective Geometry, Infinite Series both entertains and challenges its viewers to take their math game to the next level. 

Not a math person? That’s okay! Each week, the host Kelsey Houston-Edwards questions our expectations of math and dives into the philosophies around it. It’s pretty cool.

Check out the first episode. 

Let us fast forward to modern day where we shall take a look at sculptor and illustrator, Do Ho Suh (1962-present). Suh, who has been educated at Seoul National University, Rhode Island School of Design and Yale University is known for his large installation pieces which challenge the viewers understanding of space. Here is his piece Apartment A, Unit 2, Corridor and Staircase, 348 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011, USA (ca. 2011-2014). Exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 & The Power of Soundtrack as a Storytelling Tool

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a fantastic movie, and I would even call it a better sequel than the original. There are a lot of reasons for this, from better utilization of the characters to more engaging subplots to much better and more fleshed-out antagonists. But one of the absolutely best parts of the entire movie is the fact that the soundtrack itself actually ties in and helps tell the story of the movie, as opposed to the first movie which had the songs there to show Peter Quill, and by extension, his mother, have excellent taste in music. Beware; there are spoilers ahead.

Keep reading

i am back from beauty and the beast live action. and i PROMISE that if i’d actually enjoyed it i would have been honest and said so, and i was actually expecting for it to be at least decent, but it fucking sucked! they recycled so many exact scenes and lines from the original that i was just left thinking the whole time about everything the original did better, and the few times when they DID add something new it just felt forced and unnecessary. they clearly were trying to make it “edgier” and more “adult” but that failed completely and it just felt even more washed out, except with like two incidents of the word Damn and some uncomfortable homoerotic subtext and a weird flashback to belle’s mother dying of the plague.

emma watson was really bad. i was really surprised by how bad she was. everything she did and said was just boring, and all the personality belle had in the original was completely wrung out. the cgi was also bad. the beast looked like shit, the fake wolves looked like shit, and there were scenes where the green screen looked so obvious i had to stop myself from bursting out into laughter.

lefou (the gay one) was actually the most interesting character in the movie and had an actual arc, but the scenes where he was hitting on gaston were viscerally painful. you could tell that some execs at disney were like “how to we chemically engineer this character to make the millennials happy with gay subtext while still playing it off as enough of a joke to not seriously challenge any straight viewers.” but the scenes with him were actually fun to watch, unlike almost every other fucking scene in the movie.

also there were continuity issues, unresolved plot threads that they stuck in artificially, THE COLOR PALETTE WAS BLUE AND ORANGE IN EVERY SINGLE FUCKING FRAME, and the castle looked fake as fuck

Shiki: An Existentialist Reading

     Shiki is an interesting beast of an anime. Like its monstrous characters, it simultaneously confounds and challenges its viewers: to think more deeply about their position in the world, to reevaluate their concept of right and wrong, and to put up with some of the oddest character design choices in an otherwise gorgeously animated show.

     Perhaps the most important thing it does, and what the best horror stories do, is make viewers consider the choices they would make in these situations, and do make in their lives.

      Shiki tells the story of a small, rural Japanese town, and how its inhabitants respond when a new group of outsiders moves into a “Western style” castle on the outskirts of the village. This hardly counts as a spoiler, since their existence is so heavily foreshadowed and implied that it would have been harder to create a plot twist exonerating them than allow them to be the stereotypical culprits, but the outsiders are vampire-esque beings that call themselves shiki, or “corpse demons.”

(Beyond this point lie not insignificant spoilers. Be warned)

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Minerva (2011). Erwin Olaf (Dutch, b.1959). Chromogenic print, from the series: The Siege and Relief of Leiden (2011), commissioned by Museum De Lakenhal and Leiden University. 

For this image, Olaf took the seal and logo of Leiden University as a starting point. However, he made the goddess more lively, by having the young model challenging viewers by looking straight in their eyes.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Mary Kills People' Star Caroline Dhavernas Embraces the Bizarre

Caroline Dhavernas, star of Lifetime’s Mary Kills People, has always been a fan of the unusual.

The Canadian actress – who sunk her teeth into characters like Jaye Tyler on the short-lived whimsical dramedy Wonderfalls and Dr. Alana Bloom on the poetic psychological horror-thriller Hannibal – is eagerly awaiting Showtime’s upcoming Twin Peaks revival. “I can’t wait,” the 38-year-old exclaims giddily over the phone during an early morning chat in April. “I’m beside myself. I don’t understand why I’m not a part of that show.”

Study Dhavernas’ resume and you’ll see why. As the aforementioned roles indicate (both notably with frequent collaborator Bryan Fuller, whose next project is Starz’s American Gods adaptation), the Montreal, Quebec native has a knack for leaning into the quirky, the peculiar and the just plain weird – and she’s absolutely OK with that.

“I like when things are completely absurd. I love that people will step away [from] what has already been done and pre-chewed. I like when people take risks,” Dhavernas says. “I want to be able to challenge myself and challenge the viewer and challenge the back of our mind – the subconscious mind. I’m a big fan of Twin Peaks and any show that will fall into that type of dream-like weird stuff.”

PHOTOS: Cue the Nostalgia! Favorite TV Reunions

Her new series, the six-part Mary Kills People, could classify as “weird,” though not in the Twin Peaks sense. In the Lifetime drama, Dhavernas plays Dr. Mary Harris, a single mother and ER doctor who helps people suffering from terminal illness by illegally ending their lives with assisted suicide. It’s a real-life topic that has been polarizing, though Dhavernas admittedly had difficulty comprehending why a show with such a premise could be seen as provocative.

“I didn’t quite see it as controversial when I first read it, [but] when I saw it marketed that way, I realized that it was because it’s a very sensitive issue for many people,” she recalls, noting that it recently became legal in Quebec for patients to seek physician-assisted dying.

Caroline Dhavernas plays a mother of two living a double life in Lifetime’s Mary Kills People.

Getty Images

“All sorts of characters [on our show] have different opinions on the matter. Mary certainly feels that people should have the right to choose; other characters don’t feel that way,” Dhavernas says. “When I saw the first episode at home with my buddies, we started talking about assisted dying and it was a great way to start a conversation – if that happens in many households, then good.”

Mary Kills People doesn’t pick a side; instead, it digs its heels into Mary’s double life and her gradual downfall with a heavy helping of drama, a splash of sexiness (there’s a hookup or two in the first two episodes) and a dash humor sprinkled throughout (see: Mary’s unique friendship with her partner-in-crime, Des).

“The writers set a really cool tone for it because it could’ve been a very depressing subject matter, but they found a way to give it a lot of meaning and to add a bit of humor. It’s a fun show even though we have moments that are beautiful and dark and deep,” Dhavernas notes. “As an actor, that’s what you’re looking for: different layers, different nuances and gray zones – and Mary is certainly filled with her own contradictions and complexities.”

WATCH: Caroline Dhavernas Struggles as a Door-to-Door Saleswoman in ‘Easy Living’

Early on, Mary meets Joel (Beauty and the Beast’s Jay Ryan), who seeks her out for her services. He’s unlike any other patient she’s helped before, in that he’s attractive, mysterious and has a morbid humor about his upcoming death. In ET’s exclusive sneak peek from the first episode, Mary and Joel’s first meeting is fraught with tension – the good kind, of course.

“There’s this very strong, sexual connection there. When he says 'I’m going to die, can you make it happen faster?’ It’s that banter that she really gets,” Dhavernas says with a chuckle, though there’s more to Joel than meets the eye. “She doesn’t really have time for her love life and her sexuality, and he’s just there and they get each other.”

For Dhavernas, the “compact” first season – which aired in Canada earlier this year – was beneficial. “I liked that we shot for three months [in Toronto] and then after that, I went back to traveling and promoting the show, but having a bit of a life as well,” she explains. It’s something Dhavernas has learned to prioritize in her life, as she’s gotten older.

“I don’t really think ahead because in this business, there is so little control over the parts that I have access to,” she says when asked about roles she’s still reaching for, mentioning “crazy talented” TV mind Fuller as someone she’s happy to be associated with.

“He has that capacity to imagine you and takes pleasure in seeing you do the exact opposite of what he’s seen you do before,” Dhavernas praises. “That is so rare in this business.”

Mary Kills People premieres Sunday, April 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

Watch Dhavernas play a self-destructive makeup saleswoman in a clip from the indie film, Easy Living.

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the sense8 cancellation just makes absolutely no sense to me…

“we should have a higher cancel rate overall” why ??? who cares how many shows you cancel ??

“we need a smaller hit ratio” ??????? yeah cos 5 hit tv shows is better than 10 right

“we need to spend time on more risky content” because sense8, a show that features people from all different backgrounds, telling a story unlike any other isn’t “risky” ??? it literally challenges the average everyday white viewer and gave more diverse audience members a chance to see themselves on screen.

i hate resorting to these kinds of decisions because it seems so petty, but after trying to find a way around this i’ve realised the cancellation is nothing more than homophobia, transphobia and racism. the show is clearly everything netflix wanted: popular, risky and formed a cult following. but somehow it’s been cancelled. why? well the audience isn’t the average white one (similarly to the get down which also got cancelled) and challenges the everyday nuclear family bullshit.

sense8 was everything i loved in a tv show, and to see it get cancelled is so heartbreaking. it wasn’t perfect when it came to its diversity, but it was way better than anything else out there.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: a mottled brown and blond cat is sitting in the top drawer of a dresser. clothes are poking out of the dresser. the cat is staring intently at the camera, as though to challenge the viewer to scold them for sitting in the dresser drawer.]

This is Suki. The clumsiest cat I’ve ever met. But also one of the very best.

Suki submitted by @veryinterestingbutstupid will be supporting the shelter of their human’s choice!

Reblog, like, and reply between today, May 13, 12 PM EST and Saturday, May 20, 11:59 PM PST to get Suki the most notes and a donation to the shelter of their human’s choice!