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So we know the fact that you dont like rin because of how nasu basically sweeps her offenses under the rug and how she had little to no space with character development and just expanding her chara overall (and the tsundere thing with her is badly handled imo-- i still love her though buut thats beside the question) if anything, what do you think are the positive aspects of her?

you got one thing mixed up there: I don’t really hate rin herself, I hate the writing around her. part of the reason why I get so worked up over it is that I actually really like what rin’s character is in theory, but can’t be in practise because the writing keeps insisting she’s already perfect. it’s true that it’s soured me on rin as a whole but that’s entirely because of the bad writing and the moment I read fic where she does face consequences for her actions or even just parts of the series where she’s not held up as absolutely flawless all the time (like mid to late CCC) she immediately becomes far more likeable

anyway this

is good. this is the good rin. this mix of extreme haughtiness (I already rule the world) with somewhat unexpected and almost as extreme humility (my world is only what I value around me), a mix that is also seen in a different flavour in shirou and archer (I am going to save everyone / I just want people in my sight not to cry) and in my ideal ubw route would have been explored in far more detail. the way this line very early on shows how rin deeply cares about the people around her yet is unable to interact with them in a way that doesn’t claim superiority because they not only are her world, she rules that world. the distant unfulfilled dream of this line from the prologue being referenced later in the vn when as routes go by it becomes clear that rin’s world is both larger and less well ruled than she initially lead you on to believe.

rin is a very contradictory mess truly worthy of being the postergirl of tsunderes because that hot-cold nonsense shows up at every turn in her character but in a very nuanced and dare I say realistic way if you take the time to have a closer look at her beyond the “it’s not like I like you” and how perfect the writing wants you to believe she is. she cares deeply for people but has absolutely no idea how to interact with them because living alone since age approximately 7 with kotomine fucking kirei as the only adult responsible for her left her completely devoid of the ability as well as will to show emotional vulnerability of any kind. it’s interesting. it makes for a good character. it just needs to be acknowledged as a problem for it to do that which the vn refuses to do.

also speaking of my ideal ubw route, I’ve said a few times that rin is the worst part of rin route but that’s not because she doesn’t fit into the story or whatever because she does, she just stands out as the one character that doesn’t somehow have her pride, ideals, and legacy questioned. all fate characters kind of blend into each other and in ubw it’s shirou, archer, and rin, with a side of saber and lancer, who all serve to explore themes like “what kind of life is worth having pride in,” “is an ideal worth following if you know it will ruin you,” “is it right to follow goals that were handed down to you rather than formed by yourself,” and so on. rin would fit right into that, obviously, because ubw is her god damn route and the way she lives is by stubbornly taking pride in the magus lifestyle handed down to her by her father even though she knows full well it’s the cause for her isolation, but because the writing doesn’t like actually challenging rin’s supposed flawlessness she is the one character in that batch of similar pride and ideals and legacy who doesn’t have any of those actually challenged throughout the entire route, even though she’s set up for it. it leaves her horribly flat next to the rest of the cast who all gain more depth through having the way they live challenged by each other.

SO in the ubw route of my dreams the parallels between rin shirou and archer would’ve been made far more obvious. it’d also make rin’s relationship with shirou a lot more bearable imo because as it is now it’s mostly based on mutual thirst but if the way rin’s character themes overlap with shirou’s was explored more it’d give them a far more solid and believable basis for their relationship. in ubw route shirou mostly struggles with himself in the form of archer and gains a deep understanding of himself through that but he doesn’t really come to understand the people around him as well because of that. if rin was more clearly presented and explored as a parallel to both shirou and archer it’d give their relationship far more to work with than just shirou wanting to penetrate a defenseless anus.

I feel like I got a bit off track here with the usual complaints but basically rin’s character IN THEORY is already really good it’s just that nasu kept explicitly telling us that she’s good instead of showing it and letting the audience come to that conclusion themselves