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Buffing a Low CR Encounter

Class Levels

The most straightforward method of increasing a low CR creature’s CR is by giving it class levels or by increasing it’s stats using the table in the back of the DMG. It’s a bit tedious, but it makes a more interesting creature once you are finished with it. No one expects the goblin with wizard levels or the kuo-toa with levels in monk!

More of them

Don’t do this one often, but you can always send a large number of low-CR monsters at the party. While adding class levels requires a lot of prep time, lots of monsters requires a lot of wasted in-game time, and that has potential to bore the players. But every once in a while, you can just send a whole bunch of monsters at them. When it doesn’t happen every single session, it’s a fun romp for the players to be able to feel powerful but still run the real risk of damage. Thanks to 5e’s bounded accuracy, more enemy attacks means more potential harm.

Lasting Effects

When players realize that the normally low-level encounter they are facing offers a lasting debuff attached to it, suddenly the encounter becomes more meaningful. They will have to take extra steps to avoid diseases, poisons, magical effects, or injury. For instance, a regular old giant rat is no threat at all at a pathetic CR of 1/8. But the locals have all been suffering from a plague carried by vermin, suddenly a bunch of rats has potential of ruining a PC’s entire day if they fail a save. Melee characters might opt to fight from range or spellcasters might need to burn a higher-than-normal spell slot to take them out quickly. A drow that drops a large creature with a small cut before going after the PCs suddenly becomes a hit away from poisoning a PC with who knows what sort of diabolical substance.


Environmental hazards can make advantages for enemies and disadvantages for the party which together can significantly alter an encounter’s CR. If kobolds are firing crossbows prone from high ground and have cover firing upon the PCs in an open area with plenty of traps hidden all over and a lava moat to find a way across, the PCs will take plenty of damage before ever reaching them. Even if they don’t take damage, they will likely waste valuable resources over a handful of kobolds. Carefully tailor your encounters in the enemies’ favor if they are a lower CR than the players, who will have to get lucky or clever to overcome the tipped scales.

Special Abilities

There’s always a handful of abilities that you can throw at the PCs. Whether it’s the ones in the book (shoving, grappling, flanking) or ones you invent as a DM. Matt Colville once defending 4e D&D and its Powers for enemies. They always did something, and in terms of monsters they were occasionally unique to other editions of D&D. Try adding some unique abilities to your lower-level monsters that make sense for that creature. When I ran a game with an Aboleth, I heavily homebrewed some new abilities for it to surprise my players. I gave it a sort of Mind Blast (like a Mind Flayer) that would only knock creatures unconscious, making it easier to capture and enthrall players that got separated. I also gave it the ability to phase through ice as it was in a giant “aquarium” with ice walls, so it could either observe the PCs from its murky water or attack when it chose to reveal itself, or even drag a PC into the tank with it to coat it in its diseased mucous. Admittedly, an Aboleth is not a low-CR monster. But on its own, the PCs would have easily taken it out so I gave this guy plenty of advantages to tip the odds in its favor and the players still pulled through eventually. But I had made an easy encounter into a very challenging one.


Increasing the stakes of an encounter can alter how PCs approach a challenge. If players have to stay undetected, then even a bunch of orcs will be a threat to a party trying to sneak by a low-level monster, because it’s no longer about “can they kill it?” but “can they kill it before it has a chance to yell or else sneak by it?” Another option might be a requirement NOT to kill the creatures in an area. Maybe they are breaking into their own allies’ palace for information or to ‘borrow’ some magic item, but have no ill intent against the guards. Killing one might put them at massive fault. A time limit can increase the stakes of an encounter where they actually need to consider “should we waste time to kill these low-level creatures?” Perhaps those low-level creatures need to just be avoided instead so the players don’t spend too many precious rounds dealing with combat. There are plenty of other ways to increase the stakes of a battle, so get creative!

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If you succeed in getting a 30-day streak, send us a screenshot and we can include your name in the 30-Day Russian Challenge Roll of Honour. (Or something.)

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Mimi’s Trope Challenge Masterlist

A trope is an often used plot device or a common theme you might see pop up frequently (various AUs, bed sharing, pregnancy, etc.). I compiled a list of common tropes (thanks to the help of my amazing followers) as prompts for this writing challenge. Below the cut you will find the tropes and their corresponding fics. Thank you to all of the authors who contributed a fic to this challenge. You guys are superstars!

Happy reading everyone!

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Russian Literature Moodboard Challenge (1 / infinite): The Master & Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

But would you kindly ponder this question: What would your good do if
evil didn’t exist, and what would the earth look like if all the shadows
disappeared? After all, shadows are cast by things and people. Here is the
shadow of my sword. But shadows also come from trees and living beings.
Do you want to strip the earth of all trees and living things just because
of your fantasy of enjoying naked light? You’re stupid.

RWBY June Challenge, Day 2

RWBY Team Member: Ruby Rose

Needed to draw Rubes.

I can imagine after training hard with her super cool, badass hunter idol that naps were common place. Qrow doesn’t want her to get a cold, so a cape-turned-blanket is in order.

Sleep tight, Petal.

The pun master sits alone in a cave on the summit of Mt. Ain.

A challenger approaches.

“I have heard all puns, every single one.” the master says without turning around.

Challenger: “How to do you make holy water?”.

Master: “You boil the hell out of it.”

The challengers mutters under their breath

Challenger: “Why couldn’t the skeleton laugh?”

Master: “Because it broke its humerus/funny bone.”

Challenger: “I didn’t like this mule-”

Master: “Because it was half-assed.”

Challenger: “Why could the accountant only calculate odd n-?”

Master: “Because they broke even.”

Challenger: “Which side of the chicken-”

Master: “The outside.”

Challenger: “Two hats-”

Master: “I’ll go on a head.”

Defeated, the challenger turns around and exits the cave.

The master sighs. One day they’ll know true satisfaction once again.

[Before Joan of Arc was given command of the french army, she was to be judged by 18 bishops of France to discern whether she really was on a holy mission sent by God, or a fraud. Seguin Seguin, dean of the faculty at Poiters, recalls excerpts of the interrogation:]

‘I asked her whether she believed in God,’ Seguin reported of the girl who spoke to angels. 'She replied, “Yes, more than you do.”’

The Dominican professor of theology Master Guillaume Aymeri’s challenge to Joan: 'You said the voice told you that God wishes to deliver the people of France from their present calamities. If He wishes to deliver them,’ Aymeri said, 'there is no need of soldiers.’

The response Seguin described […] was exasperated, indignant, and hardly the words of a girl overawed by her interogators. 'In God’s name!’ Joan said. 'The soldiers will fight, and God will give them victory.’ It was an application of what Joan’s comrades-in-arms remembered as her favorite alphorism: 'God helps those who help themselves.’

'What language do your voices speak?’ Seguin asked.
'A better tongue than you,’ Joan answered.

—  “Joan of Arc: A life Transfigured”, by Kathryn Harrison
Ninjago Draw Yourself Challenge!

I didn’t see many Ninjago drawing challenges, so I made a few!

With this first one, you’ll draw yourself as the various races/character types found on the show!

(They are grouped together by season, starting at the pilots and ending with HoT.)

~ Ninja
~ Skullkin

~ Child form
~ Samurai _____ (Insert your own letter)
~ Nindroid (Julian Built)
~ Hypnobrai
~ Fangpire
~ Venomari
~ Constrictai

~ Nindroid (Borg Built)

~ Elemental Master
~ Kabuki
~ Anacondri Cultist
~ Anacondri

~ Ghost
~ Thief (ala Ronin)
~ Cloud Kingdom Monk

~ Djin
~ Sky Pirate
~ Nindroid (ala Echo)

~ One of Yang’s cursed students

~ Time Sibling

If you do this challenge, tag it as “ninjagomechallenge” so I can see your awesome art!