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Harry Styles’ parents have instilled the best qualities in him. He is such a hard worker, never complains, and always gets the job done. He takes challenges head on (competing in x factor, acting, doing a solo album). And he does it all without stepping on anyone on the way up. He’s always kind and gracious, and I know this because everyone he has worked with has spoken on that fact. I am so proud to be his fan. So, so proud. 

BTS Reaction: When they are single dads and see you getting along with their child

Thank you to @swaglordyoongi for this adorable request! I imagined the kids to be around toddler age if that’s okay?


He would be so cute about this. For a while, he wouldn’t want to interrupt, he would just watch and try to keep his cute giggles quiet so he didn’t spoil anything. After a while he would go up behind you and start pulling faces at his kid to make them laugh, making you turn around. The second you do he pecks you on the lips and tells you he loves you.

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It would make him the happiest person in the world. For Yoongi, like anyone, I feel like parenting would be such a challenging job and seeing that you get along with his kid would make him so happy. The two most important people in his life are hitting it off and he wouldn’t be able to stop that smile along with a little emotion. He would watch for a while, but ultimately leave you to it and go and take a well-needed nap.

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He would start giggling straight away honestly. Not even being subtle about how happy he is, he would just start smiling and screaming and asking his kid how much they love you. Then saying “tough luck, kid, Y/N is mine” and picking you up and running off with you while his child laughs and chases you. He would attack you both with tickles and kisses and just enjoy the moment.

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Such a romantic this guy. His eyes would go all sparkly watching you and his child play and talk with each other and he would bask in the moment. He would come up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist and rest his head on your shoulder. “You guys having a party without me?” He would ask, watching and talking with you both until the kid finally looked away and taking the opportunity to plant a sweet kiss on your lips.

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I feel like Jimin would be very very nervous. It’s important that the two of you get along to him because, obviously, his child comes first and he doesn’t wanna lose you either. He’d be biting his nails as he listened and watched you but once it hit him that you were getting along, he would be all smiles. The happiest he’s ever been tbh. He wouldn’t want to interrupt and spoil it, so he would happily just sit and watch with a smile.

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Wow such an excited bunny when this happens. He would start grinning like crazy and giggling and getting all jumpy. He’d burst into the conversation and ask you both to play a game together. Now that he would feel so much more comfortable with both of you , he would want to spend the rest of the day (and his life) together with you. He would just be so excited.

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He would be shook. Like, it would take him a few moments to grasp it. It would have been something dumb like he needed to pee but was SO NERVOUS about leaving the two of you together but when he came back and saw you bonding without him he’d be really happy. And… probably a little jealous. He would jump straight back into the fun and pull his kid onto his knee and play with you both for ages.

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Morning Routines. (Gladiolus)

And here’s the last one for the Morning Routines, hope these have been fun :)

Waking up isn’t too much of a challenge. His alarm does it’s job there. Getting out of bed though? That’s the hard part. How much time it takes him to start his day depends on how urgently he’s needed throughout the day. If he can afford to take it easy, he won’t hesitate to take a few hours. If it’s an especially demanding day he’s out of bed in seconds. How much he needs to get done also alters his routine. On an average day he’d prefer to exercise for a little while before he does anything else. But if it’s a packed day, he’ll just shower and get ready, leaving as soon as his hair is dry enough. He would never forgive himself for showing up in front of other nobles with “seaweed hair”

Back to average days though, after exercising he’ll probably chat with Iris a bit. She tends to fall back asleep if she doesn’t engage with anyone or anything for very long. And he feels it should be his responsibility to look after her. They usually have breakfast together, and he fills in Iris on what they’re father is up to if he hasn’t been home in a long while. They even end up chatting about Prompto’s “good morning” messages. Wrapping up breakfast, he finally gets up to get ready. But only after making sure that Iris is up for the day. And even though he goes for a shower after Iris, he still comes out a whole lot faster than her.

His next step is touching base with all the staff of the household. He outlines what the day will require of them, and urges them to get in touch with him if there’s any confusion about anything. Once all that is covered, he contacts some of the people who work with his father, so he has an idea of what he needs to stay on top of. 


before she went to bed, greta decided to get all her plans in order. she knew once dolly’s birthday came, money would be tighter than it ever was; between money for school supplies, new clothes, school trips on top of bills for their little caravan, she’d known for a long time that she’d need to get a job to continue to support herself and her sister.

she text a few old friends from school who worked in coffee shops to pass her number over to their managers if they had any vacancies, but she wasn’t going to expect a job straight away, especially when she wasn’t really looking. she’d look in the morning, she decided, for an actual one.

and then when she’d saved enough money, she’d find a nice, cheap apartment in san myshuno to save some extra cash.

that was the plan, at least.

Anonymous said:If you’re not to busy would you please make a ‘Dating Sam Uley would include’. I love your blog and you are amazingly talented

A/N: I have finally gotten to your request, my lovely! I would love to make this imagine for you, sweetie. Sam can be challenging for me to get correct, so I hope that I do a good job of this, lovely! And oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I’m glad that you love my blog and find me talented. That means so much to me, sweetheart. Please enjoy, anon!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Sam Uley and being his Imprint would include:

- Sam being insanely protective of you.

- Hot intense passionate sex.

- Quil always trying to flirt with you, only to have Sam walk in and give him hell for doing so.

- Being Sam’s imprint.

- Never being permitted to get involved with vampiric business.

- “I said no!

- “Well I’m helping!

- “You’ll only get in the way, (Y/N)! I said no!

“Since when did you tell me when to get involved with anything or not?

- “Since now.

- Sam never hurting you or allowing you to get hurt.

- Sam’s hand always on the small of your back.

- You always clutching onto his large upper arm.

- Sam basically being your freaking teddy bear.

- Sam intimidating anybody.

- You basically being momma wolf of the wolf pack.

- “Tell your boys to get the hell off of my carpet with that food!” you’d scream.

- Everybody being terrified of your temper.

- Sam engulfing you in his arms when you get upset.

- “Hey, hey! What’s wrong? What happened?

- Strip teases for Sam after a long day of patrol?

- Always having to restock your fridge because Sam and the rest of the pack eat like freaking horses!

- Not getting along with Leah.

- “I could bust her face!” Leah would scream.

- “Try it.” you’d shrug.

- “Don’t get cocky! I’d leave you paralysed.”

“There’s a difference between cocky, which you are, and fearless, like me.” you’d smirk.

- When Sam pisses you off you say something witty even though you’re angry as hell.

- “Go sleep with the wolves!

- Missing your vampire friends, the Cullens-.

- “They’re no good for you, (Y/N). You’re better off without them.

- “Yeah, like you’re any better.” you’d scoff.

- “What’s that supposed to mean?

- “You tore Emily in half. So don’t act like you’re any better.

- Hating Sam for not letting you get involved but being grateful that he keeps you safe.

- Super fluffy moments when you get hurt.

- Always sticking by each other.

- Sam always keeping a watchful eye on you.

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rarmadethis  asked:

Do you have armor ideas for a Sylph of Blood?

I thought that coming up with weapon ideas was hard, and oh gosh, I really underestimated the ability of my foot to fit in my mouth.

However, as a Sylph of Blood, an armor piece is probably best, given your role within your session. It was which area of armor that would help to make your job easier or help facilitate your job getting done was the challenging part, and I think I have just the thing for you.

The Sanguine Stompers.
This lovely pair of boots will allow you move very quickly between members of your party, even faster than the eye can percieve. While also boosting your charisma slightly, you will be able watch out for you team like no other support ever could, making sure morale stays up and everyone stays friendly.
I, uh… I also may or may not have hidden a knife in the heels. AND the tips.
Look sometimes you just need to kick someone AND stab them, and healers deserve a method or self-defense gosh dangit.
(Disgruntled Support-Main, out. Thank you for the Ask!)

Castiel is generally considered among his brothers and sisters to be the most personable angel in the garrison. Sure, maybe he doesn’t know a lot of human slang, but almost every angel would agree that Castiel has a big heart and truly cares about those around him. Some would even say he cares too much. 

Castiel is also loved. He is usually regarded as a “younger brother” even though that is completely illogical seeing as how God created them all at the same time- as Cas liked to remind his brothers. He is teased, of course, but he is definitely loved. 

No one would challenge Castiel’s ability to get a job done. No one would dare suggest that he would not do it as ethically as possible. No one can deny, Castiel has many talents- many wonderful qualities. 

However, no one would ever make the mistake of assuming Castiel was tactful. 

“Sam, I wish to see you naked.” 

Sam chokes on his coffee so violently that it ends up spewed across the dinner table and right into Castiel’s face. “Cas, what the fuck?”

“Was that wrong? Should I have been more specific?” He wipes his face off with the edge of his coat, undeterred. “I very much desire to see your penis, Sam.” 

Sam is sure that he has never in his life blushed so incredibly red. “Cas! Shut up!” 

He can’t even chance a look at his brother, but he’s positive that Dean is turning a very interesting shade of green right now. Cas, however, doesn’t seem to be having any such problem. He leans toward Dean and barely lowers his voice at all to ask. “Should I have said ‘cock’ instead? Humans seem to be very particular about their terms for the phallus.” 

Cas is eager to hear what Dean has to say- Dean is very knowledgable about such things- but he is suddenly being bodily hauled backwards by the collar of his shirt. Which is highly embarrassing. He is an Angel of the Lord, after all. However, Dean had told him yesterday when he asked that if he truly wishes to see Sam naked, he must be very accommodating. So, he lets a mortified Sam drag him into the nearest bedroom. 

Only good things could come of Sam taking him to a bedroom. Sex usually happens in bedrooms, right? Cas would very much like to have sex with Sam. 

But Sam doesn’t look very aroused. Perhaps Cas has done something wrong. 

“Cas, seriously, what the actual fuck, man?!” 

Cas squints up at him. “I don’t understand. Why are you upset?” 

Sam lets out an exasperated huff, scrubbing a hand over his face. “Look, you can’t just say shit like that at the dinner table!” 

Cas nods in understanding. “I see. I should have said ‘cock’ instead of ‘penis’.” 

A garbled, unintelligible sound of disbelief escapes Sam. “NO! I mean, please never say the word ‘penis’ again, but that is not what I meant! You can’t just start talking about sex whenever you feel like it! Especially sex with me! Especially in front of Dean!” 

“Oh. Do you believe he will feel left out?” 

Sam is ready to melt into a puddle or disintegrate into thin air or be anywhere but this situation. Why? What has he done to deserve this humiliation? Sure, he kind of would like to experiment a little with Cas, but not at the motherfucking dinner table. And NOT with Dean sitting right the fuck there

“Listen, Cas, this is a conversation we need to have alone, okay? I’m not…” Sam’s blush deepens. “I kind of want that, too, but man, c’mon, we gotta have some ground rules first.” 

Cas has heard Dean talk about rules before. He says they’re sexy, which makes no sense to Cas, but if Sam finds rules arousing then he supposes he can try to see the appeal. “Okay.” He acquiesces. “But Sam?” 

“What is it, Cas?” 

“May I kiss you first, please?” 

Sam wants to be annoyed. He really, really does. Cas just embarrassed the ever loving fuck out of him and damn, he is never going to live this down with Dean, and the man he wants to make his boyfriend is just so clueless-

When he presses his lips to his favorite angel’s, his train of thought slams to a screeching halt, and he almost forgets the past ten minutes. Almost. 

“Sam?” Cas asks as they pull away. “Am I allowed to say “phallus”?” 

Sam sighs. They have a lot of work to do. 


A little while ago I had the very cool opportunity to test for Steven Universe! Here’s some random boards I liked in particular. Although I didn’t get the job, it was a great challenge and honor to try my hand at these adorable babies.

At first glance, it’s a typical scene: Two teenage girls lean their heads together engrossed in conversation as they munch on tuna salad on a bagel and fries.

But listen to Memory Banda, 18, from Malawi and 16-year old Achie (whose last name is not provided because of her age) from Ethiopia, and you’ll hear an earful about a lot of things you wouldn’t expect. They’re talking about how tough it is to be young and female in Africa. They’re discussing how child marriage and female genital mutilation are just two of the obstacles to girls getting an education. They’re commiserating about the challenge of getting health care and of finding jobs that will let them lead a better life.

But they’re not just griping. Memory and Achie each push for change in their communities.

If These Two Teenagers Ran The World, We’d All Jump For Joy

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Takeshi’s Challenge takes place in a city where everyone hates you, but that’s OK, because you hate them, too: The game gives you the ability to repeatedly punch everyone you come across into a bloody pulp, from defenseless women and old men to violent cops and yakuza. You even have the option to punch the password menu, which results in a “game over” screen before you even start the game.

The only way to make progress in Takeshi’s Challenge is by quitting your job, divorcing your wife and getting drunk until you pass out, but they never give you any indication that this is your mission – the game assumes that these are the things you’d normally do anyway. Once you’ve done all that, you get to the karaoke section, where you literally have to sing into the built-in microphone in the Famicom’s second controller until your audience gives you three consecutive “greats,” which can take over half an hour. Or, you can say “fuck that” and go spend your money on something else.

Anyway, once you’ve passed the karaoke challenge, everyone in the bar will start punching you. If you survive the beating (that is, kill everyone), an old man will hand you a blank piece of paper that needs to be exposed to sunlight for an hour if you want a map to appear. And then you have to do exactly that: choose the “expose to sunlight” option and wait exactly one hour without touching the controller. If you so much as press a button during that hour, you have to do the karaoke challenge again.

6 Japanese Video Games That Will Make Your Head Explode

I think one of the most bizarre personal experiences I’ve ever had was when I was in 6th grade. This 12 year old white girl was on the bus with me, she was built like a brick wall and wore obscure band T-shirts and pink beaded bracelets, leaned in real close and asked “You ever been Stabbed?”

My dream is to be financially stable, happily married, with two wonderful kids, have a great and challenging job that isn’t too stressful, get to spend loads of time with my family and friends to keep my social life and my love life alive and that is what I want out of my life.

You have to live life anticipating that challenges will come your way.
To believe that life is unfair because there is struggle is to have an unrealistic view of what it means to be alive. Life is not fair. There is no perfect life. There are people that struggle less than you do, and there are people that struggle more than you.
Aim to live a life where life challenges don’t come as a surprise. You get a new job you love, anticipate it won’t always be great. You find the love of your life, anticipate it won’t be perfect. You move to the city of your dreams, anticipate that you will struggle.
That’s life. And expecting opposition will often help you to be prepared for the things life throws at you.