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I was watching this scene in take shelter and it really got to me because it’s just a simple display of someone who knows their partner is unraveling but instead of fearing them or giving them up as damaged goods, they decide “this is my person, they need help and I’m going to do this with them” and idk it reminded me of hange’s temper and “weirdness”, and how levi kind of just accepts it and can focus and calm that storm. 

so this comic happened ಠ_ಠ

Character drawing meme (with some nsfw)

1.Eating favorite food
2.Usual sitting position
3.When someone is babbling nonsense
4.Expression “WTF?!”
5.Doing something gross
6.The way they kiss
7.Blank look
8.Blow job
9.In ceremonial/special occasion clothes
10.Doing their job
11. Drunk
12.Talking to some superior (their boss, the teacher, the president of the universe…)
13. Having sex in their usual way
14. Feeling lonely
15.Hanging with friend(s)
16. Waiting for someone late
17. Making faces
18. Angry
19. Sleeping position
20. As an animal
21. Torture (doing, being, watching?)
22. Seducing method
23. With one important object
24. Doing their kink
25. Crying
26. Bondage
27. Cringing
28. pillow talk
29. Running for their life
30. Hurt, bleeding
31. casual clothes


My first time completing the White-Gold Tower! \o/

OTP Challenge

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Rules: List 5 OTPs from different fandoms and tag 10 people.

1. Atem (Yami Yugi) x Yugi Mutou - Yu-Gi-Oh!

My first ever OTP that I still ship fondly.

2. Jason Todd x Dick Grayson (Batman/DC)

You have no idea how much fanfiction I wrote for them. So much.

3. Finn x Rey (Star Wars)

Sweet space cuties that need more love.

4. Subaru Sumeragi x Kamui Shirou (X)

No regrets. Damn it, just ditch your boyfriends and be happy together. 

5. Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes (MCU/Marvel)

I had to. 

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50 prompt challenge

19.) “I didn’t sign up for this.”

It was scissors that set Dex off.

He and Nursey had just gotten back in from dinner, where Dex had had a great time. They’d both been laughing over some story of Nursey’s when they walked through the door to Dex’s room, and he’d seen the scissors sitting on his pillow. They weren’t wrapped, there was no note, but instantly he knew that they were a gift, and a gift from Nursey. The laughter died in his throat.

“Dude, what the fuck?”

“What? We’d laid down tarps, nothing got damaged, we did all the cleanup ourselves! Even back then I wasn’t a total assho–”

“Not the story. These!” Dex grabbed the scissors waving them around.

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It’s my total ambition at some point in my life to be in some massive shitty big disaster movie. But I’m in an amazing position, which is that I have a certain amount of financial security and that allows me to do things that make me happy, and things that will fulfill me and challenge me, with people I’ll have a good time with. You hear horror stories about actors all the time, and I’ve worked with so few of them compared to the amount of stories I’ve heard. I’ve been incredibly lucky, and I do believe life is too short to work with arseholes.


i feel really bad that i haven’t been able to post anything about the gem au in a while, like art, but i’m just getting busy with school

and in case anyone cares i may or may not be making halloween/christmas icons of the fusions :3

Heey @moonlighting-hope  your idea for the fantasy ball inspired me, and since that project is gonna take forever to finish I drew your character seperately and wrote a little something. Hope you like it :)

This is Lexy, she is one of the Split-Souled. ‘Split-Souled?’ you might ask, ‘What’s that?’ Well Lexy didn’t even know herself untill a few minutes ago. Above we see her after her 10-year initiation. She stood her ground against two elders, meaning she is now a worthy member of the tribe. ‘And the wolf to her side?’ you might ask. That’s a bit more complicated. The wolf has always been her companion. She has always been able to find his blue ghostlike figure somewhere close. Lexy is however the only one of her tribe that can see Kix, or interact with him at all for that matter. As soon as she could read she searched the entirety of the library for any stories or scientific researches about such ghost companions; nothing. All she could find were ghosts that haunted places and people after they’d been wronged. But Kix didn’t haunt her, he helped her. Lexy could always trust Kix to know what people to trust. He sensed danger and he’d never been wrong. When Lexy tried to talk to some of the elders about Kix they didn’t understand. ‘You read too many of those books.’ they’d said. 

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